Thursday, December 26, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That 1920s Look / Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: Little Black Dress

How time flies! Once upon a time, I was just co-hosting my favorite twins' 7th birthday. Imagine my shock after I viewed this save-the-date for their 18th natal return! If I may quote a renowned commercial, these babies are now ladies! Ladies who, to be specific, wanted their guests to channel the characters from the film The Great Gatsby! I was initially intimidated by the idea, but I later on realized it was a cute excuse to keep a fringed frock in my closet. Wee!

This obsession, however, led me nowhere. This fringe dress from Suiteblanco won't fit and, worse, PlumpClothing's quote was beyond my budget. Thanks to this month's Pinay Curvies Swag challenge, I got reminded of that sexy black dress I bought from an ukay ukay shop recently. Then I almost changed my mind when I saw how the invitation practically presented my desired look on that night. Should I go back to my plan to look for a fringed frock? Somebody made me realize I can stick to the plain black dress and rummage for flashy accessories instead. Good point!

Ate Lorna & the adorable twins Bea & Tin Tin

Take a closer look at my fascinator!

Of course, it ain't me if there's no hilarious outfit moment to report. Before the party started, I realized my smart phone doesn't recognize my gloved fingers. There were moments I had to take off my right glove to take photos I dread to see the official photos, particularly if they reveal this "continuity" mishap. I recall posing next to Tito Eddie, the debutantes' father, and concealing my gloved forearm behind him. I hope it worked. Haha!

"The Governess"

A guy friend from college messaged his appreciation when I made the above photo (without the leg part) my profile picture on Facebook. According to him, I give off an impression that I know exactly what would drive men nuts. Aaand behind that mysterious smile and pa-demure arm pose lies this strong desire to be sexually dominant. Thus, he dubbed me "The Governess". Gasp!

As usual, he shared stuff about history I had no clue about. Some affluent women back in the days used to hire photographers in secret to have them captured looking fab and seductive. Since it was taboo back then, it was a secret fantasy to pose like THAT and to be perceived desirable in bed in spite of their prim and proper image. Wow.

Ok, before we all get too distracted, let's go back to the outfit. Haha! It's not really my style to pile up on accessories, but I contradicted myself this time to comply to the 1920s theme. Normally, I go for statement outfit (the slit would do, in this case) and dangling earrings or bracelet. Boring, I know. 

But I'm not saying I didn't enjoy dressing up that night. It was cool to feel like British royalty with my fascinator, pearl necklaces and white gloves. I just hope I can get to wear them again. Like, in the office! Why not?

Outfit of the Day:
Little black dress from ukay ukay (P120)
Flashy fascinator from Carolina's, Glorietta (P500)
Pearl earrings from Carolina's, Glorietta (P90 each)
White gloves from Buttons & Wrap, SM Makati (P250)
Snakeskin clutch bag from Suiteblanco (gift)
Bronze platforms from Payless (forgot how much)


There's no way I will conclude this entry without gushing about my favorite twins. I saw them evolve from carefree little girls into stylish, studious young women. Too bad I don't have throwback photos to support that statement. I used to know who's who, simply because Tin Tin was chubbier and more talkative.

Fast forward today, I can hardly tell them apart anymore! They've grown figure-conscious, I see, and I trust they're doing it the right way since Bea is pursuing Nursing while Tin Tin is taking up Physical Therapy. I pray they believe in their own beauty and NOT fall slave the society's standards of beauty and sexy. 

In conclusion, I had a grand time! I luuuurve their 1920s outfits and I feel happy that there was so much familial love in the air. I feel so grateful to be invited to witness all that. Again, happy, happy birthday, Bea and Tin Tin! 


Photos by DJ San Jose.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Striped Cropped Top

It's the time of the year for back-to-back parties! Although the Kapamilya Network had cancelled our company-wide Christmas party to continue our relief operations for the Yolanda survivors, I was lucky enough to be invited to 2 department parties before we go on vacation.

Now that Studio 23 is signing off, let's par-tey hard!

