Monday, May 20, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: I Am Beautiful - Candice Glover

♫♪ It don’t matter that I’m not perfect ♪♪
♪ I am beautiful ♫♫
♫ I’m not alone ♪♫
♪ And in His eyes I’m so worth it ♪♪
♫ I’m worth every tear ♫♪♪
♫♪ And every scar ♪♫

What a lovely, uplifting song! 

Though I only watch the auditions and the finale episode of American Idol, I would like to congratulate Candice Glover for winning the competition. I heard this is her third time to audition and I can tell how sweet this victory is.  Keep on making beautiful music! (Sorry for overusing "beautiful" today!)

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