Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[10 of] 27 Dresses

Wedding preparations can get frustrating for the budget belles, considering that local mainstream fashion is just really starting to be plus size-friendly. Although I've had my share of dissatisfaction from the clothing items some brands pass off as Xtra appealing, I cheer myself up with the thought that weddings are still festive moments. Your best friend or colleague or distant relative invited you to partake in that significant rite of passage because you, too, are significant. You can't just show up looking like you're attending a funeral waiting to happen! We really must make an effort to appear alluring whether or not, to quote a line from 27 Dresses, the only reason to wear this monstrous dress is that so some drunken groomsman can rip it to shreds with his teeth.

I've recently survived the greatest challenge in my social calendar thus far: attend 4 weddings within 2 months AND look good. I'm in the mood to retrospect in hopes to share my lessons derived from my dress-hunting adventures. Here's your instant flashback from the first to the most recent weddings I've attended.

The Molina-Marquez Nuptials

summer 2006

L-R: Edmund (groom), Anahata (bride) and myself

Please ignore the fact that that is NOT a dress. It's a perfect demonstration of what lack of inspiration can do. I was wearing a long colorful skirt I bought from Cocoon's Nest in Malate and a white off-shoulder top. Nothing tangerine (the wedding's theme) at all!

At the reception with Anne and her tangerine shawl. Back then, she's the only mutual friend I have with the bride.

The Acacio-Javier Nuptials

January 20, 2008

Wearing a brown dress from Versace. Don't you just love ukay ukay stores? Pretty yet uncomfortable shoes from VNC. Although I share this obsession with the color purple with the bride, I failed to display it that night.

L-R: Sha-Sha (bride), myself and, the poor victims of my repeated these-shoes-aren't-made-for-walking spiels, Venice and Shiela.

The Capuno-David Nuptials

July 26,2008

Dear Dressmaker, please get me something like this!

Uhm, NOT this!

Oh, well. Idaan na lang sa project!

The Salazar-Cruz Nuptials

November 9, 2008

Myself as one of the liturgy sponsors.

Myself as the runner-up for the much-coveted FREE round-trip tickets to Boracay and bouquet. Turned out the former was just a joke.

Wearing an asymmetrical gown custom-made by the now-defunct Clothesline Manila in compliance to the Grecian wedding theme in Fernwood Gardens. With another uncomfortable yet pretty pair from VNC slightly visible in this photo.

The Duero-Cruz Nuptials

April 2009

Wearing a plain purple dress that officemate Atong was selling that summer. It was from her sister in Dubai. Serendipity!

A closer look at my favorite fashion statement: lovely curls brought to you by Tony & Jackey!

The Varias-Salamat Nuptials
April 16, 2010

Wearing my mother's floral dress and hiding my big arms in hot pink bolero during the for-friends-only reception in Filipinas Heritage Library.

The de Guia-Basa Nuptials
December 4, 2010

And the bride had spoken: let's take back the hands of time to the 1940s! My Google image search somehow ended when I saw this photo.

Here's how it would look like on a postmodern woman. This dress was tailored by Kuya Anthony (now deceased) from Divisoria, lace gloves from SM, digital perm by Mr. Shin of Be@uty Brick, walking flats (that replaced my silver heels from VNC) from Sabella, white corset (not seen in this photo) from Segunda Mano. Photo by Kat.

L-R: The wedding organizer/host in Divisoria dress, the bride in her custom-made bridal wear from The Piña Shop and the maid of honor. BFFs!

Me in action! Photo by Kimmeh.

The Lebita-Chavez Nuptials
December 28, 2010

Wearing an P850-worth ready-made cocktail dress somewhere in Divisoria and my mother's accessories. Don't tell her, though.

L-R: Me and my beautifully big arms, Anj, Lex (groom) and Rohan.

L-R: Rohan, my seductive self, Anj and Diane.

The Caringal-Guianan Nuptials
January 5, 2011

Wearing a sleeveless silver gown from Divisoria (thanks to haggling, I took it home for P1,400!), black shawl from SM and recycling that lace gloves due to the cold weather that made it to the headlines. Staring down at the beautful view from St. Pio's Chapel in Bekkel, La Trinidad.

The masters of ceremony: Rene, Deo and myself.

As I have painstakingly detailed here, there's a reason why I was wearing those leggings and paisely-printed slip-on sneakers from Rusty Lopez.

Damian Ball left right after the bouquet-and-garter game and, most importantly, he's NOT that into girls.

The Pausanos-Israel Nuptials
January 16, 2011

The secondary sponsors (and the rest of the entourage) were all wearing Nono Palmos.Vintage Filipiñana is love!

That's Vince and I in action, putting the cord on Alistair and Ina!

As bitter as it may sound, the bouquet had to go to someone else. Why, cosmos, why?! I was NOT wearing any leggings that time! I was wearing a pair of 5-inch platforms from Payless! WHY?!

All photos for The Pausanos-Israel Nuptials by Jill Lejano.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm no fashion champion who is truly licensed to direct you what to wear. I've had moments in horror roll in the past and have more fashion tips to learn in the future. However, I take pride in the genuine smile I brought with me each time. Not a smirk for being able to up-stage fellow guests, neither a scowl for being reminded of my sorry, singleton sob story. As the title of this blog implies, there are more weddings to make a grand attendance on! Let's drink to that!


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