Saturday, February 4, 2012

SALE ALERT! Solemate Offers 2 Pairs for P399.75!

Dog-tired and slightly depressed. That's how I felt upon realizing the amount of workload at 08:00AM (I typically log out by 07:00AM). Most of my officemates had left the building and officially begun their weekend. It's another OT for the 8th business day in a row and an uneventful weekend in between. I've been swamped as if it were already the quarter-end!

Things started to light up when my teammate Heart approached me and helped me out in my contract preparation task. Remembering how it took her the entire shift to complete it the first time it was assigned to her, she easily empathized and gave me some tips. I somehow felt guilty for taking her time and asked for her weekend plans.

She was headed to South Mall for another shopping episode this week. She was wearing a pair of hot pink flats that she bought for only P299.75 and she wanted to get the same thing in dark blue. She even allowed me to try her shoes on, as if reading my mind that I'd like to know if they were comfortable enough. Ok, it's cheap and comfy. But do they have my size? Heart doesn't have the answers. There's only one way to find out.

The sinful place!

The sweetest news this weekend!

Not for Heart, though. She missed to read this sweet news earlier; she ended up buying one pair while this sale is ongoing! Imagine how much she could have saved if she purchased both the hot pink and blue flats the first time she went there. I hate math, remember?

Flats in rasta colors on sale!

Heart really wants the blue pair for today. I want the hot pink!

Gaya-gaya ako kay Heart!

Check this out! Not on sale, but it's not bad for P299.75!

Heart looks decided on getting a blue variant for her prior purchase.

Heart: I heart this blue flats! And the red ones I'm wearing now! And...

While my friend seems decisive, I was weighing my options. I'd want the hot pink flats. And the plain puta red. But, waaaaaait. There's more to choose from! Something worth P499.75 came into the picture!

Decisions, decisions! Puta red or hot pink?

Heart rummages for more mind-boggling options!

Moooore decisions! Should I get this design in puta red or in teal?

Well? Which one looks better?


So I reached the point that both Heart and the saleslady convinced me to buy the teal flats. That's already P499.75 and I should stop there. But my desire for the hot pink flats won't shut up. So Heart persevered to contact Fem again to probe if she wants us to get her a pair. Knowing Fem, she'll go for pinks and reds. I was right. She asked for the pink and red pairs, leaving me with nobody to split with for P399.75. Decisions, decisions!

That's it! One last look!

More pairs, more fun!

So I've come to the conclusion that I should get all three pairs. Shelling out P899.50 for 3 comfortable pairs that I can't use for the upcoming rainy summer ain't a bad idea. I've been using the same bronze flats for ages and it could use some eternal repose, right? Lesson learned: buy many pairs that I can wear in rotation instead of being loyal (read: abusing) to only one. Aye?

The rewards after a haggard work week! Yehey!

P.S. I forgot to ask until when this sale will be valid. Sorry!


  1. I've been meaning to get some nice flats as alternative to my ever reliable sneakers. Hope there's a similar sale somewhere else. :)

  2. Eeee! Great deal mars! I absolutely lurve them! Sana may sale din niyan dito. :)))

  3. So me pala na me ribbon? I reallu like your teal shoes!!! - fem

  4. Kat, try mo sa nearest SM department store/s baka may sale din. Per my former officemate, meron sa SM Bacoor. Wala sa SM Cubao. :)

    Yvie, meron ba dyan sa SM Baguio? Hope so.

    Fem, nice, no? It's not on sale, though. But I'm sure barya-barya lang sayo yun hihi.

  5. All of them na! Ang ganda Lorns, d ko to napansin kahapon sa Southmall. Sana may sale pa!

  6. Mitch, you're still here in 'Pinas? I thought you're here for a quick Christmas vacay!

    Naku, you might want to go back in Southmall and find out. ;)

  7. Glad you decided to buy the teal and the pink one. They look good on you talaga. My niece also bought the same pink flats. Favorite nya ngayon yun! :)

  8. saang sm po may available no design nung shoes na nasa pang 11 na picture (from top) ??? thanks po!

    1. Hi Angela! I bought those pairs in SM Southmall. From time to time, other branches hold this sale, too. May naabutan akong ganitong sale in SM Cubao. Di ko lang maalala how recent. And I'm not sure if they still offer those designs. Hope this helps.

  9. available parin po ba yung solemate shoes for 399.75? sa CUBAO?

    1. I haven't dropped by there in a while. Sorry. :(

  10. Sa MOA super dami pagpilian. Nkakalula. I bought 4pairs last month. :)

  11. sale p dn b now?? wer??