Monday, January 28, 2013

Post-Swap Meet and Greet High

Mitch and I had been promoting this event for the past weeks and we're grateful to have received lots of inquiries and encouraging responses from long-time friends and strangers alike. It probably means that there's a growing community of plus size Pinays who are looking for venues to interact and celebrate with kindred spirits. Like what I've mentioned here, we never imagined we'll get support from plus size brands let alone get their attention. 

Now that Pinay Curvies are getting many "where next?", I'd like to pause for a moment and recall that one fine Sunday afternoon when a number of heavenly bodies gathered together for merriment and went home feeling gifted. In more ways than one.

That cool venue called Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan*

We started with intros over pasta par-tey

That pink blouse possibly perfect for pang-romansa purposes from Monica

Berna's harlem pants that I did NOT get to take home *sobs*

Abi gets closer to check the stuff

Silencio! Swap meet going on!

In short, we had a grand time!+

Th first ever swap meet concluded with giveaways from our generous friends from ward88, Chubbly and Erzullie

Remember this event flyer?

I'm taking home this denim micromini! Wee!

ward88's swimsuit for Loren Mae, peplum skirt for Timmy, mullet skirt for Monica and micromini for moi

Chubbly's maroon dress for Timmy and scarf for Berna

Chubbly's dress for Tracee

Erzullie's pink dresses, ruffled skirts and pompom skirts for almost everyone!

Class picture muna!

 L-R: Aries (Erzullie), Monica, Loren Mae, Abi, Ann Gelene (ward88), Tracee, Berna (Erzullie); 
Seated: Lorna and Mitch of Pinay Curvies


And your pretty organizers! Walang kokontra! Haha!

Most photos were taken by Mitch Leus of Feastful Life
* - collage by Loren Mae Monares
+ - collage by Berna Cuevas

By the way, you may read other blog entries about this event here:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grand Eyeball with Master Chef Pinoy Edition Finalist Ivory Yat

Thanks to the Christmas-New Year holiday leave last year, I finally got to watch Master Chef Pinoy Edition on a daily basis. I know I had a lot of catching up to do here, but I was quick to find Ivory Yat and Gian Espadera amusing. I have other favorites based on their creativity and impressive skills, but you know I tend to gravitate (virtually, in this case) towards cheerful souls and fellow curvies. I've been told that our energies get transferred to the food we prepare so I can digitally taste the love in Ivory's dishes. 

It all started with my desire to locate my kindred spirit online. When I did, I announced I'm girlcrushing on her. Let's look back. Hihi!

Tweeting with Miss Ivory

And then her mouthwatering tweet! 

Imagine my kilegs upon hearing this exciting news. All the more when I finally got to meet her! I assumed she won't get to recognize me in person (I'm wearing sunglasses in my display photo, you know). But, nooo! She dropped her conversation as soon as she spotted me from afar and  gave me a big hug! But wait, there's more. She told me, "Extra seksi nga!" then proceeded to greet Tracee, the next teammate behind me and said, "Extra seksi rin!" I'm sure she'll call Ehms the same if she were third in line. Haha! 

I  know they're on a tight schedule but I can't help but chat her up for a bit. Like, who's the grand winner (we'll all have to wait until the live cook-off on February 9th), how often they go on taping (4 times a week!), if they go uwian in their respective homes in  between tapings (no, they all live in the same residence a la Pinoy Big Brother) and an exchange of thoughts about melon (per food combining rules, it should be eaten alone) in relation to their challenge for yesterday's episode. I had a blast!

Kodak moment with Master Chef's Top 7 finalists (minus Ronnel, JR and Carla)
and my officemates Tina, Tracee and Fao

Fangirl mode!

How did she know I don't eat red meat? Lovin' how spicy it was! 

Miss Ivory's spicy tuyo aglio olio with kesong puti and cilantro toppings

Photos from Tina Rita and Ehms Carniyan.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lipstick of the Day: Sephora's 03 Strawberry Kissed

After years of residing in the Netherlands, my old colleague Vannie flew back here for a long vacation. She had been my constant companion in kikay adventures like quests for the perfect kaftan to take to the team building, perfect outfit for the annual Cosmo bachelor bash and the likes. Guess what I received as a pasalubong from Holland? Something kikay, of course!

Needless to say, I was eager to world premiere her gift during the recent swap meet and greet that we organized. I like the stunning mixture of pink and red and how it feels silky upon application. If you're clumsy like me, you might see smears beyond the contours of your lips or, worse, in your teeth. (yeah, that's how messy I am). 

