Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lipstick of the Day: MAC's Russian Red

It's finally Friday!

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I tend to dress down on Mondays and slightly dress up on Fridays. I just really throw out of my closet what I feel like wearing the moment I rise from bed. Apparently, I don't make much effort on manic Mondays and, in anticipation for the much-awaited weekend, I volunteer to be its welcoming committee. Don't we all want to look ready for the highlight of the week?

Today, I unearthed my Dorothy Perkins blouse and really red haltered argyle vest from Landmark to look preppy and pretty for my pre-shift financial planning meeting. That evening, my friend Kar brought her MAC Russian Red lipstick so I could try it again and see how it looks against my red outfit. She's convinced I must give it a try after reading this entry.

The lipstick looks quite pale in this one...

...and here. Apologies from my camera phone.

Red lips, tired eyes!

STILL listening to Incubus! Why not?

Since I'm not satisfied that my so-called pictorial didn't capture how puta red this lipstick can get, I continued my attempts at home. Too bad my mother was too occupied with her usual morning rituals to notice my mouth. I'm sure she'd go: "Ang pula-pula na naman ng nguso mo!" How discouraging...yet funny!

This one finally gave justice to the redness of MAC's Russian Red! Right?

It was so pretty on my lips, I still wanted it on en route to dreamland!

Bedtime with the birthday boy, Johann!

Before you go ballistic, yes, I did wash my face before going to bed. Kalma lang!

Thanks to Ate San, Abby, Edric and half-asleep Lec for agreeing to take my photos.


  1. i put it over a darker shade of red, mas lumilitaw sya, parang velvety ang effect.. try mo.. d ko rin tinggal gang pag uwi ko ung lipstick... hahahahe

    i super love it.. even the feel of the lipstick on the lips... definite must have in your kikay kit.. ;)
    ----> joey

  2. buti na lang you mentioned sa dulo na you washed your face before hitting the sack :)) for a moment na-bother ako dun eh hahaha.. nice one lorns :)

  3. I like Russian Red, too! But when I tried Ruby Woo, naku, mas na-in-love ako kay Ruby... it's more "puta red"! hahaha... the only thing is, oh my goodness, mahirap i-apply, it's too matte. Looks gorgeous tho... YOU GOTTA TRY RUBY WOO, LORNS!


  4. Joey, what's the darker shade you normally use with Russian Red? Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Kar, you're so affected ha! It was a joke. But I was really tempted NOT to wash my face anymore. Ganda ng kilay at lipstick ko eh. Haha!

    Che, Ruby Woo na talaga ang next target ko from MAC. I've been told Russian Red is really for morenas like me but we'll see. I'm intrigued!

  5. "Puta Red" LOLLL :))) I agree with the comment above, you should definitely try Ruby Woo.. Its one of my favorites. :)

  6. All right, next target: Ruby Woo! Thanks, ladies! :)

  7. Love love love!

    So jealous that there's MAC out there, tried 2 malls here and I can't even find one single counter.

  8. I so love how you can pull off a red lipstick so perfectly. Ako kasi parang naiilang when I try it. :P LOL.

  9. Mitch, at least may H&M dyan sa China. Who knows? I'm sure MAC will find its way in your city soon. *crosses fingers*

    Yvie, photos nga! I wanna see for myself.