Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Break Your Kneecap

Almost two years ago, I ended an eventful night in Ortigas with newfound friends on bent knees. Technically, we ended up in Medical City but my bad landing started the parade of pain that even a masochist like myself did not enjoy. Hence, no more dancing drunk for me.

When I wasn't dancing drunk or drinking my nth frozen margarita that night, I was toying with the glow-in-the-dark table decor. Photo from Edmond.

The look of sadness upon discovery that drunk patients have to shoulder all hospital expenses, among other things. Photo from Rachelle.

Thankfully, the x-ray results proved no fracture and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results showed no ligament tear. Still, my patellar dislocation and meniscus tear called for lots of pain killers, Icy Hot, Oleia cetylated oil, physical therapy, prayers, positive thinking and rest. For a Curacha like myself, it was damn hard to sit back and relax.

In spite of the recommended prolonged bed rest, I once braved the commute from Cavite to Makati. Here's my tearful self after enduring the entire shift. Photo from Fran.

My rehabilitation program made me realize I need to take my recovery seriously. And that entails a lot of patience and, well, dedication to address my obesity. Apparently, surprising my long-time inactive body with unexpected sweat session is the last thing it needed. My orthopedists and physical therapists-turned-friends recommended weight loss to prevent further knee damage. For all the excruciating pain and expenses this injury brought me, I resolved that my desk jockey days are all in the past. I will be a yogini, pole dancer, swimmer, zipper and samba dancer all rolled into one!

Rehab moment in Molino Doctors Hospital. Photo by Shen.

But we all know it didn't happen right away. Active lifestyle calls for a lot of time, research, expensive purchases, constant company and a lot more impediments! It was easy to just sprint back to the social whore that I am.

Camwhoring in Greenbelt 5 with Shiela, Mitchikoy and Cleo. Taken when Mitchikoy flew from Dublin for a vacation.

That mandatory solo picture.

Attending Keisha's christening. Photo from Tin.

That mandatory solo picture.

Injury is not an excuse to be absent in once-in-a-blue-moon get-together in Wensha Spa with Netherlands-based Vannie and the rest of the gang.

That mandatory solo picture.


Last Monday afternoon, I landed on my butt in extreme pain while in Elorde Boxing Gym in Katipunan. This time, I was just trying to confuse my body with an episode of anaerobic workout after interchanging gymming, badminton, swimming, yin yoga and dancing for the past few months. When my Muay Thai trainer asked me to do an upper cut punch, I felt my knee twist in protest. The next thing I knew, Atong came running towards me and abandoned her boxing trainer out of concern.

I limped my way to Borough Medical Care in Eastwood and, upon finding out there's no orthopedist available to interpret my x-ray, went to Capitol Medical Center's emergency room instead. I passed the initial test for ligament tear and, praise God, I have no fracture either.

As expected, the doctor advised me to shed more extra pounds and avoid high-impact workouts until the inflammation is gone. Being limited to 10 reps of knee raise thrice a day frustrated me. My body will crave for workouts it got accustomed to and, if not achieved, it will go for the bloated look again. Not that I loathe being big. As I have explained here, I would like to keep the curves without keeping health concerns like bone breakdown. I know I have to pay attention to my knee but I'm worried this will result to the same weight gain when I turned my back on gymming in favor of graduate school [and supposed more time for sleeping]. All my hard work for the past few months would go into waste!

Say it isn't so. I still want to be a pole dancer when I grow up.


  1. *hugs* Omg, I can't imagine what it would be like if I were in your shoes. The thought of breaking my knee scares me even. Do rest well mars. I pray for your speedy recovery.

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  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better now and hope you recover fast. I have a friend who'd injure her knew often rin. Mahirap!

  4. Two years ago if you didn't hurt so bad, I would have busted your other knee. I'm kidding, of course. :)

    You've come a long way and I'm proud of you. let's just say this time around is another reminder to take life a little slower because you don't have to do everything to enjoy it to the fullest.

  5. OMG! Ingat ka, mare. Hinay-hinay lang.

  6. Thanks for all your support. Please pray for me. :D

  7. Take it easy Porn. Knowing there's no ligament torn nor fracture is just half of the story. Dahan dahan lang. From Atong