My best friend DJ tagged me along last night for Studio 23's Creative On-Air party. We're supposed to show up as a character in one of the channel's shows (ex. WWEGag UCSIDesperate HousewivesAsia's Next Top Model, among others). Sure, it was tempting to come as Emma Swan but it was too...easy. In fact, there was only one character in my mind. See, I've always been flattered each time DJ says Callie Torres reminds her of me. She embodies curves plus confidence onscreen and I feel she's equally inspiring in real life. Ang haba ng hair ko! Although I still haven't gone beyond Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy to call myself a fan, I truly find her character and love stories interesting. She had me at allegedly NOT washing her hands after taking a pee. 

Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres...and me as Callie Torres. Convincing ba? Haha!

Something tells me you're violently shaking your head at this instant. Even if I got the professional look covered. On that note, I'd like to give credit to DJ for borrowing her aunt's lab gown and scrub pants. We even had a little debate in the comfort room as I wanted to world premiere Erzullie's striped cropped top and matching skirt underneath the lab gown. But she insisted that I should use the scrub pants to look clinical instead. Since I paired it with a cropped top, I opted for the high-waist look. Aaaaand moments like this make me miss my digipermed hair. With it, I'd somehow look close to Callie Torres. Chos! 

Outfit of the Day:
Lab gown from DJ's aunt/my dentist
Scrub pants from DJ's aunt/my dentist
Striped cropped top from Erzullie
Stethoscope from Mama
Lacey flats from Solemate

It is not right to conclude this little entry without showing you who else showed up in the party. Are you ready to laugh hard until your stomach hurt, Kabarkada

Some people don't need introduction. Can you name them?

Love their costumes!

Photos by DJ San Jose.

Monday, November 25, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Peplum Dress / 17th of the 27 Dresses

Remember this little sneak preview? I divulged I'll wear that peplum dress to a fairy tale wedding, but I was unable to change into that before the production team started filming Maya & Ser Chief's wedding. I had time to do so, but the cosmos had its funny ways to prevent my little plan. Loooong, heartbreaking story. 

Luckily, I had one more wedding to attend this month! This time, I'm my best friend's plus one to her guy best friend's wedding. I know almost everyone in their office so I felt comfortable crashing their wedding haha. 

 Don't you just adore this dress?

Details, details!

Outfit of the Day:
Peplum dress from Erzullie (sold out!)
Snakeskin clutch bag from Suiteblanco
Gray heels from VNC
White dangling earrings from Mama
Bangle from DJ


Because I'm a sucker for weddings, I shall leave you with photos of the best dressed in my humble opinion and some romantic moments captured during the wedding and reception. Love, love, love!

 Best dressed female: Our big boss! So classy in her simple gown! *applause*

Best dressed biologically male: How long did it take Rye to button up? I'm clueless!

Congrats, Jerome! Best wishes, Valerie!
Photos from DJ, Sir Bubuy and Jerome.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Come. Donate. Repack: A Relief Operation for the #YolandaPH Survivors in Guiuan, Eastern Samar

It's all over the news. Until now, we're still looking for our family and friends or our friends'  and colleagues' loved ones. What we see on television and our newsfeed remains to be heartbreaking, except for the heroic acts that we, in our own little way, hope to continue. In our exchanges with one of the administrators of Gugma para ha Guiuan (Love for Guiuan), we are grateful to have found a venue to aid our beloved kababayans. 

Pinay Curvies would like to invite you and YOUR friends (regardless of size, age and gender) to join us in what we hope to be the first of many relief operations for our countrymen in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. You can meet us this Sunday around 10am onwards at Power Up Climbing Gym along Quezon Avenue. See more details on this event page.

Distribution process:
1.) Land convoy of trucks and other private cars
2.) Via air courtesy of Alphaland Hangar (1,500 kilos per flight)
3.) Via sea through collective efforts of the Philippine Navy and Guiuan Surf Club and private boat.

Let's come together this Sunday!

Map to the venue

Friday, November 1, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Luigi Costume / PINAY CURVIES EVENT: Spooky-Oke Night!

If you were born in the 80's just like me, you probably never experienced dressing up and going trick-or-treat around this time of the year. Our idea of Halloween involved watching real-life spooky stories on Magandang Gabi Bayan and visiting our loved ones in the cemetery. So when Mitch asked me for theme/s on how to celebrate Pinay Curvies' first bloggiversary, I was quick to suggest a Halloween costume party. Yes, psychologists call this compensation. Ha!

