Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Long Light Green Dress / 13th of the 27 Dresses

You've heard of my plan to attend 27 weddings and bring my hopeless romantic energies with me each time, just like in one of my favorite chick flicks of the same title. You may see my prior entries about my adventures so far here and there

This December, I was hand-picked to co-host two weddings, namely the Ino-Gladys and Clark-Krisha nuptials. Looking back, I'm second-degree friends with the former couple. Ino is my best friend Ina's big brother and, for the longest time, my frustrated dive instructor. Gladys, on the other hand, started to become a good friend since we shared the same table during Ina's wedding. In spite of Ina's requests to channel a true Filipina (refined, silent, you name it) during the reception, I just can't turn off my madahldahl self. I recall Gladys, Joey and I agreed to get rid of the centerpiece. It gets in the way! Needless to say, when Ino and Gladys announced their engagement, I immediately expressed my willingness to attend the wedding. 

To cut costs during this typically expensive holiday, I planned to recycle one of the earlier gowns or dresses for this wedding. But that all changed as soon as I spotted this long custard green dress in the tiangge inside our office compound. With the purple-green motif, I felt so justified to shell out a little to look fab for the event.

But you guys know me too well. Before I turn fab, there's always a hilarious or simply-wrong back story to share. I am fully aware that make-up preps call for robes or any buttoned top to prevent any make-up-related mishaps when we ladies change to the actual gown. That early morning, I can't find any so I slipped into my usual casual tee. As you would expect from a make-up artist, he asked me to use the complimentary robe (luckily, the bride brought her own robe!) instead. When the groom's mother arrived, she inquired how come I'm wearing the robe and my friends were quick to connect the dots that I'm in the mood for some role-playing. And so I did some poses as, uhm, the little bride.

Little bride este emcee duties


Everybody likes my subdued look

Looking tall, thanks to my platforms from Payless

With my friends Joey and Ina*

With my co-host, Alvin

That's how we are in action!

Hosting the reception...in barefoot! Ouchie footsie!


All right, enough about me and my dress. I find this ceremony truly special simply because it felt like an union of two families, not two souls alone. Everybody truly had a great time, everyone had their turn to vocalize their support and commitment to grow old with the couple, everybody had their chance to perform Gang Nam Style as if this planet's days were truly numbered (yep, the secondary sponsors entered the venue dancing to that song). It was also touching to see the groom shed tears while his bride took her walk along the aisle and how he invited everyone to their 25th anniversary. Something that you can expect from a Pausanos kid. 

The newlyweds!

Awww <3

The bride surprised the groom with moooore Gang Nam Style

Aside from how intimate and fun the night turned out to be, I specifically adore the fact that the newlyweds chose DC as their official footwear. Gladys wore green while Ino wore purple socks. If you've visited this humble virtual niche for the past months/year, you're probably aware how I often come up with excuses to avoid high heels. Except for occasions like this. But, hey, I daydream to wear something equally comfy for my big day, too. I just dunno what particular footwear yet, though.

The first of many romantic dances

Photos from Tita Connie Pausanos. 
* - from Joey

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feeling Extra Ready and Looking Extra Seksi for Coco Beach Photo Contest

How time flies! In less than a month from now, Extra Seksi will turn 2-year-old and we shall celebrate it as  if this blog won't turn 3-year-old at all. And if you've been visiting here for the past months, you can probably tell what's my idea of birthday par-teys. All together now - BEACH DAY!

Yes, I'm giving away an overnight stay for two in one of my favorite sanctuaries - Coco Beach Island Resort! All you have to do is shoot me an email, state why we should choose you and show us what you'll be wearing during your stay. It's that simple!

Make sure to send in your lovely messages on or before January 10th midnight. After deliberating the entries with the panel of judges, I'll be announcing the winners here and in my fanpage on January 20th. For more details, check out the flyer below.

I'm looking forward to receiving your email! Good luck!

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