Sunday, January 29, 2012

Breakfast: Zucchini-Camote Tops-Pineapple Smoothie!

Woke up this morning with great guilt for choosing slumber par-tey over zumba last night (blame it on back-to-back OTs that made my body demand for lazy Saturday night) and mounting hunger. When I saw a plateful of fried hotdogs in the dining table, I immediately rummaged the fridge for greens. I haven't gone to the grocery to purchase vegetables and fruits yet! Yes, it sucks to be the only vegetarian in a household of meat lovers.

To my surprise, there were zucchini leftovers and fresh stash of camote tops from my aunt's backyard in General Trias in the fridge and ripe pineapple in the fruit stand. As they say, the rest is history.

The rawk stars!

By the looks of it, the camote tops IS the brighest star!

I recall how my father used to imply my green smoothies would taste better if I'll add a dash of cinnamon. Now that he's gone abroad again for employment and I'm all by myself in my misadventures in the kitchen, I decided to finally take his advice. Off you go, cinnamon!

Having breakfast in the veranda with...

...Johann! Giving our bad boy a bowl of sunshine.

2nd Annual Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit

Remember the kindred spirit we met during our snorkeling adventure in Mantigue Island, Camiguin last year? Liza and I reconnected in the blogosphere and talked about body acceptance. Imagine my delight when she sent me an event invite to the 2nd Annual Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit. Very interesting!

The details below are copy-pasted from the event page and the image is obtained from the official website.

Attention: Plus-sized people (and allies) who want to change the status quo!

We are bombarded with messages about our bodies and our health every day. We're told to diet, no matter what that might do to our bodies. We're told to wear clothes that "look slimming" no matter what that might do to our self esteem. We're told to wait to be thinner before we do what we want, no matter what that might do to our lives.

And yet, there are lots of us who are working to change the status quo. Whether we do it through activism, or fashion, or exposing diet industry politics, or just finding ways to live our lives outside the boundaries that we're supposed to accept, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. It is a revolution in the truest sense.

So Golda of Body Love Wellness has assembled a group of 20 (!) amazing people who are at the forefront of this revolution for this free telesummit.

We’ve got Dr. Linda Bacon talking about the science of Health At Every Size (R), we've got Paul Campos talking about diet politics, we’ve got Marilyn Wann talking activism, we’ve got IGIGI founder Yuliya Raquel talking fatshion and that’s just the beginning.

You can register for free and get free access to the live calls and access to the download of the call for 24 hours, or you can get a sliding scale all access pass to the downloads through March 30th.

1/31 -- FAT ACTIVISM with Peggy Howell, Amanda Levitt & Marilyn Wann

2/2 -- FAT HEALTH with Linda Bacon & Ragen Chastain

2/7 -- FATSHION with Marie Denee, Rachel Kacenjar, & Yuliya Raquel

2/9 -- FAT SEX with Hanne Blank & Virgie Tovar

2/16 -- FAT BLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA with Marianne Kirby, Margitte Leah Kristjansson & Brian Stuart

2/21 -- FAT FITNESS with Jeanette DePatie & Anna Guest-Jelley

2/23 -- FAT/QUEER INTERSECTIONS with Bevin Branlandingham, Charlotte Cooper, & Jessica Luxery

2/28 -- FAT POLITICS & HISTORY with Paul Campos & Amy Erdman Farrel

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lipstick of the Day: Colour Collection's Smooth Wine

After this good find from my Tupperware lady, I decided to search for a new lippie. As stated in my vision board, I will welcome playful pinks and mad maroons this year. In fact, I was momentarily torn between a certain pink and maroon hue but I went for the latter. My nth pink lipstick can wait.

Colour Collection's Smooth Wine

Me in maroon. Why not?

It-wasn't-as-dark-as-advertised-in-the-brochure pout.

Swatched once on left, thrice on right. Without flash.

Swatched once on left, thrice on right. With flash.

Outfit of the Day:

Lilac blouse from ukay ukay shop

Denim miniskirt from Her Bench

Denim sandals from Celine

Chandelier earrings

Photos by Abby Mayuga.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

SALE ALERT! Warner Offers Up to 70% Sale!

I know I have given you a peek of what's it like to carry big boobs on a daily basis here, but I haven't elaborated on how high-maintenance it can get in one's pocket, have I? I typically spend at least P2,500 for a piece of maximum support for my twins. Can you blame me if I instantly dropped everything upon seeing the ever attractive signs like 70% OFF! and BELOW 500! when I visited The Ramp in Glorietta?

Below P500!

I tried this smooth back bra on. Guess how much?

Yes, it's just for P200!

70% OFF! OMG!

Here's my take-home: another minimizer bra with cute swirls!

It's a good steal for P500! Now...where to get pads?

