Thursday, February 7, 2013

And The Winner Is...

You've met the lovely contestants. Now the judges have to make this difficult decision: choosing the best extra seksi woman to win an overnight stay in Coco Beach Island Resort for two! 

We're looking for two things: confidence + style and creativity in reason for joining. Needless to say, the contestants gave us an extra hard time in selecting the luckiest woman on earth today. 

Before we announce the winner...

Drum rolls, please!

Garnering an average score of 95%, our winner is...

Cristina Gundran
Age: 25 
City: Quezon City 
 Size: 16
Reason for Joining: This contest is for plus size women to be more empowered! THAT BEING PLUS SIZE is an ASSET and flaunting your curves is SEXY by wearing the clothes you want and especially the swimsuit that accentuate your curves and loving your body. 

Judge InaThis is very sassy! I love that she's in the water in a bright swimwear, looking sassy and stylish. 
Judge Leslie: Love the color and style. So sexy! Perfect reason, too!
Judge Lorna: What can I say? Low neckline, high bun, confident pose and positive message! You got it, girl!

                    CONGRATULATIONS, CRISTINA!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WATERLOO: The WOD Nation Experience

Lately, my fitness had gone to the backseat for reasons excuses most corporate slaves can relate to. What makes me sweat were only limited to long walks and stairs action - all commute-related. Can you imagine? So when I heard about WOD Nation from my Church mates, I was easily convinced to give it a try. Yes, the idea that you don't know what high-intensity and body-conditioning sets of exercise await you can get daunting. But you know how I once confused my body with an episode of Muay Thai after interchanging gymming, badminton, swimming, yin yoga and dancing for the past few months (that unfortunately led to knee injury # 2) and how I interchanged badminton, yoga and boxing (but that's sooo July 2012)! The element of surprise was never an issue.

I've heard of short-time circuit training (7-minute daily workouts, the likes) from Rodel and our pastor/s before and had my sort-of introduction during this event. With my sedentary lifestyle for the past months, I could really use this free CrossFit class held last Monday (they have free classes every Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:30-21:00 until the end of February).

The trainers explained that WOD (stands for Workout of the Day) is a fitness program that employs functional or natural movements (sitting down, standing up, carrying stuff, etc) at high density and at fast pace. Still sounds vague? Then you might want to read Coach Kit's blog entry and attend their classes in Ayala Triangle. In that order.

I signed up for Level 1. Coach Ken thoroughly demonstrated how to execute my least favorite exercises: squats and push-ups. Squats can be really painful for the glutes and knees, making the chair pose as one of the most difficult yoga poses for me. Coach Ken was quick to explain that we must point our knees to our feet's direction to prevent them from locking. We must also hold our chin up and press our should blades together. Ouch!

Squats via

Push-ups, as I learned in yoga, is not about arm strength alone. It's about core activation. In my case, it's all about core, arms and knees. I recall how we utilized arm straps and how we were asked for our elbows to form 45 degrees in yoga. After a couple of attempts, I cheated. Coach Ken made it easy for us by making us holding our arms up then letting it down. Imagine how our arms look close to chest? That's how they should be when we do push-ups.

Before I assumed a prone position on the ground, I swallowed my fear and reminded myself again that my once injured knee doesn't own me. I own my knees! The coaches told me I can do knee push-ups instead of the usual. But, as always, I really found it hard to engage my core and carry myself. 

I was wrong to assume that Level 1 peeps would only do repetitive squats and push-ups all throughout the 12-minute timeframe. Very. We were asked to do a lot more exercises that felt like I signed up for Level 2! We're supposed to do as many reps as we could within a minute (yeah, felt like Minute to Win It!) and proceed to the  next. And count them. If I did 15 push-ups in a minute, we'll continue to crunches and start counting at 16 and so on.

So we started the challenge with push-ups. I can barely remember how many I did, but it felt like a weak start. In yoga, we were taught to be gentle to our bodies. That night, I was gentle for about 30 seconds then I pushed myself to my limits. I tried to strike a good balance between quality and quantity, but I've had poor pushes. 

Level 1

Butterfly crunches via

I like a good butterfly stretch, but doing crunches in a butterfly pose is a different story. Before the minute ended, I can barely lift myself off the ground. But I felt my hips open after this.

Good mornings via Wikipedia

I just discovered there are about a thousand variations of good mornings. We did the one without barbell. It felt like a good follow-up to butterfly crunches as it felt less painful. Since we're in standing position, I was immediately ready to race to my water bottle as soon as the 1-minute rest began.

Then, push-ups again. At this time, I momentarily forgot where my elbows should be. Luckily, one of the coaches reminded me to push it in. Wow, it pays to be in front!

Inch worms via

Inch worms had to be my favorite. Maybe because it reminded me of one of the coolest bands out there (haha) or maybe because it felt like a pre-sun salutation routine. It was a good stretch. Then, one of the coaches told me that my butt is still quite high before I crawl back to my toes and he waited until I did it right. Man, I felt my legs burn! 

Inch worms via

Then, we're back to squats again. Then rest again. Water time! I wanted to drink away, but I know it's best to hydrate myself enough. Else, I will feel bloated and I'd have a harder time during the routines.

And push-ups again. I was already tired and I found it harder to lift myself off the ground. I know I can do knee push-ups, but I somehow found myself doing full push-ups. I think I spent the last 15 seconds resting and panting away.

Burpees via

We did burpees sometime; I can't recall when anymore. The clap at the end felt like little triumphs I had no time to enjoy. It was intense!

