Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IFB PROJECT #9: What's In Your Bag?

I'm such a gaya-gaya, gusto nang mag-asawa. Upon reading Mitch's blog entry in response to Independent Fashion Bloggers' call out for What's In Your Bag? posts, I felt compelled to participate and finally elaborate the latest challenge I got myself into.

In case you're not yet aware, I'm known for my long-term relationship with BIG bags. It's probably what most people notice more than my long, loud earrings or my big curls. Hence, I'm very much immune to hearing "Maglalayas ka ba?!" or "Magtatanan ka na?!" even if I'm not headed to a long weekend getaway in the boondocks. It's my design to bring my entire bedroom everywhere and it's my preference to organize all belongings in one sack instead of one trophy bag AND a handful of paper bags. Hassle sa muscle!

And so my tan Mango bag (a pasalubong from Dubai) is close to being tattered and in dire need of eternal repose. It's been my loyal company for my endless itineraries - workplace, gatherings with family and friends and, one time, fitness gym - for months! With its huge space, it allows me to daily bring my kikay kit, my book/s, my Waraji slippers, my ice bag (in case I need to apply hot compress on my weak knees) and, at times, extra clothes and a pitcher of almond milk or green smoothies. That's how powerful that bag is! However, it's been begging me for a replacement and I must take heed.

Tag team: Out you go, Mango! Come forward, fake Jimmy Choo!

With my typically hectic schedule and seasonal avoidance of shopping, I gave in to an officemate bag seller's sales spiel. See how it looks tiny in comparison to my old bag? Maybe it's time to be more considerate to my recently-aching left shoulder and arm, yes?

What's in my bag, you ask?

- An eco-friendly notebook for my Sunday service learnings and other random thoughts (notice there's no ballpen in the photo?)
- De La Salle University-inspired coin purse (notice there's no wallet in the photo?)
- Purple umbrella that I do NOT want to get wet
- Forever 21 sunglasses
- BlackBerry handphone (used to take this photo) and its battery
- My office ID
- My keys
- A container of chia seeds (not seen in this photo, I left it in the office)
- My kikay kit and its contents

What's in my Body Shop kikay kit?

- Lip balm and lipsticks (why do I bring too many lipsticks, anyway?)
- Eyeliner and lipliner
- Maybelline mascara
- Mineral foundation
- Loose powder (yeah, I'm still a high school kid)
- Dental floss
- Feminine wipes
- Digital camera toy that serves as small mirror
- Hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray
- Beauty oil (to get rid of my raccoon eyes by midday onwards and to take care of the frizz)
- Body butter
- Hair wax
- Rescue in a Bottle (for headache attacks)
- Chi essential oil (for headaches, rashes, body pains and others)
- Bug spray
- Bench Bambino cologne (for that bagong-ligo scent)
- Icy Hot (for knee pains when I tend to overwalk)

You can probably tell by now that I'm a walking organic pharmacy or something. My teammates would make fun of the bottles arranged carefully in front of my workstation everyday and call it "drugs". So, what's in my bag? To begin with, it's self-love and other "drugs".

What's in YOUR bag?


  1. Wow girl! You have quite some make up stuffed in your pretty pretty bag;)))

    Lovely post!

    Check out what's been hidden in my beach tote this summer:





  2. Hi, Alexandra! Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your entry, too! How do you manage to fit all your stuff in your bag?! You're amazing!

  3. Natawa naman ako sa payong na ayaw mong mabasa hehe! Nice! Gawa rin ako nito sa weekend. :D

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  5. And I refuse to use it as much during sunny days either. So tamad gumamit ng payong! Haha!

    Can't wait to see your entry! :)

  6. naloka ako sa kikay kit, haha andami! Nalula ako, love kits katabi sa cubicle you have it all na kasi, astig! :)

  7. Mitch, you have no idea how guilty I get after I had Mexican food or anything spicy for lunch. I'd go, "Bakit ba wala akong dalang mouthwash?!". Also, when I arrived in the office after a heavy downpour. Wala kasi akong dalang tissue. I always feel that I don't bring the essentials. Always! Hahaha!