This cream lip stain delivers its promise to be long-lasting. But I don't like how dry it looks after a while. You have to be on watch to apply another coating to make it wet and conceal the cracks. I use Human Nature's peppermint lip balm to minimize the dryness and I would suggest you use your favorite lip balm, too, before applying this. 

How does it look on my extra seksi lips? Let me know what you think.

Lipstick of the Day: Sephora's 03 Strawberry Kissed
Photos by Mitch
Layout design by Fao

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Baby Turns 2!

Even before I turned 30, most people just can't zip it. They have to know when do I plan to have a baby. And I know THAT pattern. If you're single, they'll ask when you'll get married. When you do, they'll probe when you'll have a baby. When it happens, they'll demand for a follow-up kid. It simply never ends!

The truth is, I've had babies - not one, but many babies! You've heard about my defunct t-shirt business, my traveling dolls, my main blog, this kikay blog, this travel blog and, the latest, this fellowship of plus size Pinays. A few died, but the rest remains. And I pray that I can keep them all, that I can keep them alive in my spare time, that I can keep this passion in my heart ablaze. Please include me in your prayers, too.

Extra Seksi turns 2-year-old today! Unlike last year when I declared my elaborate plans that mostly backfired, I prefer to zip it and keep my gladness to myself. After all, like I've said here, I shall reward my hardwork with MORE WORK! But the kid in me just won't dismiss this as an ordinary day. A chocolate cake par-tey is in order!

The burpday girl!

Aristocrat's Chocolate Supreme

Enjoying my chocolate cake
Special thanks to Tracee for my doughnut bun and Fao for these photos! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UPDATES: Swap Meet and Greet!

If you're still not convinced that this swap meet will be a demonstration of generosity and a parade of heavenly bodies, then let me tell you an important update. Pinay Curvies' little effort earned support from other plus size brands, namely, Erzullie and Chubbly. That means they're giving away a few samples from their line...and no swap will be required! Isn't that great news?

Sounds too good to be true? It's really happening! Check out their official statements here and there

Me and my big mouth are currently gagged so there's no way you can get any sneak preview as to what items they'll be sharing. It's for the lucky attendees to know. ;)

If you've just heard about this event, we are encouraging you to do the following easy steps:

2. Follow us on Twitter:
3. For bloggers, make a short post about the items you're up to swap and tweet us the link to your entry. For non-bloggers, just shoot us an email with the photo of your stuff to We aim to round up the items before the event itself.

Also, we encourage you to spread the news! Check out the event flyer below.

EDIT: Guess what? Ward88 is joining this fest! They'll be giving away cool stuff for the lucky attendees! Kita kits!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet the Fab Judges (In Their Resortwear/Swimwear)!

You've heard about my little giveaway contest to mark my 2nd bloggiversary happening next week. Now it's time to reveal the fab ladies behind the virtual chairs who will choose the most deserving woman to take her friend to Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera! 

Meet the judges! 
L-R: Leslie, Ina and Lorna

You've met Leslie Ann Canlas here. She's Miss Bilbiling Mandaluyong 2011 and I can say she remains a walking inspiration to all plus size ladies. Once an extra seksi, will always be extra seksi.

Ina Israel-Pausanos is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Coco Beach. She's been a licensed diver since high school and, as a resident in the resort, she constantly dons dresses, kaftans and swimsuits. She sure knows what's hot and what's not.

And yours truly. (I'd like to think no introduction is needed. Charot!)

Special thanks to Fao for the collage design. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Deadline Extended for Feeling Extra Ready and Looking Extra Seksi for Coco Beach Photo Contest

Heya, ladies! Have you submitted your entry to my first ever giveaway contest yet? I know I said today's the deadline...but I'm taking it back! I overlooked the fact that it will be a hectic week preparing for the swap meet plus I just found out the challenging work-related tasks that await me come Monday. 

Aside from extending the deadline, we also amended the age requirement. If you're 46-55, you may now join my contest! Isn't that great news? Spread the word, all right? 

New deadline for submission: 31 January 2013
New announcement date of winner: 07 February 2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.) Who can join?
All plus size Pinays with ages from 18 to 55 and sizes from XL and beyond. For males who want to join, you can have your mum, girlfriend, sister or best friend to join and cross your fingers that they will choose you as their company for the trip. Haha!

2.) How can I join?
Just email us your 1.) photo wearing the resortwear and 2.)  reason for joining. Each component gets 50% for judging. Send it to

3.) What if I can't wear a two-piece bikini yet?
It's not a problem! You can wear a maxi dress or kaftan if you're more comfortable in that.