Since I've showed up as a cheshire cat last year, I daydreamed to level up this time. I initially planned to be Ginger Spice (I want this British Union Jack dress!) but my hectic schedule made me change plans and, thanks to this random stranger wearing a Super Mario Bros. shirt, I got an idea who I'll portray in the party. Of course, I asked Mitch to show up as Mario since our names start with M and L. Sadly, she can't see herself in jumpsuit and mustache. 

Finding this get-up wasn't as easy as I imagined. I thought I'll go with this denim jumper then I realized my latest ukay ukay purchase looks more appealing. I was relieved to hear that my friend can customize this mustache necklace and my friend referred me to Chikara Hats. I luuuurve my friends! 

However, I was unable to find a mushroom to complete the look. There's none in Clipper outlets in Eastwood, Gateway and Farmer's Plaza and I was told there's no Comic Alley in Glorietta (anymore?). Dear Kate Torralba, how can I order? Still waiting for your reply here.

L is for Lorna...and Luigi!

Outfit of the Day:
Mum's green top
Jumpsuit from ukay ukay
White gloves from SM
Green flats from Solemate (SM)
Luigi hat from Chikara Hats
Mustache necklace from Pepper Manila


The local curvy community I helped co-build is now one-year-old! Can you believe it? My daydreaming days felt just like yesterday and now I'm reminiscing about our little party to thank everyone for supporting our efforts to make it a smaller world for plus size Pinays worldwide. And so we dubbed it as #SpookyokeNight. Because singing is our national pasttime and we ain't celebrating until the fat ladies sing!

Spooky-oke Night!

The grateful faces behind Pinay Curvies

 How we partied, in photos

I don't think these photos can give justice to the amount of merriment we had last Saturday night and I don't think I can even articulate all my favorite moments. I'm super thankful that everyone showed up in fab costumes and everyone's game to croon and dance away. Mitch and I had a hard time choosing the best in costume and best singer, even! After much deliberation, we opted to have 2 winners per category. 

 Best in costumes: Janice as Kung Fu Hustle landlady & Lyn of ward88 as SnowWhite
Best Singers: Chiara as she-devil # 2 and Jo-anne as Insiduos black lady

 You're so sweet, Erzullie!

We made it to the news! Thanks, Candy!

See more #SpookyokeNight photos here. Photos by Cleopatra Mitch Leus.

Watch our own crazy rendition of Dynamite and Titanium on our YouTube channel. Mind you, we're not even drunk yet!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That See-Through Miniskirt / Erzullie's First Look: Holiday 2013

After attending The Better Story Project's "Beauty Matters" workshop, I dashed to Eastwood for another empowering event. And when I say "dashed", I hiked up my long skirt to keep myself from tripping and hailed the first cab that came my way. I didn't realize how short this skirt can I get when I sit down before I left home (yeah, it pays to rehearse how it looks while sitting down) and it's a good thing I've set my mind to take cabs from one destination to another that day. 

I noticed that most people stare at my skirt and whisper something to their company and - worst - laugh about it - but I'm just grateful for this opportunity to apply what I learned from the workshop right away. I know that I am beautiful, whatever clothes I wear or whatever make up I apply on my face. If their idea of beautiful or fashionable doesn't resonate with mine, it's not a predicament I should worry about anymore. If there's anything, I was concerned if I were giving a peep show. Needless to say, I had to position my huge bag on my lap when I'm seated all evening.

Notice how the outer, longer skirt contradicts the casual, cottony feel of the gray miniskirt?I love the contrast! The lace details at the bottom of the skirt made me bring out my equally lacey flats. You know me, I love bringing black and red together. But don't we all?

Next time, I'll pair this skirt with something casual like t-shirt and Chuck Taylor sneakers. Let's see how it'll look. *winks*

Outfit of the Day:
Black bejeweled top from Nine West (overrun)
See-through skirt from ukay ukay shop
Red lacey flats from Solemate


After I had my vegetarian dinner, I headed to Erzullie's First Look: Holiday 2013 gathering to become one of its welcoming commitee. Being "too" early had its perks (to be detailed later). Knowing the inspiration behind this year's collection, I was even more excited to see the new designs. Plus the fact that I was looking for a dress to wear to 1 of the 3 weddings I'll be attending this coming November. 