It wasn't my first time to purchase a bra from Warner's. In January 2011, I chanced upon their sale and bought a black lace minimizer bra for half its price. Considering it's originally P1,350, it's about half of my usual good buys from Wacoal. Up to now, I still consider that black minimizer bra as one of my undie staples. You'll just have to look for pads for protection, specially if office temperature drops too low, you know.


Speaking of affordable yet reliable bras, here's a rundown of my fab finds for my twins, Suzy and Geno.

Something red-hot and studded from I Love Cocco! If I remember correctly, this amounts to less than P500.

Black minimizer bra from Warner's for P675!

Hot pink bra from I Love Cocco! Again, this amounts to less than P500. I think.

The latest purchase from Warner's! Minimizer bra for P500. Wee!

Special thanks to Ruthlyn Sy for the mannequin.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IFB Project #28: Lornadahl's Vision Board for 2012

Guess what? Extra Seksi! just turned one-year-old today and the drama queen in me can't cease dabbing the corner of my raccoon eyes in thankful recollection. Aaaaand to mark this special day, let me push aside these imaginary curtains to unveil my new blog skin. Can I hear some whit-wew? Let's give it up to my dear friend Yvie!

Realizing it's been a cathartic year since I finally found the balls to share my journey as a plus size woman for the entire blogosphere to read (i.e. battling occasional self-loathing, fashion finds and concerns, etc), I can't help but ask what took me so long to do so. I've been toying with this idea during my bumhood days in 2009. Some girls can be really stupid, you know.

Looking back, I'm grateful for taking heed to that tiny voice and take this challenge as my chosen ministry to others from that point and beyond. Sometimes I question myself as I'm no authority in terms of mix-and-match tricks and I don't personify mastery of fashion do's and don'ts. What right do I have to declare that we, too, can claim the streets as our own? But, hey, I'm typing these words with the same amount of vulnerability - I believe in myself, sometimes I don't, I accept the fact that I'm created after God's beautiful image yet sometimes I forget and I'm in this journey to unleash the supressed siren within and learn more in how to dress up myself. Aren't we on the same page?

In a recent interview with Tamia and her thesis partner who decided to tackle on social media and blog activities, I was asked for my motivation for putting up Extra Seksi!. I divulged how I felt it's high time for Pinays to love and accept the body we're in and fight stereotyping towards fat people. After all, there are thin people who call Ronald McDonald as their nutritionist and/or refuse to act on their sedentary lifestyle. I also recounted how this blog became instrumental to reach out to my old insecure self in the form of other people and offer my huggable body for them to count on. I aspire (and I still do) to spread self-love and help others heal from all the past hurts they've endured. At this infancy stage, I'm not sure if I managed to touch many souls. But I'm hopeful I already did and I'll continue to leave dear visitors with inspiring and/or thought-provoking ideas in every post. If not, then I'll die trying.

Lornadahl's Vision Board for 2012

Images from Google Images

Collage design by Lec Campilan

I know this will be a very delayed response to this challenge, but allow me to share what this grateful heart has to say. 2012 will be definitely a great follow-up to its amazing predecessor! Let me count the reasons:

More interviews! The past year was all about features of real-life goddesses and real men, but my backlogs included potential interviews with other personalities and experts. Supplies! Supplies! My puta red lips are sealed.

More lippies! Speaking of, you may count on more lipstick posts. As I've mentioned on my birthday post, I'm down to one last year to determine my signature lipstick and, for a change, I'll try to give more non-red lipsticks a chance. Playful pinks and mad maroons, please!

Accessorize! If you just tuned in, I actually dream of becoming the Imelda Marcos of dangling earrings. I know I haven't provided establishing shots to display this side of me and I haven't invested in my dying collection lately, but I'll try my very best to be more kikay in that department. More bling bling, more fun!

Streeeeeeeeeeetch! It's fun to have diverse interests but it sucks if you can't apply it in your supposedly active lifestyle. Do you still remember how I gushed about yoga, swimming, zumba, tai chi, Muay Thai and other fitness options I'd like to try AND maintain? This time, I should finally discover what's my one thing and treat my extra seksi body to occasional surprise that will NOT lead to the emergency room. And that's a pinkie promise!

Good fooooooooooooood! Moooooore what's-in-my-lunchbox-today posts and dining adventures for you! As an aspiring raw foodist for almost a year, I should really graduate from green smoothie offerings and finally lure you into seemingly complicated yet easy rawkin' treats! I'm so thankful for this guide.

More photos! Yeah, enough BlackBlurry™ photos for you. I really intend to make the sweetest purchase this year and post photos from my own digital camera. How's that? I know I work best in front of the camera (Hahahaha!) but I can't wait to show off what my eyes want you to marvel at, too. Are you ready?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lipstick of the Day: Human Heart Nature's Lucky In Love

It feels strange to be the last [dealer] to try Human Heart Nature's hydrating mineral lipstick. Among the variants I've tried during my recent visit in the Cavite branch, I fancied the new lip color Lucky In Love the most. Aside from its refreshing feel on my lips, I think it complements my brown skin very well. You be the judge.