Squat thrusts via

As the last routine, I felt myself dash in each squat thrust in hopes to reach beyond 120 (a good score for Level 1, according to one of the coaches). And I did! Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!

Check out our scores!
Not bad for a first-timer! Yay!
Photo collage by Erika Cruz.

Class picture via WOD Nation's fanpage

Class picture via WOD Nation's fanpage

Moments after the workout, I already felt the shoulder pains and instantly I resolved to use my backpack to work the following day instead of the usual shoulder bags. I can imagine myself rolling over in bed just so I could undress myself (just like the last time when Rodel made me do bench press, shoulder press, bicep and tricep curls, lateral raises and sit-ups). My joints were in pain, but I know I did them a favor. And I enjoyed it!

Cold compress for my knees and 2 days after my first WOD experience, I still feel every inch of my body crying in pain. Bus drivers and commuters confuse me as pregnant and my colleagues had to walk slower so I can catch up with them. As they say, pain is weakness leaving the body. This weakness, too, shall pass.

So why I am typing away tonight instead of attending Operation ENDURING FREEDOM? Well, for reasons that most corporate slaves can sadly relate to. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Myrus - Pusong Lito

Ang puso ko'y nalilito
♪♪♫ Nalilito kung sino sa inyo ♪♫
♫♪ Ang  isip ko'y gulong gulo ♪♫
♪♪ Gulong gulo kung sino sa inyo
♫♪ Sino ba sa inyo ang pipiliin ko ♫♪♪
♪♫♪ Dalawa lang sana ang puso ko nang di na malito oh ♫♫

The love month has arrived! <3 <3 <3

This song reminded me of "Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko" which got popularized when I was in grade school. And yes, there's a handful of people playing in my mind and a whole range of emotions tugging at my heart whenever I hear it.

But I'm not here to recall about past pains. I truly like this music video not only because my girl crush Cai Cortez was in it. It made me feel that we plus size Pinays are equally attractive and lovable. That representation, in my opinion, is something we should celebrate about. More music videos like this please! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet The Looking Extra Seksi for Coco Beach Contestants!

The long wait is finally over! You've met the judges here; now it's time to introduce the fab hopefuls! 

Aries Guzman 
Age: 27 
 City: Pasig City 
Size: 16 
Reason for Joining: I want to win this vacation because I am actually a travel-phobe (a little now before it was a little crazier). I know that if I travel more, I'd be more comfortable with it. Furthermore, I get inspiration for my designs for Erzullie through my experience in life. I am actually responsible for Resort wear; and an Erzulliesta in vacation in an awesome place is always my inspiration. Therefore, if I do win this Coco Beach photo contest, I'd be able to help diminish my phobia of travel and get inspiration for the next Resort collection.

Ann Gelene Butawan
Age: 23  
City: Imus City 
Size 16
Reason for Joining: My birthday is coming this March 3rd and it will awesome if I will be celebrating it at the beach. Who wouldn't want to have a relaxing massage near the beach with your partner away from the city and pollution?

Berna Cuevas
Age: 26 
 City: Rizal 
 Size 18
Reason for Joining: I'm EXTRA in SIZE and EXTRA SEKSI in this rockin' swimsuit!  Even if this were long-sleeved rash-guard, I feel so confident! To the point that it was my first time to wear this boy-cut bottoms!

Silca Argoso
Age: 25 
 City: Mandaluyong 
 Size 18-20
Reason for Joining: Yep, I'm PLUS SIZE and PROUD! I love the beach and I love showcasing my curves. All my life I've been blessed with this amazing body and people who appreciate me. So I joined this photo contest 'coz I'm pretty hot and thick! Plus size and proud!

P.S. February is my birth month. This would be an awesome gift! 

Dimples Gonzales
Age: 42 
City: Pasay 
 Size: 14-16
Reason for Joining: For the Coco Beach Island Resort getaway, I would like to wear this Emerald two-piece swimsuit, (which by the way, I bought for an auction price of Php150.00 – isn’t that a great deal?).  I picked this emerald bikini, because according to (which is the authority of color) emerald is the color for year 2013.
I hope that you would choose me for this giveaway, so I can surprise my hubby for a sweet time together wherein we could relive the experience of a wonderful moment at Puerto Galera (our first trip together to Galera was in 1996). I am sure he will be more than delighted to also catch the beauty of Coco Beach Island Resort.
It would be our 18th Year Wedding Anniversary this July, and this getaway would be an awesome gift.

Lyn Guiyab
Age: 34 
 City: Kawit, Cavite 
Size: 20
Reason for Joining: I'm joining the contest to prove that we don't have to be skinny to be sexy! Wear whatever you want. Do whatever makes you happy. Enjoy life to the fullest! 

Cristina Gundran
Age: 25 
City: Quezon City 
 Size: 16
Reason for Joining: This contest is for plus size women to be more empowered! THAT BEING PLUS SIZE is an ASSET and flaunting your curves is SEXY by wearing the clothes you want and especially the swimsuit that accentuate your curves and loving your body. 

Loren Mae Monares
Age: 29 
 City: Makati 
 Size: 14
Reason for Joining: First, I am a nature lover and one of my favorite getaway is beach. These moments prove to be very relaxing, no stress, no make up (except at night! Haha!) and you get to really enjoy life! Second,I just realized I never had a beach outing last year and I think I deserve a break from all the hectic work for the past months to recharge!