My favorite part: socials-slash-pictorial!
Photos from Erzullie and Monica

Pinay Curvies came to support Erzullie!
Photo from Mitch

Our outfits look familiar, yes? That's because we squeezed in a little pictorial for this feature. Thanks for helping us spread the word about our vision, Erzullie!

Everybody's favorite!
Photos from Erzullie and Monica

Yes, I've found a dainty dress for an upcoming fairy tale wedding! I adore the peplum details and the charming floral design. I normally fit in 1L, but the chest area proved to be tighter than usual. So I ended up putting on the one in 3L. (Thanks for the assistance, Monica!) Little did I know that the designers only made 2 dresses per size, so imagine the horror in my face when models Loren and Vera asked for this dress in 3L! Like a mad woman, I told designer Berna I'll buy the one I tried, offered to pay right away and I'll leave the tug-of-war action between the models. We later on learned that Loren will get her own during this pictorial scheduled the following weekend. No need to panic at all! Phew!

As always, it was a fun to see one of our local brands continue to produce lovely designs and meet fellow plus size Pinays in the process. Mabuhay kayo, Erzullie!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lessons from The Better Story Project's "Beauty Matters"

We all have our own sob stories - mostly untold and unfinished - that we struggle to escape from. Like what I recounted here and there, I've been told I was far from my own family. I have pango nose, uneven skin tone, dinikdik na luya for my feet, dark lips, flabs, crooked teeth, cystic acne, alambre hair, stretch marks and the list goes on. Growing up, I got exposed to television, fashion magazines, movies, romance novels, billboards - all of them bombarding me with the same reminder: That there's no Prince Charming and happily-ever-after destined for ugly ones like me. And I believed them. All of it.

Then one day, I just grew tired of it. I discovered the joys of travels and started beach hopping even if it'll make my skin darker. While in graduate school, I followed the example of kolehiyalas and began donning carefree outfits. While working in a call center, I eventually learned to laugh at myself and take myself less seriously.  Then I accepted Jesus Christ and I got convinced that me, too, is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) 

So...why did a masterpiece like me even bother to attend The Better Story Project's "Beauty Matters" workshop? Simple. For someone who spent most of her life being pessimistic, I believe that self-acceptance is an ongoing journey. Plus, I can't afford to be complacent in my learning process. There's so much to absorb from other warriors and their battle scars. 

Lessons from "Beauty Matters"

Art by Crae Achacoso 
Obtained from this post

1.) "The world's version of beauty conveniently forgot the laws of gravity and mortality." - Ailene Ponce

Again, it's a reminder for us to ignore the socially-accepted - and, mind you, EVOLVING - standards of beauty. Skin wrinkles as we age, but what matters is what's beneath it. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and search your heart and soul. There's kindness that flows inside you. Share it! 

2. What lasts? YOUR smile.

I remember walking out of the Smile For The World gallery with a huge smile in my face. Why did I feel so rejuvenated even if I hardly know the people in those portraits? Smiles, I realize, never fail to give off good vibes to the ones in the receiving end. Looking back, I've deprived a multitude of people of my smile just because I feel unpretty when my upper lip widen to show off my inflamed gums and/or my sungki. But then again, most of the compliments I received so far were all about how fun-loving and cheerful I am and how my rambunctious laughter proved to be contagious. See, nobody took notice about those flaws! It was just me and that critical voice in my head all along! (But, still, I had deep scaling done for my gums and had braces for my teeth for health reasons).

3. Don't put another woman down, especially a Filipina. Be generous with your compliments.

We spend so much time nitpicking others and it NEVER helps. It prolongs this vicious cycle of being harsh to other people and, in my opinion, being fault-finders or gossip mongers can make us too conscious about ourselves that we don't want to be talked about the same way or, worse, we forget to examine our own mistakes. 

Remember that the more we give, the more we get back. And to quote Ailene: "What blessing or curse are you giving out? And what will you take back?" So, it's important to compliment a colleague who doesn't seem to realize how charming she looks in skirts or remind a cousin that having backne doesn't make her less beautiful. Spread the conviction that we ARE beautiful! It'll make a huge difference.