4.) If I win, when can my friend and I go to the resort?
The resort is often booked during summer and Holy Week. This giveaway is only applicable during lean season. 

5.) Do we get free food, too?
Free breakfast, yes. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Would Lornadahl Bring for the Swap Meet & Greet

You've heard about the fast approaching swamp meet here, there and everywhere. Allow me to give you a sneak peek what I would bring with me for the event. And that's 11 days from now! Woohoo!

Up for swap!

This low-cut long-sleeved blue top is an ukay ukay purchase that I still haven't worn! Why not? I bought it out of conviction that I'll fit in it someday. Chos
Size 12

Another ukay ukay purchase, this loose old rose top does require a tube top inside. I like how its v-neckline and light fabric make me feel fresh. 
Size 12-14

I'm still yet to wear this midriff top from Dubai. I just can't find the perfect match for this!
Size 18

This little white dress from Laarnaay's Boutique is perfect for getaways! You'll also love the flirtatious off-shoulder bit! Only got to wear this once.
Size 12

Dark and pretty! It's kinda short so I'd suggest you wear your leggings with it. (I remember my mum's refusal to let me leave home without any pants!) This ukay ukay purchase is also still in good condition.
Size 12

The back design of this loose purple top from Hong Kong. Show that sexy back, girl! 
Tube top included.
Size 12-14

Another ukay ukay purchase I never got to world premiere. This stretchable below-the-knee skirt would look great in the workplace!
Size 12 and probably beyond

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We've Got (Fe)Male! - Post-Breakup Thoughts from Jona

I had received a heartwarming email earlier today and I'd like to share her story of strength in hopes that it would uplift you the same way it made me feel. With her permission, of course. 

by Fernando Botero 


Dear Lorna,

I want to share my story with you.

For the past years, I have been in a relationship where I conceal my real self to please my boyfriend. Being myself is not allowed, strict rules are implemented, and my opinions are not acknowledged.

He is 10 years older than me, and this gave him an impression that I cannot decide for myself. When we’re on a date, I have no power to choose what to eat nor what to wear. I am fat and he wanted me to be just like him so he can finally show his family how fit his girlfriend is. He never asked what I want or what I need; he just assumed his decisions would benefit me. Although I knew things between us are unusual, I never complained; after all, he is “older” than me. He knows what’s best for me. I felt inferior when I am with him but I can’t let go the relationship. Why? Because I love him and I was convinced that it’s all that matters.

by Fernando Botero

4 years after, I met you, Lorna. You believe in yourself and you show self-love. That’s when I realized that I am not treated fairly, so I ended the relationship even when it hurts and even if it were still painful.

My life as a plus size Pinay is not all roses and cherries, especially in a society like ours where being curvy is not the norm. Meeting someone like you made me realize the importance of self acceptance. As an old saying goes, you must learn to love yourself first before you truly learn to love someone.

Thank you, Lorna. You are a blessing to me. I admire you for your courage to stand up and show the world that we are not less than valuable. You taught me to take care of myself, to love my body and see the beauty in me. Thank you for making me realize that I am still worthy of love and respect, for showing me that no matter what size and shape we are in, we still deserve to love and be loved. I hope you continue to inspire more people through your advocacy. God bless you and more power to your blog!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Swap Meet and Greet!

2013 is going to be an exciting year! In a few weeks, this virtual niche will turn 2-year-old. And how else should I reward myself with my hardwork in reaching out to fellow Pinays who battle insecurity about their excess baggage? More work! So that means continued public displays of fatness, non-stop blogging and taking a big step to my ultimate dream to unite fellow Pinay plus size women. Like what I've stated in this entry, Pinay Curvies was co-founded with Mitch of Feastful Life to spread inspirational articles and images and organize events that will gather fellow beautiful big ladies and, hopefully, help them in their own journey as individuals.

Pinay Curvies will start the year with a swap meet. I got inspired with this post and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wish to cut on costs without sacrificing our passion for fashion. So we are encouraging other belles on budget to show us what's in your baul and join this little meet-and-greet. We are starting small, so we're limiting it to up to 10 participants for now. To join, we ask you to do the following:

2. Follow us on Twitter:
3. For bloggers, make a short post about the items you're up to swap and tweet us the link to your entry. For non-bloggers, just shoot us an email with the photo of your stuff to We aim to round up the items before the event itself.

Piece of cake, right? We're looking forward to receiving your sweet email! 

Before I go, let me take this opportunity to remind you about the ongoing photo contest wherein the winner and her friend can win an overnight stay in Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera! This is my way of thanking you all for joining me in this bumpy journey to self- and body-acceptance. Join na!