Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pole Dancing Gear For Plus Size Women

It's a not-so-secret dream of mine to unleash my inner siren on the pole. When I first met makeup artist Azaza Rodriguez, I got so inspired how she radiated passion for pole dancing and how she disproves the notion that fat women can't do it. Her energies are simply contagious!

Up to now, I haven't acted on this desire to take up pole dancing class. Well, there are realities like proximity to my residence and/or workplace, budget constraints and practice clothes. See, looking for pole dancing gear can be a real challenge for plus size women. Since this workout paves the way for strength, flexibility and grace, any aspiring pole dancer need practice clothes that fit well, feel comfortable and look chic at the same time. If it’s too tight, you can’t move freely and, worse, get conscious of your “muffin top”. If it’s too loose, you end up showing your underwear. But we all know that most outfit brands cater to smaller cup sizes and waistlines.

When she started pole dancing, Azaza showed up in class wearing the ever staple t-shirt and cycling shorts. As she progressed in pole dancing, she decided to let go of the sleeves and pant legs for the ideal skin-to-pole contact. She then opted for sports bra from Sassa, but her chest needed maximum support during the routines.

Emee Macabales is fortunate to fit in XL-sized sports bras from local brands like Sassa, Body Mix, So-En and foreign ones like Forever21 and NikeHowever, finding pole shorts or booty shorts proved to be more challenging. Most of her purchases from Coco Cabana from SM Department Store and Eskina were found by luck. Sometimes, she had to resort to high-waisted or board shorts-looking bottoms.
Both Azaza and Emee were happy to discover tankini bottoms and side-string shorts. With its adjustable strings and breathable fabric, they can execute spins, inverts and other moves with ease.

                               Azaza in action! Stellar on Broadway photo by Shane Bellare.
Singer/songwriter/plus size model Kat Lopez Cansing was glad to find this pole shorts from online shop beamaz1ng. She raves how it fits her perfectly and how it prevents the unsightly “camel toe”.
For mother-of-two Nics, she had her share of alterations for sports bra from Everlast and 168 as well as pole shorts from Body Music and Sassa for a better fit. Eventually, she had her fitness gears custom-made since she prefers her pole shorts spandex and garter-free. This may sound like an expensive option, but she finds it more satisfactory as she gets to choose the color and design. Also, she wears stirrup leg warmers to relax her leg muscles during warm-ups and conditioning.

Photos from Nics
Here's hoping fitness brands and aspiring plus size brands alike would take notice of our consideration.
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