Art by Crae Achacoso 
Obtained from this post

4. Real beauty means showing up.

Yes, there are moments when we feel that we're never enough and it's more comforting to lock ourselves up all day. But real beauty is knowing that nothing like a huge pimple or knee bruise can stop us from sharing our love and light to the world. 

In my opinion, it helps to know that we can't just stop at being pretty. We must aspire to be pretty creative and pretty smart, anything but merely pretty. 

5. Don't be scared of being beautiful. You ARE beautiful.

Beauty is not a gift entitled only to a selected few. Stop believing that some people happen to be idle and available nang naghasik nang kagandahan ang Diyos. Like what this video had elaborated, God is not fond of junk. He can't possibly create "factory defects". Just stop accepting what the world dictates as beautiful. Look at yourself in the mirror and utter a powerful affirmation about your beauty and your uniqueness. It will go a long way.


After Ailene shared her story, she invited us to do the same. I volunteered to narrate a story that probably deserves a separate blog entry. Haha! As I listened to the others, I felt inspired by ideas like Make Your Day Project, as discussed by Cindee, and "care package", as Aia described it. It's like a go signal for this little pay-it-forward project that I'm planning to do for Pinay Curvies. Can't wait to share it once it's finalized. 

Meet the beautiful girls! Wheeeeere's Waldo Lorna?
Photo also obtained from Better Story Project's fanpage

Bonus take-homes: postcard from Aia and GC from Manos Nail Lounge

I shall leave you with this clip that Ailene mentioned during the workshop. I suggest you look up the lyrics to this song like I did and reflect: Are we going to pass on our distorted and superficial definition of beauty to the next generation or are we going to start a comforting revolution instead?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: Denim Jeans

This month's challenge is probably the easiest one to date. However, if you've been visiting this side of the world wide web, you'd notice that denim jeans are my least favorite. I prefer skirts and shorts since they are presko to be in, especially during that time of the month. Aside from that, denims take up too much space in my traveling bag. I'm no light traveler, but leaving my jeans at home is my usual approach to keep things lighter. 

Yes, I'm rarely in jeans that my colleagues usually do a double-take when they see me wearing one. And then they'll announce to the entire office: "Himala! Naka-jeans si Lorna!"

That being said, it was an easy decision as to which pair of jeans to show you. I only have 2 pairs in my closet when Mitch decided we'll go for denims (yeah, I went looking for new pairs in an ukay ukay shop recently) and only 1 of them is bloggable enough. Haha!

When I was still in college (1999-2002), I remember being a fan of jeans in dark wash. When I became a working girl (2003-2004), I gravitated towards beige hipster or low-rise jeans. When I juggled graduate school, graveyard shift and online business (2005-2008), I tend to don denim capri pants. And I want them wider from the knees downwards (how 70's!). When skinny jeans (2008?), jeggings (2010?), printed denims (2011?), colored denims (2011?) and other trends took center stage, I was already reduced to a mere spectator.

Last year, my colleagues and I went on ukay ukay shopping in Ortigas. I was already satisfied with my finds, but they won't quit trying on branded jeans after jeans. So I got intrigued and they found this drop waist boot cut jeans from Giordano for me. The moment I saw my reflection in the mirror, I got convinced it was meant for me. It's a nice deviation from my usual dark and flare denims! And it's cheeeeap! (I completely forgot how much, though).

Ube macapuno!

Outfit of the Day:
Boho blouse from ukay ukay
Giordano denim jeans from ukay ukay
Mum's big bag
Lacey flats from SM Parisian

P.S. I met my family after work and my brother Lec was surprised to see me in jeans. Perhaps I should take heed to Ehms and Fao to wear jeans more often. According to them, jeans make me look taller. Hmmm...

Photos by Bendell Timtim.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Sheer Poncho

Remember how I expressed my desire for Erzullie's sheer poncho on this entry? Well, that little dream finally materialized during the recently concluded Fashion Feast! From regular price of P850, I bought it for only P300! Hurrah! And what else to do after that fun-filled evening of shopping and socials? Edi i-world premiere right away! (Guess what? I already wore the matching skirt last week! Yep, it's also worth P300!)

