Monday, July 20, 2015

MUSIC MONDAY: Daysha Edewi - What If I Knew I Was Beautiful…

"You say I don't know I'm beautiful
But what if I did?
What if I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw?
Make-up or no make-up, flaws and all
What if I woke up really feeling myself
And could pose a selfie on Instagram without any self-doubt
No questions, contemplations or hesitations
Because the only person's confirmation I would need... is my own"

Beautiful words for YOU, beautiful woman! :) 


  1. The only time I was able to really say I am beautiful is when I have fully accepted in my self that I am, indeed, beautiful. Acceptance comes from our own selves. We cannot expect genuine appreciation from other people if we cannot accept ourselves, first. I love the video. It's a tribute to all the women who have learned how to appreciate themselves flaws and all and wouldn't need any kind of validation from other people.


  2. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  3. lovely song and beautiful singer. It is my first time to know about Daysha Edewi.