With flash

Without flash

Super close-up!

Lucky in Love!

Check out the color!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vegetarian Cookout with Atong and Brady

Naks naman. I just re-read the blog title and it sure sounded like a high-budgeted celebrity cooking show. I'd say there's some truth to it, considering Atong's long stint in California Pizza Kitchen and Brady's long-time relationship with kitchen. We'd work on the celebrity bit. Give us 10 years, ok?

Anyway, it all started when we individually posted photos of what we're about to hungrily consume in New Year's Eve via our BBM group. The succeeding days seemed like a repeat of that food frenzy; we continued to update one another with what we'll sink our teeth into soon. The next thing we knew, we all agreed to prepare platefuls of gorgeous greens and invite our beautiful boxers with bottomless bellies for fun and, well, feedback. Our idea of Saturday night had just evolved.

The bratinella is now a kusinera?

Growing up in a household of cooks with effortless talent and motor skills [that they didn't pass on to me], I felt immense pressure to prepare equally delicious treat for our special guests. Unlike my two friends, I decided to prepare something raw and fruitty. I had a dry run of Lakapati's hot bananas in tamarind basil sauce earlier this week which, in my estimation, proved to be unsuccessful as it wasn't as spicy as it's supposed to be, but I was hopeful Atong and Brady would help me if the need arises.

While they busied themselves with their own preps, they managed to squeeze in time to watch me undress the tamarind and help me out in my other tasks such as working on the lime juice and chopping basil leaves. They find raw food preparation too laborious and I rebutted cooking is too difficult and time-consuming. What do I know about cooking, huh? Before you get inspired to prolong this debate, here's what we filled ourselves that evening:

Brady's pork laing. He made fish laing for me! Sweeeeeet!

Brady's fat fries!

Atong's eggplant-mushrooms-bok choy in oyster sauce!

My hot bananas in tamarind basil sauce

Imagine my happy tears when Brady, Cliff and Atong gave me a thumbs up sign when they tried the tamarind paste. When Brady described it as "tangy", I immediately made a mental note to update the hierarchy of the most heartwarming compliments in my lifetime so far. Sir Nic Tiongson's praise for my first attempt as a cinematographer for my best friend's personal thesis now falls into second place. Man, it felt sooooo good!

The party-cipants: Tata, Atong, myself, Waldo, Cliff and Brady!

The Before Photo!

The After Photo: That's the third serving of Atong's dish. Check out the bowl of fruit medley from SM Grocery (or what's left of it) in the upper right.

Needless to say, it was a huge suceess! Up to now, I'm still high from extreme delight and gratitude that everyone had nothing but appreciation for the meals we served and excitement for the next cookout. So...what to prepare next? Ideas are welcome!

BlackBlurry™ photos from Brady and myself. Class picture from Atong's digicam.

Monday, January 9, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

♫♪♪ We are beautiful ♫♪♪

♪♪ No matter what they say ♪♫♫

♫♫ Yes words won't bring us down ♪♫♫

♫♪ Oh no ♪♫

♪♪ We are beautiful ♪♫♫

♪♫ In every single way ♪♫♪

♪♪ Yes, words can't bring us down ♪♫♪

♫♪ Oh no ♪♫♪

♪♫♪ So don't you bring me down today ♪♫♫

The new year has arrived. Did you welcome it with songs of optimism or are you still listening to soliloquys of self-deprecation and/or media's repeated features of "who's beautiful"? Do yourself a favor and forget past hurts and sing along. Feel your heart burn with self-love and warmth. You, too, deserve it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Old Clothes

I know, I should've worn something spanking new for the New Year, but the lazy and slightly superstitious self wanted to comply to the Chinese beliefs and wear polka dots for good luck this year. Remember my birthday attire? Wore it again in New Year's eve for my celebration with my cousins in Malate.

Can't stand the noise?

L-R: Minnie, Yumi and myself

Moment with my cousins and their friend

Who did my make-up? Minnie!

Let's get loud with Kay!


New Year? New flavor from Tanduay Ice!

Red wine for me!

Get the New Year party started!

For the actual first day of 2012, I wore my dominantly brown psychedelic dress in my back-to-back celebration in the Christian service and last-minute Catholic mass with high school friends Carl and DJ. That means I got reminded TWICE that we must walk in faith with the Lord instead of chasing luck by wearing polka dotted clothes and lucky charms and the likes. Anyway, we actually took many photos of myself wearing this dress, but, Carl unfortunately lost her digicam containing those pictures to a buglar. I'll post a photo of this dress soon.

Friends since high school: DJ, myself and Carl


Have I told you that I wore the same dress during my so-called New Year Eve's party shift in the office last year? Just like what an old friend quipped when she noticed I wear the same blouse once a week way back in 2004, "Yan na ba ang bago mong uniform?!" May this serve as a mental note NOT to wear this dress again next year. Something older, maybe. =P