In case you've noticed, I truly favor casual look over tiis-ganda "fasyon" look. But I sometimes get perceived as a fashionista and I'm quick to correct my friends whenever they call me as such. I have nothing against them, but I seriously don't consider myself as one. During Glam Tales, we had a discussion that some girls have this innate 360-degree vision to tell what goes fab with this and that. Believe me, I don't have that. I just take notes from others and, if I find it too ma-effort, I ditch the idea and rummage for something safe in my closet.

That's the same story for this outfit. I found a statement piece to wear and I stopped there. I just grabbed plain camise for inner wear, plain leggings and my usual footwear and - boom - I'm ready to go! I can already imagine your disapproving look on my flats. Haha!

Mahangin sa labas...and I love it!

You gotta love the details!

I appreciate how light and comfy the fabric feels. In fact, I feel like a playful dyosa (my best friend's word, not mine) who leaves magical dust when I pass by. To my glee, most people complimented my poncho and some of them, even thin people, inquired where I bought it. They want one for themselves! Endorser lang ang peg!

The designers Aries and Berna (or maybe either of them) told me before that there's another way of wearing this poncho. Some of their clients keep their arms hidden underneath it. Maybe I'll try that next time and ask you which one looks better. 

Outfit of the Day
Sheer poncho from Erzullie 
Black camise (nope, it's not a tank top) from Chubbly
Mum's leggings
Tan flats from Quiapo

Photos by Bendell Timtim.

Monday, September 30, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: To This Day - Shane Koyczan

"To this day
I hate pork chops
I’m not the only kid
Who grew up this way
Surrounded by people who used to say
That rhyme about sticks and stones
As if broken bones
Hurt more than the names we got called
And we got called them all
So we grew up believing no one
Would ever fall in love with us
That we’d be lonely forever
That we’d never meet someone
To make us feel like the sun"

Now THIS is something we should spread generously. Bullying is one of the reasons why it's so hard for us, for our children and possibly the next generations, to recognize our inner light. Let's fight it, let's make it history!

Shane Koyczan and his spoken word was such a great discovery. Read up about this project here and this poem here

Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's been five days since this beautiful article (yeah, I'm biased) was published, but I still can't wipe this modest smile on my face. I still can't believe that this writer found us and our advocacy through a mutual friend's timeline (mostly photos of the recently-concluded Glam Tales) and found it news-worthy. Fast-forward today: there are 143 shares of the article on Facebook and 34 tweets (as of 18:25 today). I could only hope that there are 177 plus size Pinays who got inspired to unleash the goddess within after reading it. Or 177 persons who opted to rethink about fat people and their lifestyle. Again, thank you for the support!

Speaking of support, here's what my proud momma posted on her timeline. Kaka-touch!

Reading the article for the first time reminded me of our dreams. When Ali asked us how many followers do we already have, my partner Mitch and I exchanged blank looks. We have no idea. Then she asked how many followers would we like to have. To my relief, Mitch echoed that we prefer quality over quantity. We prefer to reach out to women who currently battle with insecurities, we prefer to meet living role models of body acceptance and we'd love to make them all interact and support each other. We prefer to meet supportive men, too. But we don't wish to attract voyeurs. Figures don't matter to us. After all, we're hoping to create a positive community.

This interview also made us look ahead and reflect on how else we are going to achieve our idealistic goals. We're actually flattered that this news feature arrived quite early; the last time I checked, it's not listed in our timetable. We imagined to spread our advocacy through word of mouth. Perhaps media exposure will come when we've done something massive, like organizing the first Philippine Fatshion Week or something. Needless to say, I can't help but feel eager for our upcoming first anniversary in November. We're definitely cooking up something fun and fab. We're crossing our fingers to see old sisters and meet new ones in the event.

At this point, I can't contain my happiness for this blessing. No amount of words can capture my gratitude and excitement. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Obtained here.

