Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume: Cheshire Cat (Again)!

Although most people find me the life of the party, I've always been the party pooper when it comes to Halloween parties. I'm an 80's kid, you know. Back in the days, Pinoys haven't fully embraced the American way of celebrating it. Instead of costumes and trick-or-treats, we kids busied ourselves with cemetery visits and the renowned Magandang Gabi Bayan horror stories. Fast forward to 2012: I'm joining the trend. Ha!

I actually wanted to be dressed as a round girl for our office par-tey, but I found it pointless if my sparring partner won't be around. Besides, I didn't really have ample time  to prepare for it. That led me to my Plan B: recycle my old Alice in Wonderland costume during my goddaughter's 1st birthday par-tey! This time, with whiskers.

The cheshire cat (I know, where did the cat ears go?)

Purrrfect! Collage via Instagram by @lovelotschookie

Getting some help for my tail

What balloons can do for my tail. Hurrah!

The kitteh feels ready for photo opp with Luffy

Kittykat meets Psy

Gang Nam Style back-up dancers?

With Iza, Achi, Psy and Elaine

The par-tey begins!

But, wait. Where did the pussy cat go?

The team, minus the busy cheshire cat

Pusang gala naman oh! Just when the par-tey was about to begin, there was an urgent bid to work on. To make matters worse, I had to create the pricing case on my feet all morning to keep my tail stiff and cute. When I was done, the bilao-ful of palabok was almost empty and there were no marshmallows left for me. Purrrr!

Luckily, I was idle to join in one of the afternoon games. Thinking it might be an aggressive game and fearful of any nip slips, I grabbed my teammate's shawl for protection. Imagine my relief when the game turned out to be Longest Line.

The shawl and the starting line. Bow!

There goes my flats. What about this stupid headband, too?

To cut the long story short, we lost to the other team and we felt bitter about it. Up to now, we all think we should have won and bagged home the prizes. Haha!

So how do you like my costume? It kinda feels less cute to wear it by myself, actually.

Photos by Edric.


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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Philippine Fashion Week| Spring Summer 2013 Experience

You probably know by now that I don't find fashion shows as riveting as football matches and live rock gigs. Neither do I like dressing up as much as I love dressing down. But this year, I resolved to give the Philippine Fashion Week a try even if I am super sure that plus size women won't get represented in the catwalk. So what am I doing in this year's Fashion Week, you ask? That's something I'll divulge in the near future.

Thanks to this giveaway post, I earned my ticket to the Arnold Galang | Jerome Salaya Ang | Philipp Tampus | Renee Salud show last Saturday night. Then, I realized watching a fashion show by myself (my first Fashion Week, to be exact) would be such a snorefest. This is something different compared to going to the cinemas or seeing your suking waxer or shopping alone. Who'll take my photos? Who will argue with me that outrageous outfits can be worn in real life? And so on and so forth. All of a sudden, Feastful Life pinged me to say that she won't make it to the Burdang Taal Habing Filipino show due to hectic schedule and - brace yourself - she has 2 tickets for the same show I'm watching! I can drag friends to join me! Hurrah!

As soon as Jona confirmed she's giving me her ticket, I immediately asked what I would wear. I expect most guests to be clad in their eye-catching and/or branded outfits and, as usual, I prefer to be the laidback spectator. In fact, the sudden shift to rainy days inspired me to go anti-fashion (read: t-shirt, shorts and sneakers). Thanks to my poor memory, I forgot my favorite plaid shorts in the apartment and thanks to my boyfriend's brilliant last-minute plans to switch backpacks, he unknowkingly took my leggings (Plan B) with him. It's currently inside our backpack for the upcoming trek to Baguio next weekend. So, I ended up wearing this flowy Plan D (world premiered as a kaftan here) instead.

Which reminds me, I had a recent debate with some officemates about wearing shorts underneath miniskirts and dresses. I like it extra presko down there and they attempted to change my mind about this preference. That night, I sent them SMS saying: "I'm pleased to inform you that I'm currently wearing my mother's cycling shorts underneath my dress tonight." Ooops. Sorry for too much info.

 That floral dress and black cycling shorts (not seen in this photo)

With my BFF Carl!

We were seated quite far from the catwalk which means we can't even check out the shoes the models are wearing. We can't stand from our seats in respect to the ones at the back. Oh, well.

Our vantage point

Arnold Galang and his mostly leather-and-bling designs

Jerome Salaya Ang's designs

Renee Salud and his red-hot designs

Halata bang di pa kami nagpapa-wax? Hahaha!

Feel free to browse more kikay photos (and some badly-captured ones) here.