Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday + Christmas Wish: Let's Raise Funds For The Ifugao Rice Terraces' Reconstruction and Care

It's the time of the year again when I'm most grateful to be blessed with this borrowed time on earth, kind-hearted souls who selflessly clothe me with boundless love and inspiration and past circumstances that made me graceful and accepting in the present and, with my fingers crossed, in the future. It's another year to take delight in my countless gifts!

Since 2005, it has become my intention to bring my childlike energy in one of our very own panoramic destinations for my birthday. This way, I get to commune with nature, learn more about our Pinoy identity, support local economy, meet more kindred spirits and, thanks to social networking and blogging sites, hopefully inspire people to do abandon their comfort zones and see the big world out there.

Speaking of blogging, I know I still owe you a thankful account of my birthday celebration in Batad and Sagada in 2005, but finding words proved to be too challenging for this mortal. Although I consider myself more of an island girl than a mountaineer, I truly feel this strong affinity with their soothing breeze, cold waters, green slopes, fertile earth and friendly people. It was beyond beautiful! In my heart, I know it's my home, too.

Who won't make a pause and get enthralled with Batad's charm?

Can you blame for trying to see where the bottom of Echo Valley lies?

My sembreak-within-the-semester in Kiangan, Ifugao in 2007

Have you read this and this? This massively alarming news, I believe, calls for unified action. And fast! If this deterioration goes on, our brothers and sisters are at risk of losing their shelter, livelihood and identity. Us lowlanders, in turn, will get affected when erosion takes place. As Gov. Ted Baguilat urged us, saving the world-renowned rice terraces should be a national concern.

For my sweet 29th birthday and the fast approaching Yuletide season, I am asking for your kind heart to extend your aid and contribute generously for this mission. Let's not be aliens to our own people and rely on foreign benefactors to support us. Let's remember that, among the wonders of the world, the rice terraces were built by free people. By hand, with a loving heart and a big vision for the future generations. How Pinoy.

As one saying goes, we do not owe our past from our ancestors, we owe it from our children. Let's help heal and preserve the rice terraces so our grandchildren would know how it feels like to go on an uphill climb then dip or swim in the Big Falls themselves, why Echo Valley is called as such and others. Believe me, travel is still waaay cooler than staring at Google images by then.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude for your act of generosity in advance. You're making my birthday worthwhile and you're making our fellowmen's recovery and bright future possible. For donations, you know where to find me.

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