EDIT: 30.09.2013
As if this feature were not enough, we got featured again on POC! Check this article out and spread the good news! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: Pinay Style Icon

Once upon a time (I'm guessing 2007 or 2008), I decided to wear my latest ukay ukay purchase for the first day of second semester in graduate school. I don't recall getting any manic reactions for it. After class, I dashed to the call center I was employed at the time for another episode of graveyard stress. To my surprise, my peers greeted me with whoas and double-takes. They find my striped pants too...loose and ethnic. And so some of them started calling me Grace Nono

I have great respect for this woman. I'd say she's known for her musicality more than her fashion statement, more than anything. And I was actually flattered to be compared to her, if only for what I was wearing that evening. So for this month's Pinay Curvies Swag challenge, I decided to rummage for this particular article of clothing and show my constant need for comfort and bright colors. As you can probably tell here and there, I luuuurve the laidback and ethnic look! Now watch me channel Grace Nono below.

Tight top, loose silhouettes & barefoot


Outfit of the Day:
Black camise (nope, it's not a tank top) from Chubbly
Wide belt from Forever 21
Striped pants from ukay ukay
Wooden choker from a shop in Camiguin
Yakan earrings from a shop in Basilan
Bracelet made by Mangyan in Mindoro

NOTE: Yakan is the indigenous group in Basilan; Mangyan in Mindoro

Photos by Kuya Jay Arcenal

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Black & White Dress / PINAY CURVIES EVENT: Glam Tales: An Afternoon With Maita Atienza and Mercille Tiomico

For my first wedding assistant coordinator duty, I decided to look for a comfortable yet chic dress during the Great Luxe Sale in May. I ended up buying a black & white dress which I eventually decided unfitting since 1.) the wedding motif turned out to be pastel; and 2.) superstitious friends said attendees wearing black spells malas for the married couple. Oh, well. There'll be a better time to world premiere this dress!

Then I realized I could wear it on Glam Tales: An Afternoon with Maita Atienza & Mercille Tiomico! I'm sure my fellow plus size Pinays would show up in their most kikay outfits, too! However, I admit wearing a pink bolero on top of this during my commute and during the event itself. It was freezing cold! 

Outfit of the Day:
Dress from The Sweet Cloth
Moonstone crystals from Crystal Empress
Black wedges from VNC


Finally, Mitch and I had a follow-up gathering for our beloved curvy community. After the swap meet, quiz night and movie date, we are so delighted to hold our first kikay boot camp called Glam Tales. We're so grateful that our resource speakers were equally enthusiastic about this mission and, to our absolute surprise, the attendees braved typhoon Maring to join us. It was such an awesome feeling!

Our event started with a makeup demo from Maita Atienza. Based on our #UsapangCurvy about hair and makeup, it became apparent that most of us are eager to learn about contouring. Prior to the event, Maita tapped me to be the model so the attendees could see how to make magic. We truly learned a lot from her, specifically my foundation shade (golden sunset) and Findation is the place to go to find our perfect match! Amazing, right? 

Ang gaan ng kamay ni Maita!

Even before the demo is done, my newfound friends were quick to marvel at my no-makeup look. I must admit I was truly impressed, too. In fact, I almost did NOT wash my face before going to bed. I wanted to preserve my look! Then I remember how she started the demo by removing my makeup haha!

By the way, even before I met Maita that day, I was already a fan of hers. Her posts showed love for organic farming and she's a reminder of my dream to be a green thumb and grow my own food. When I finally saw her in the flesh, I was stunned that she looks waaay younger and prettier in person! Her photos online don't do her justice!

Mercille in action

Remember how we talked about our fashion worries during this #UsapangCurvy? Mercille Tiomico gave us all a roundup on what we should consider to look big and fab. I was personally shocked that she finds comfort vital, too. I mean, she looks fasyon fasyon in photos and in person (don't let that camouflage top fool you, she was wearing a very funky pair of shoes!). The best realization? She wasn't as snobbish as she appears! She's very bubbly. As in babaeng bakla like me! 

The hosts Mitch and I and the resource speakers Maita and Mercille

To sum it up, it was a very informative, fun and noisy gathering. It was like a reunion of some sort! I could just imagine how the other diners felt when we emerged out of the function room, asking for photo opps and exchanging endless goodbyes and besos. Mitch and I got inspiration for our next events, too. I'm tempted to divulge our brewing projects with some of the attendees, but it's best to keep mum for now. 

Kodak moment with the girls! Thank YOU for coming! 

Photos from Mitch Leus. Check the rest of the photos here