Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloggers Do Black + White Stripes Better

When I first heard of the Bloggers Do Black + White Stripes Better challenge, I immediately felt disqualified to join. I have this red + white stripes dress I can't wait to bring to the beach this summer and a pale pink + grey striped shirt I was wearing when I read the news and I'm daydreaming of this striped dress, but I have no black + white stripes! It was a sad realization as I patiently waited for the follow-up challenge after this.

When I went home to my parents' place last weekend, I was delighted to see a mountain of hand-me-downs in my closet. Either that or Mama needed a bigger space for her clothes. To my surprise, I found a long-sleeved top that would serve as my ticket for the abovementioned challenge. Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!

Manila has been experiencing bipolar weather lately; humid mornings that give way to rainy afternoons/evenings. I didn't mind wearing this long-sleeved top under the sun as I expected heavy rains later that day. Hot, sweaty mornings I can tolerate. But gloomy, freezing evenings? Hardly. 

As you probably know by now, I'm your typical casual chick. And when it rains, I get extra lazy. Yesterday was no exception. So I mixed my mum's striped top with my harlem pants and overused purple flats. Nothing bold, nothing special. I'd rather don something "safe" in terms of the predictably moody weather.

The big picture

Did I mention it's hooded?

Wait. I feel the need to interrupt the parade of photos to say that it doesn't feel as warm as it looks. The fabric felt kinda light against the sun yet it never failed to protect me from the usual chills inside an airconditioned room. Lovin' the fact that it has hood, too. Even if I find my umbrella more reliable. 

Oooh! Somebody else has earned her stripes! 

Now you see the harlem pattern... you don't!

And the sun stayed with us after the morning service, after lunch and after our Church-related meeting. I was expecting to see rain showers after the last activity, but I managed to travel to my high school friend's home without getting soaked. But I noticed the threatening dark clouds during my commute.

Eventually, it rained cats and dogs. Thankfully, I made it home before it happened. 

And I have this poorly-lit photo to prove it!

You'll have to look closely to see how drenched my flats were. But if you're still not convinced how extreme the weather can get here as of late, I'll show you photos of  a flooded venue where I would like my clone to go that evening, given the chance. I truly miss watching football matches live! When's the last time again?

Flooded pitch! 
The Philippines vs. Cambodia match had to be temporarily suspended due to heavy rains!
Photo lifted from my crushie Neil Etheridge's Instagram post

Check out the precipitation!
Photo from this article

Check out how other bloggers interpreted this summer/spring trend here. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Body Jam + Zumba in The Workplace / WORLD PREMIERE: That Pinoy Pride Tee

What took me sooo long to world premiere The Belated Bloomer's Pinoy pride tee from the swap meet in January, you ask? Well, I was supposed to wear this perfectly loose tee on my next CrossFit class in February but...things happened. Unavoidable things like monthly period, additional workload as well as stupid things like slight intimidation and other excuses I do not wish to elaborate. 

When I heard the impressive line-up of events and talks for the Kapamilya Health and Wellness Fair (my first!), I was quick to sign up for the FREE zumba class. Luckily, my teammates were equally interested. And we all made it to the limited slots! Hurrah!

World premiering The Belated Bloomer's tee
And we made it to the news!

I've mentioned this in prior posts, but I really prefer the yoga mat, swimming pool or dance floor over the gym. I admit CrossFit is the ultimate challenge for long-time desk jockeys like me. But me and my weak knees could use a slow transition before we reach for that summit. And we shall face the Latin music for now. Zumba today, CrossFit tomorrow! 

Theena Mondonedo from 360 Fitness Club was a fun instructor. We spent the half hour doing body jam and the next doing zumba. It was more challenging than I imagined! I could see myself smile in my reflection in the mirror, but I felt every muscle stretch out, every joints creak and my heart pump like crazy. Not that I'm complaining. It was a delightful pain!

Dancing our way to fitness
Photos from Ryan Ramos (Corp Communications)

Looking back, I pray this will be a permanent employee perk. We'll definitely find time if there are FREE classes in the same building. *crosses fingers*

Outfit of the Day
Pinoy pride tee
Mum's leggings

Sunday, March 17, 2013

WORLD PREMIERE: That Peplum Skirt from Ward88

I know it's been months, probably a year now, since I started yakking about wanting my own peplum, but I haven't really actioned about this desire yet. I guess the idea that a peplum dress requires a pair of pumps to go with it made me take this fashion fantasy into the backseat. Yeah, I'm still in love with flats. 

To my surprise, Lyn of ward88 pinged me recently to offer her peplum skirt as a present. It was my first time to experience this and I admit it took me a while to say yes. We were supposed to meet during the swap meet (she was unable to attend, though) and now I have another reason to find a way to smother her with thankful besos in person. And to think we're both residing in Cavite! I'll keep you posted when it finally happens.

Upon receipt of this sweet gift, I felt my gratitude immediately turn into worry. I just threw away my pink flats (you've seen 'em here) and I can't think of any fitting footwear for this skirt. Sure, I was tempted to bring out my black wedges (you've met 'em here) but I'm too lazy to wear heels to work. What to wear, what to wear?

In spite of this little concern, I decided to world premiere it right away! I won passes to my favorite noontime show, It's Showtime, and I felt it was the best time to wear it. I was in the mood to reunite with old friends Brady and Nonoy and make new friends, hence this call out for extra seksi fans to join me as a studio audience. Sorry if I didn't make that announcement here as, you can probably tell, I dislike making too short blog entries. To cut the long story short, Plus Size Closet Prinkles can't make it due to conjunctivitis and Brady asked his friends to take her place. 

On to the show!

