Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: Boots Up!

Even before Mitch and I finally agreed on the Pinay Curvies Swag challenge this month, I was already developing an obsession on boots, particularly this kind of rain boots. With the bipolar weather lately, it was just right to invest in such pair. Besides, the last time I wore boots was back in high school. [Aside from Citizen Army Training (CAT) boots, of course!] This recollection prompted me to ask my mother two weeks ago if my brown mid-calf and black ankle boots were still alive. To my surprise, she confirmed they're gathering dust in our shoe cabinet. Unbelievable, I have instant footwear for the boots-up challenge!

Coincidentally, I will meet the Puff Mafia again that coming weekend for some archery adventure. What an excellent opportunity to channel my inner Yellow 4 Katniss Everdeen. Chos! 

Outfit Of The Day
T-shirt from Penshoppe (my brother's. Now loose in the chest area hahaha)
Leggings (my mum's)
Recycled leather band from Clinton Aniversario
My old mid-calf boots (Papa's pasalubong eons ago)


Among the members of the Fellowship of the Ring, I can easily say that Legolas had me at hello. He's a charmer and his flying arrows had a lot to do with it. I've always wanted to give archery a try back in college. So when the girls told me they'll go for it, they didn't have to ask me again if I'm interested. It's a big YES!

Katniss Everdeen is in the house!

They call me "the neighbor" and "the long ranger"

It wasn't easy as it looks. We had to get our stance right and aim for the target. In an hour, I had my share of going beyond 18 meters (Naks, pang-long range ako!), unintentionally vandalizing somebody else's target (It's your friendly neighbor asking for your wi-fi password!) and, worse, making the arrow turn to me! Scary, right?

Bull's eye...NOT!

If you're also interested to give it a try, visit Gandiva Archery for more details. The great news is, their cafe serves vegetarian food! 

Photos from DJ San Jose & Sheila del Mundo.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Polyvore Set: Ready for Diamond Snow!

Having lived in a tropical country all my life, I'd kill to play in the snow for at least thrice in my life. Watching today's episode of the Koreanovela "Love Rain" intensified my desire to experience winter.
Jun and Hannah were somewhere in Hokkaido, Japan, waiting to capture the diamond snow. Jun mocked Hannah's poor taste in clothes and bragged how he's garbed in designer clothes. Hannah expressed that function comes first. During their trek, Jun displayed intolerance to the blistering cold. Tiis ganda, huh?
This little debate actually inspired me to look for my winter clothes (as if I have an upcoming trip soon) on Polyvore. I'm glad they have plus size stuff! As a first-timer, I admit I just dragged items I liked, not checking on the brand and price tags. It's liberating! 

So...tell me what you think about my imagined splash of color against the blinding white snow. Am I more of a Jun or Hannah? 

Ready for Diamond Snow!

UGG Australia ankle boots
$260 -

White glove
$135 -

Bright shawl

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinay Curvies Swag Challenge: All White! / WORLD PREMIERE: That White Fringe Top, White Denim Miniskirt and White Lace Flats

Once upon a time, my best friend Djoanna suddenly blurted out, "Para kang si Carrie Bradshaw!" I was completely stunned; it was enough to make me cease eating. I'm the only living female who didn't follow the series Sex and The City (I only got to watch about 3 episodes, AFTER the show was canceled) but I've heard how her character was praised for being a fashion chameleon. Towering shoes, flower pins, big curls, everything! Where did that comment come from? To answer my questioning eyes, Djoanna pointed her finger to the huge stain on my white shirt and proceeded to explain how Carrie Bradshaw loathes white outfits. She's too clumsy to remain clean. And I responded with a huge "Ooooooh!"

When Mitch decided we'll go with All White for our first blog link-up challenge, I was immediately worried how I'll pull it off. Aside from being too malikot, my closet is mainly composed of colorful, summery stuff and my favorite neutrals are black and grey. That probably explains why I ended up making white purchases during the recently concluded Fierce+Flaunt Plus Size Shopping Event. When I got home, I realized how I've been neglecting this white micro miniskirt I got from ward88 during the swap meet. It's the perfect opportunity to take it out! Now where to look for white sandals to go with it? I've wanted something like this in white, but I was unable to find it. Then one fine Sunday, my shoes took me to a familiar territory for another success story. All set? Not yet! I was in the mood for accessories! I found a hippie headband in Landmark and bought matching moonstone bracelets and earrings from Crystal Empress (I heard moonstone crystals can help insomniacs like me. Plus, it can help regulate menstrual cycle, among others!). 

White on white!
This photo is inspired by too many when-are-you-getting-married inquiries lately!

My casual approach to all-white

Closer look

I can imagine wearing this ensemble when I'm on travel, say, in a beach resort. I admit I don't have the courage to wear that micro miniskirt on its own. As a commuter, I could use leggings to go with it. I'm sure most of you will agree with me. Haha!

Outfit of the Day:
Sando with fringe from Chubbly
Micro miniskirt from ward88
Lacey flats from SM Parisian
Hippie headband from Landmark Makati
Moonstone crystals from Crystal Empress


Now allow me to conclude this entry with proper acknowledgements. See, this is my first serious pictorial for a blog entry. With my best friend DJ and her college friends (they all took up Film), no less! Back in 2001, I used to tag along in their shoots even non-school-related gatherings that they eventually accepted me in their gang (right, guys?). I feel so honoured to be invited for their June get-together to celebrate DJ's birthday. 

I'm super grateful we were able to squeeze in time for a pictorial between burger party, videoke night and supposed World War Z date. And the least that I can do is to introduce my supportive crew. 

Meet the Puff Mafia!
BIG thank you!