Monday, September 26, 2011

MUSIC MONDAY: Billy Joel - "Just The Way You Are"

♫♪ I said I love you and that's forever ♪♫♫

♫♫ And this I promise from the heart ♪♫♪

♫♪♫ I could not love you any better ♪♫♫

♪♫♫ I love you just the way you are ♪♪♫

Attending What's Your DNA? Discover and Nurture Your Abilities this weekend once again made me dialogue with the suddenly short-haired woman in the mirror and re-examine our mission in this short stay on earth. It was the much-needed checkpoint to investigate on how I make use of my gifts and other potentially unexplored strengths that could further enhance the goddess in me. It was a great reminder of my flaws and weaknesses, too...and they don't make me an inferior or less lovable person. Not at all!

According to Coach Ella, Bily Joel initially felt everything would have been perfect if he were just a bit taller like everyone else. But his mother smothered him with appreciation and encouragement, saying he loves him just the way he is. This aided him in his self-acceptance journey and eventual realization of his musical inclination. Aren't you glad and grateful he came up with such an inspiring song?

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