Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Bikini] Postcards from the Philippines

It doesn't really take a migratory bird to act on this all-important impulse to take advantage of the summer heat. With about 7,100 islands to explore and with our God-given bronze beauties, it is NOT right for us to remain exposed to the artificial light and stressors in the workplace. Follow where the summer breeze leads us and spread the ♫♪ summer lovin' ♪♫!

Ooops, I forgot. There's this unavoidable display of skinny celebrities in bikini along EDSA and continued circulation of magazines with cover girls in nothing but skimpy outfits and smirk by now. Recently, I unearthed this Blair Bitch postcard that reads NO FAT PEOPLE ALLOWED! What else could dampen the spirit and the urge to don a bikini, right?

That Blair Bitch postcard.

Cheer up, girl. As Danah put it, everybody is a bikini body, because no one should dictate which ones are allowed to wear one and which ones are not.

In response to the abovementioned postcard, here's a slideshow of my favorite beach moments in swimwear, kaftan...and whatever my self-esteem and/or budget allowed me to wear that time. I'm glad this journey to body acceptance is documented with our local shores in the background

Postcard from White Beach, Puerto Galera, 2005.

Tankini top and matching shorts from SM Department Store.

Postcard from Olango Island, Cebu, 2005. With Fristine.

Postcard from Splash Island, Laguna, 2005.

Haltered top from Landmark Department Store, purple sarong from Edzelove.

Postcard from Sagada, 2005.

Tankini top from SPF.

Postcard from Coco Beach, Puerto Galera, 2006.

Haltered tankini top from Speedo, off-shoulder top as cover-up from ukay ukay shop.

Postcard from Talipanan, Puerto Galera, 2006.

Striped tube top from Blued.

Postcard from White Beach, Puerto Galera, 2006.

Postcard from Mansud Wall, Davao, 2006.

Postcard from Pagsanjan, Laguna, 2007.

Postcard from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, 2008.

Red tube top from Dorothy Perkins to conceal my two-piece bikini.

Postcard from Pamilacan Island, Bohol, 2008

Tankini top and bikini from Wet Shop.

Postcard from Anawangin, Zambales, 2009. With my traveling doll, Raya.

White kaftan from Coco CabaƱa. Underneath: the same tankini and bikini worn in Bohol.

Postcard from White Island, Camiguin, 2009.

Haltered tankini from Speedo and light blue kaftan.

Postcard from Cagayan de Oro, 2009. [Getting ready to go whitewater rafting with friends]

Haltered tankini from Speedo, swimming skirt and floral kaftan from my friend's tiangge store in St. Francis Square.

Postcard from Zambales, 2010.

Tie-dyed tank top and printed bikini [not seen much in this photo].

Postcard from Vigan, 2010.

That overused polka dotted tankini top and bikini from Wet Shop.

Postcard from Boracay, 2010.

One-piece swimwear from Speedo.

Postcard from Sabtang Island, Batanes, 2011.

Recycling that swimwear worn in Boracay.

Postcard from Sabtang Island, Batanes, 2011.

Kaftan from H&M.

Yeah, yeah, I need a sponsor for my swimwear. =P

Body acceptance is one helluva journey. Up to now, I fall victim to those moments. I still sometimes feel too unpretty and too huge to get half-naked in the beach. Worse, I even feel unprepared for whatever other beach bums would say about my body and the excess balls that go with it.

But then again, why worry over what strangers would think? Sure, we have family and bosses and other people to please, but should we really bring such thinking in our escapes? The beach is our runway, too. This summer, let's shed those inhibitions and leave them behind before boarding the bus or the plane. Summer lovin' starts from within!


  1. You got that right, sister! we have to go back to the beach, stat! and I need a new bikini.

  2. Zambales na uli! Yeah, get a new bikini! Yung pang-hardcore! No more wardrobe malfunction, please? Hahaha!

    When do you intend to shop? I can join you...if my knee permits. Anyway, Speedo lang naman talaga ang maximum support for our twins, diba?

  3. Love this post Lorna! :)

    Ikaw na, ikaw na ang madaming swimwear. :D You got me thinking too... I need to feel more comfortable with my mommy body, and get a new swimsuit too, AND most importantly schedule a visit to the beach soon! :D

  4. I love, love this post lorna!!!
    I work in a place where there is so much emphasis on weight & looks & it was so refreshing to hang out with u guys & not worry about my looks all the time.
    til next beach trip! :)

  5. Strut it! I agree - nobody should tell anyone what to wear and what not to wear. I say just ignore them. I love the one you wore in White Island, Camiguin. :)

  6. Tin, how come I feel kulang pa ang bikinis ko? Gusto ko yung nawiwindang ako sa dami ng options in preparation for the next vacay! Hahaha! Yeah, whatever happened to your plan to visit Pagudpud?! Honeymoon uli, come on! ;)

    Joyce! I'm sure the pressure to look gorgeous as a flight attendant can be a burden. Don't let it kill you! So glad to hear you had a blast with us. Kelan uli? Anyway, I think you're a standout with your clear skin, funky hairstyle and lovely curves. ;)

    Kimmeh, I love that kaftan, too! Tumataas lang minsan, kaya effort para maging off-shoulder. Beach tayo! :D

  7. Bakla! I LOOOOOVE THIS POST! Lagalag ka talagang babae ka hehehe.

  8. Anne! May ibang photos ka pa of me wearing the tie-dyed tank top and printed bikini?

    Lagalag talaga! ;)

  9. Hi mars. I love your anawangin photo the best! As in! I'm feeling the 80's Tetchie Agbayani vibe! Hahahaha!

  10. Whoa! Tetchie Agbayani! So pwede na ako mag-pose for Playboy? Bwahahaha!


  11. Lorn, ikaw na talaga ang reyna ng postura sa kodakan! this is one remarkable blog you came up with, and loook who's come a long way to being comfortable in one's own skin. You're right, mare, you make me proud :).

    Lurve your batanes pics! Aurang-aura -- and I don't think it's just the sun. Just keep the love and the growth, even skinny girls might learn a thing or two from your journey. Stay adorable!

    Love love

  12. P. S. Hey, the dyed sarong!

  13. Lovelove! I'm so honored! :)

    Ako na talaga! Psychologists call it compensation. Dahil di well-documented ang buhay ko nung childhood, ngayon ako bumabawi. Hahaha! Ang sarap pala maniwala na ang ganda-ganda ko, it makes one feel so light and optimistic.

    Oha, may photo opp kami ng bigay mong sarong! :D

    Miss you!