Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Basil Smoothie!

Remember this entry? It's my second time to replicate Gourmet's basil smoothie today. Last week, I had a back-to-back pre-shift itineraries that left me drowsy and down within the shift. So I resolved to slow down and sleep away this workweek. However, my body got accustomed to this incessant cycle of sleep deprivation that my eyes just automatically popped open after 5 hours of interrupted snooze. How pathetic, huh?

For the nth time this week, I can't seem to seduce Morpheus back in my bed after minutes of toss-and-turn poses. So I decided to get up by 16:00, listen to more Incubus tracks and prepare my own food for tonight's shift. Might as well put my lack of deep sleep into good use.

All we need is basil and lemons. And lots of love!

Toss them all in my pogi blender.


Uh-oh. It doesn't fit!

Hmmm...somebody needs a bigger lunchbox, eh?

By the time I'm already rummaging for what else to use as lunchbox, my alarm clock goes nagging at me. How fun, no?

About to leave for graveyard shift with my baon...and that sweet smile!

Uhm, never mind that my lunch box is kinda disfigured. Idaan na lang sa smile!


Minidress (or maternity dress, according to my colleague) from ukay ukay

Mum's leggings

Tita Minda's cuuuute sandals

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