Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lipstick of the Day: Human Heart Nature's Island Kiss + Colour Collection's Golden Goddess

It's supposedly Saturday! Considering how tiresome this week had been, this Curacha actually preferred to stay at home, apologize for being unable to meet Claire for her birthday/benefit gig and cuddle our spoiled furball named Johann all night. When I received my youngest cousin's birthday invite midweek, I already know they won't accept any excuses. After all, we can't gather in my place peacefully with Johann around. He may look super cute and all, but he's one unfriendly, sex-starved monster.

Outfit of the day: Ayoko mag-brown!

Realizing it's one humid evening, I decided to look for this brown Versace dress (don't you just love ukay ukay shops?) for its thin fabric. It matches my new and surprisingly tiny chocolate brown bag (tiny for my reputation) and overused bronze flats. The best finisher for this monochromatic ensemble? Bronze lips! So I combined my tinted lip balm and Tupperware's Golden Goddess lipstick (can you believe it?). Special shout out to my Tupperware lady at work!

Human Heart Nature's tinted lip balm called Island Kiss.

Don't panic! It's organic!

Colour Collection Glam Edition Metallic Lipstick in Golden Goddess. Photo snatched from Jes Roque

That mandatory solo photo

And that signature liyad pose

Read my lips!

Look how it shines in the dark!

Judith in pink, Minnie in red and moi in bronze lips!

Ok, ok. I bet you notice how drowsy I looked in some photos so far. At the risk of sounding defensive, I just downed one bottle of Tanduay Ice and asked for iced tea slush next. After my unexpected gag show moment during the last cousinhood gathering for Minnie's 25th beerday, I realized my getting-healthier body can't take as much alcohol anymore.

See how my lipstick somehow matched Central's iced tea slush? Yeah, I don't drink anymore!

The cousinhood!

Left row: Zeze, Yumi,Leck Leck and Deck Deck

Right row: Moi, Minnie and her high school friend Judith

Absentees: siblings Mac Mac (in the Middle East) and Kay (too wasted in a separate session),siblings James and Jiraene (strict ang parents) and my brother Louie (sadyang anti-social).

The elders Madame Minerva and Ate [toooot]

Ang ganda ng lahi!

With the debutante. 18 na pala si Zeze!

It just occurred to me that Zeze just turned 18. I remember how she served as my mini-me during my own 18th birthday party. [I know, I know. But my dad insisted. Unica hija daw ako eh.] We were wearing matching gowns and she was seated nearby during the entire program. The mini-me is now a lady! And she's leaving for Guam in the near future! [insert sobs here].

Photos by Chad Barreyro.


  1. Winner ang liyad pose!!! Sana you took a pic with the shoeseses I wanna see the whole ensemble.

    The bronze lippie would always look good for our Pinay skin tone. Ang swerte kaya natin!!!

  2. I like the liyad pose din.. hahaha.. magawa nga yan! I also love the color of your dress! Lately I've been wearing a lot of this shade and window-shopping for taupe, nude, beige shades din. Ang ganda, very universal shade! I love the lip color on you too and it's shiny enough without looking like you ate a whole slab of lechon =))


  3. Sya, sya. In-upload ko na ang whole ensemble photo. Sorry for the poor quality, I just used my camera phone. Makabili na nga ng digital camera! Hahaha!

    Right on, Mindy! :)

    Che, i-post yan sa Facebook! I wanna see the liyad pose on you! Tama, it doesn't make me look like I had lechon. So funny!