Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What's my birthday gift for myself? A pair of running shoes to abuse for the next 3 or more years. I know I have a weak-knee sob story to consider, but hey, I've babied my joints for so long. In my recent conversation with Muay Thai fighter, Dodong Galindez, otherwise known as Buhawi in the circuit, he said injuries are supposed to make a particular body part stronger. I suddenly feel sorry for subscribing to orthopedists' watch-your-knee warning for so long. I should get back to sweat + strengthening sessions! Stat!

Besides, it's my turn to keep my pinkie promise. As I've mentioned in this entry, I've challenged myself to bring out the sporty stuff that's been gathering dust in my closet and shoe rack. As they say, there's a Sporty Spice in everyone.

My own adiSTAR Raven 2 and my hot legs!

Being a cheapskate that I am, I still ask myself why I bought something top-of-the-line. All I wanted is something that will provide support and that will make my flat feet happy. I've tried on Super Nova for women but, as always, they don't have my monster size. Instead, the staff made me put on Super Nova for men. I don't mind the bright orange design and I'm relieved it looks unisex, but I'm quite uncomfortable that I'm using something specifically made for men. Arte lang! As soon as I wore this stylish and waterproof pair, I felt ready to run away wearing 'em. That sole-searching adventure got me drained and starving kasi.

That mandatory photo opp with my ka-pinkie promise, Rush

The outfit that made officemates go, "Try mo mag-pink, teh!

Today's Outfit:

Pink tank top

Pink lace bra from I Love Cocco

Hand-me-down jacket

Denim miniskirt from Her Bench

adiSTAR Raven 2

Photos from Rushelle Barrameda.


  1. Goodluck!! :) I'm with you on this! :)

  2. pink top for our pinkie promise!! hihihi love it...

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Rush, your turn naman. Skirt day uli? \m/

    Mitch, I'm waiting for the next chi running workshop. I'll definitely join. Hopefully, I'll enjoy it myself. :)