The stage and the audience from our vantage point
Photo by Mark Chu

My peplum skirt from ward88
Taken in the studio

Pink skirt calls for pink necklace!
This is a freebie for purchasing a CD released by our Church

Like or dislike?

Enough with the details, on to the whole picture! 
Taken in the office

There goes my very casual take of the peplum. I bet you'd say it'll look better if I wore black pumps or anything with heels. Haha! Anyway, let's hear it from my friends. Score mo, show mo!

My biased friends Raz and Brady give me a perfect 10! Woohoo!
Photo by Brady

My newfound friends Mark and Wilrose give me 9! Not bad!
Photo by Wilrose Puray

Before I conclude this entry, I shall leave you with the link to that episode when we joined the unkabogable barkada do Abba songs and Harlem shake, among others. Look for us!

Outfit of the Day:
Black top
Pink necklace
Peplum skirt from ward88
Mum's sandals

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In the Pink Corner: Ivory Yat!

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’re either sick of my back-to-back fangirling tweets or confused as to why I’m too attracted to Master Chef finalist Ivory Yat instead of, say, the yummy judge Chef Jayps Anglo. Well, I’m crushing on the latter, too, but I just can’t explain why I’m so drawn to the former. In my recollection of our quick meet-and-greet here, I blamed it on her passion for pasta and plating and playful energies. After I’ve met her, I was more convinced that she’s the ultimate role model for us Pinay curvies – she’s confident, determined, beautiful, passionate, comical, healthy and…and I can go on all day!

When our communication team announced that they’re giving away tickets for the live cook-off, I made sure to send a carefully-composed reason for rooting for Ivory even if it were not required. And urge my teammates to send their entries, too! I was praying hard that one of us would win so we can all watch this much-awaited event. So imagine my delight when I found out that three of us won! That’s 15 tickets all in all!

Of course I told Ivory I’m going. She told us to wear pink. Problem is, I already wore my pink dress that week. Good thing my BFF Carl brought something pink for me that Saturday morning. Phew!

When we arrived in Sky Do
me, I was amazed with the great number of supportive souls who showed up. Pink t-shirts, pink balloons, pink tarps, pink flowers, everything! And the festive sight didn’t end there; everybody exuded positive energies as if they were there to attend a victory party. I exchanged hellos with Ivory’s college friends and gym buddies in the queue and I find them very welcoming and fun to be with. In fact, I made a new friend out of Grace, Ivory’s patient’s daughter, and she confirmed that what we see onscreen is who Ivory is in real life. Makes me wanna see her in flowers and nursing scrubs!
Lookin' pretty in pink, diva? *

 Fangirl mode! *

 Wearing M-A-C's Pink Nouveau *

L-R: Carl, moi and Tracee *

Both Carl and Tracee are fans of Sonny Boy *

Look for me! ***
Before the show started, I caught a glimpse of her outside the main door and I took photos of her and the rest of the finalists from afar. So did my friends. To my surprise, she called me amidst the noise to remind me of my promise on Twitter to show up in pink two-piece. My friend Fao was astounded that she knows me by name already. I’d say it’s one of Ivory’s best qualities as a celebrity, she makes it a point to know her fans.

The finale began with a touching recollection of the finalists’ journey in the kitchen, succeeded with the results revelation of the challenge held in Caliraya, Laguna. It’s the last battle among the Final 4,  namely, Carla, Myra, Ivory and JR. Ivory had me (again!) at “Number one po ako!” to Chef Jayps. I recall crossing my fingers so tight moments before the judges announced the third runner up. Thankfully, Ivory made it! I even overheard one of Ivory’s fans say, “Hindi naman ako ganito ka-tense noong nag-board exams ako! Bakit ngayon, ganito ako?” while dabbing the corner of her made-up eyes. Truly, I felt my heart race as if I were the contestant myself!

For the live cook-off, Carla, JR and Ivory were supposed to prepare a Pinoy dish within 30 minutes.  Carla opted to cook adobong tuna at kaning dilaw, JR intrigued us with his Bigorot dish and Ivory offered palabok finale. Those 30 minutes proved to be a torture as Carl and I unwittingly attended this cook-off with empty stomachs.
 Ivory in action **

Ivory's palabok finale **
I remember how celebrity judge Kris Aquino complimented how oil-free this lumpia was. I was so intrigued how she managed to accomplish it. It looks super yummy, right?

Based on the celebrity and chef judges comments, I deduced Ivory will be the second runner-up. But I was still hoping she’d bag home the title. At this time, her thoughtful friends asked the others to pen down our messages for Ivory. When it was turn, I felt my heart melt with the sweet messages like “Manalo, matalo, ikaw pa rin ang the best!” I completely resonate with it! For me, she is already a winner!

 Dear Ivory...

My message for Ivory (misspelled pa ang curvy!)

And I was right, she was declared to be the second runner-up. But we can tell in Ivory’s smiles that she was very happy and assured that it’s the beginning of a new adventure. I’m convinced she’ll go far, too.

 And Ivory wins! **

The third place goes to Ivory! **

But the fangirling episode didn’t cease that day! I found her official fanpage AFTER the live cook-off. (Unbelievable, right?)  So I stalked grabbed some of the photos during her thanksgiving that day. And I’m beaming with great pride here.

 Ivory **

I want this cake! **

Penge naman ng cake, Ivory!
As a plus size woman hungry for role models on the boob tube, I am grateful to have found someone like Ivory. She’s a refreshing example of beauty, confidence and determination. Her bottomless energy inspires me to reach out to more people and makes me want to be a better woman to the people surrounding me.
And I shall leave you with this cool fansign from Ivory. Now say “awww…”

* – photos from Carl
** – photos from Ivory’s fanpage
*** – photo from Jo

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