Friday, May 20, 2011

Medium T-Shirts Noon, Extra Seksi Na Ngayon!

Ang maging plus size ay 'di biro. Racks of drool-worthy fashion pieces are quite outnumbered...for the frugal ones, at least. As I've detailed in this entry, I often resort to ukay ukay shops and alteration shops for my mall purchases, particularly t-shirts. The latter can get really costly, though.

Paras Alter Station, for instance, charges P125 to shorten top's laylayan alone, P250 to re-size lady's t-shirt and P375 for whole body repair (maximum of 5 areas to work on). In my case, the medium-sized male t-shirts I typically fit in had to undergo neckline, laylayan, armhole alterations and placement of curves on the sides. That's P375 on top of the actual t-shirt!

That was my dilemma until I found my suki from the once-famous RFC Supermarket and Department Store in Las Piñas. Buddy's Alteration charges me only P70 for all my required t-shirt alterations! Sweet!

To be altered: this hand-painted t-shirt from Enigmata in Camiguin. If I can afford to shorten the laylayan which will remove the hand-painted message Open Your Eyes at the back, that is.

The Before Photo: High necklines choke me and irritate my nape. Must be the etiketa.

The After Photo: Now I can breathe, lift my arms and sing ♫♪ One Love ♪♪♫

You know it's bad when you've stopped raiding your mum's closet for your brother's. Worn without ♪♫ brother Louie, Louie, Louie ♪♪'s permission. His usual complaint after: Lumuwag na ang chest area!

LIBRE HIPPO t-shirt from Malis'ya. Stopped wearing this after alteration. It's gone too short! Not because of any encounters with perverts.

Here's something from Bisaya Ispisyal. It reads BASTA BISAYA, SIKAT. The neckline detail is too cute to be removed. Hence, tiis ganda moment.

This is actually a guy's t-shirt from Folded & Hung (if my memory serves me right). Again, the cute neckline detail is too refreshing to be thrown away.

DUH! t-shirt from Penshoppe. Got this waaaay back in college. [See, I support your brand, Akihiro Sato!] No alteration done for this one. The neckline, sleeve length and over-all length are just right.

This homage to a Terno Recordings gig is from Team Manila. Just like the rest of the t-shirts you'll see below, this used to be a medium-sized men's t-shirt.

WHO THE F*CK IS MICK JAGGER t-shirt from Iyaman Fashion House in Las Piñas. Wala lang, gusto ko lang i-share!

Even this IRATE t-shirt I helped produce for my closed-for-now t-shirt business, I always had them repaired so I won't look like a barrel woman or something. I am yet to find a plus size t-shirt supplier with a reasonable minimum order requirement.

INUTEL INSIDE t-shirt from Spoofs. Due to overuse, I need not to alter the neckline anymore.

Peso signs are the new polka dots! World premiered this Team Manila t-shirt in New Year 2008.

From A To Tee™ Shirts' FLAMMABLE: NO JOLOGS WITHIN 50 FEET t-shirt.

This Almost Famous moment with Angel Aquino is brought to you by From A To Tee™...and some dude from the alteration shop. It reads BOGSA NOVA.

Once-in-a-blue-moon purchase from Artworks. Finally, found something from their shop that fits my twins! And it pays tribute to Miles Davis! Wee!

Converted this men's t-shirt from Kultura to an off-shoulder top. Oha!

My friend Eems cut this once-plain t-shirt himself into an off-shoulder top before asking the staff to heat press the word BAND AID. It's from Team Manila's personalized t-shirt brand. I just forgot their shop's name.

SINULOG t-shirt from Island Souvenirs in Cebu. Check out how the neckline does NOT match the dark blue lining in the sleeves.

My Little Black UP T-shirt.

My UP-College of Mass Communication t-shirt.

Made changes on my Call Center Olympics organizer's t-shirt. Horns NOT included.

My altered saGuijo t-shirt from Team Manila.

Check out this intro dive souvenir t-shirt from Davao. THAT is the back design! I just prefer to wear it in the front and leave the tiny logo of the company at the back. Corny, I know.

When will laid-back plus size gals like me experience a happy ending? Not that finding cheap service for t-shirt alteration is bad news. I dream for that day when t-shirt brands offer their designs in ALL sizes: from super small for my friend like Danna up to extra seksi like myself. While I'm still unable to revive my own t-shirt project, please direct me to existing plus size shirt sellers and suppliers alike. I refuse to be the last to know.


  1. Hi mars! Wow, I would like to try their altering some of my shirts too. Nakakainis kasi na medyo weird ang fitting sa akin, always have a hard time finding clothes that would fit me well.

    PS. You really can pull off wearing tees and still look glam. :D :P

  2. Yeah, sa kanila mo na ipa-alter! Halos kapitbahay mo lang! Pero look for the younger sastre to do the alterations ha. Inconsistent kasi yung isang lolo dun eh. Enjoy!

    Thanks, mare. Basta altered ang neckline at may shape ang t-shirt, susuotin ko yan! Hahaha!

  3. Where do I find your alterer du jour?

  4. you ROCK those shirts!!! They look great on you!!!! -Apaul

  5. Fris, gusto mo samahan kita when you need your alteration done? I have a couple of shirts to be done, too. Tapos ukay ukay tayo after! ;)

    Apaul, thank you!:D

  6. 'Ang maging plus size ay 'di biro' - super agree, Love all the shirts you posted, you are rockin' it!

  7. Hi, Mitch! Thank you. Love your outfits, too! Woot!

  8. Buhay ang industriya ng tailoring ni manong dahil lang kay Lorna! haha

    Lurve these! Hey, the dive shirt!

    Love love

  9. Naku, di na nga ako nakabalik. Dami ko pang ipapa-alter. At isasama ko si Fris para mas marami silang benta. Haha!

    Yeah, the dive shirt! What can you say? Ok lang bang binaligtad ko siya? Feeling diver, no? Hahaha!

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