Saturday, September 29, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Lacy Dress (Sort Of) / Overheard in the Mosh Pit OUTSIDE Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012

It's the time of the year again when Carl and I primp and prettify ourselves for some voyeuristic adventure from a very distant vantage point and go home empty-handed. Do I sound bitter? Hell, no. Like I mentioned hereit doesn't hurt to ogle at attractive, scantily-clad men and hang out with a cool gal at the same time. Besides, it's another excuse to bring out a dress I was supposed to wear for a good friend's afternoon tea par-tey before she exchanged I do's waaay back in February. Thanks to the unsightly overlap of tanlines from this number from Zamboanga in July and that one from the past weekend in Coco Beach, I resolved to avoid any low-cut tops and finally world premiere this not-so-lacy dress.

To our dismay, this year's long queue (up until the gates of World Trade, mind you!) led us nowhere. Carl and I were already near the entrance door when someone issued a public apology that probably only 9.5 people heard. We gathered the venue can not accommodate any more people - regular and VIP guests alike. So what's the rationale behind the release of tickets to multitude of celebrities, media practitioners, VIPs and regular guests if they can't all fit in World Trade in the first place? How come no representative/s from Cosmopolitan joined the guards absorb and/or appease our words of pissdom? And, most importantly, how come some seemingly insiders promise all-access wrist band for the right price? Do I sound bitter? HELL, YEAH! I know I said it's not about the parade of those fine specimens, but I'd prefer a solitary slumber party in my own apartment over this hassle. Anytime! It's all about making the best use of my time. OUR time!

Nothing can cheer me up at this point! Not this, this, this or this!

Our unhappy feet (note: Carl slipped on these flats after the long queue)

Exhibit A: So near yet so far from the entrance/exit doors 

Exhibit B: The exit door that serves as entrance door for, uhm, last-minute all-access guests

Hearing the party inside made me want to march out of the place and feed the angry monster within me instead. However, Carl was still a portrait of desire for Kodak moments with the models. I don't have the heart to decline to her request to wait until the show is over and come inside to enjoy the leftovers. After all, the evening was all about spending quality time with her.

With my BFF Carl

Surprise! Surprise! There's Jo-Anne in the par-tey!

Yeah, the party's over

Egress mode na si Kuya. Wait lang!

 Is that you, Michael Scofield? Ah, no.

High school friend Clark Reyel, is that you?

Can't contain my kilegs over Wolverine!

With crushie John Spainhour

Why do I have a feeling there's no third time with John Spainhour?

With Eruption! Wee!


Overheard in the Mosh Pit OUTSIDE Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012
Sure, this experience made us feel pissed and disappointed, but I can't help but appreciate how people's reactions mirror our sense of humor and, at times, feel sad at our tendency to take out our anger to innocent people (case in point: guards). Here are some of the statements I overheard while waiting for the miraculous reversal of that sorry-for-the-inconvenience announcement earlier that evening:

Galing pa ako ng Mindoro! Ang hirap magbiyahe pa-Maynila ha!

Galing pa ako ng Tawi Tawi!

Taga-Valenzuela pa kami ha!

Pag kita dibdib, pag maraming alahas, pinapapasok!

(to the guard) Sagana ka sa aircon ha!

(to the guard) Papasukin nyo na kami! Para makuha naman namin ang San Mig Light namin!

Di kayo papapasukin sa langit!

Pa-pa-tattoo nga ako! Para next year, madali akong makakapasok!

(to the guard) Kuya, kamukha mo si Enchong! En-chonggo!

(to the guard) Kuya, pag may lumabas, dapat may papasok!

VIP kami! V as in Bachelor!

(to the guard) Gutom ka na, Kuya! Umalis ka na dyan!

Di na kami bibili ng Cosmo!

(to the guard) Why were they (pertaining to two tall, well-dressed women) in? They don't have tickets! I have VIP tickets. Kararating lang nila. What's your name? (then to his friend) Uy, suportahan mo ako!

Sobrang dami nang lumabas, wala ba kayong habag?

Sana nag-duty na lang ako.

Mare, di na ito mauulit. Last year na natin 'to. - Carl


Outfit of the Day:
Grey dress with lace details
Big black belt from Forever 21
Black wedges from VNC
Spiral earrings
Black bag (gift)

Photos from Carl Tendenilla
Side-by-side with Spainhour design by Wini Layug

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Erzullie's First Look: Holiday 2012

A good start like this truly deserves a repeat. Needless to say, I was bursting with anticipation upon receiving the previte for the new collection's launch. I immediately forwarded the email to my long-time-no-see chum Rush and never-met-before soul sistahs Mitch and Leslie and crossed my fingers that they'll be available to attend, too. Since I was unable to make new friends last time, I was determined to chat with the fierce and fun femmes during and possibly after the gathering.

The designers Aries de Guzman and Berna Cuevas were portraits of pride and gratitude as they welcomed us guests that rainy Saturday evening. Aside from Berna who presented her designs this season, Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and Butter's Closet were also there to promote their merchandise. Truly an open invitation for retail therapy!

Berna talks about her designs

Shopping starts NOW!

Erzullie Icon and that evening's host, Loren Mae Monares, and the cool stuff for sale*

That's me in action! 

I've mentioned about wanting my own peplum soon in this wishlist in my fanpage (Click it! Like it!) and I've been toying with the idea of having my own mullet skirt. Imagine my delight to see that Berna came up with such for this season!

Mia (Mitch's sister) tried the dark mullet skirt; I tried the lighter counterpart
Mia figured out it could also work as an asymmetrical skirt!

Look at how their peplum skirt gave us hips!

I was momentarily tempted to take home the mullet skirt, but like I mentioned in this entry, I should really turn down purple items. Also, I prefer something that is longer in the back. Something that would make me feel as if I were wearing a traje de boda. CHOS! As for the peplum, I'd really like a full dress and I'd really swoon if it were in neon pink or custard green or electric blue. Thankfully, Berna and Aries were receptive to my feedback.

Organic personal care from Krave and kikay items from Butter's Closet*
Guess who took home that night cream and ombré-dyed tassel earrings?

Aside from shopping spree, it was also about establishing bonds. It was my first time to meet Loren in the flesh. She was as bubbly and confident as I imagined. Then there's Azza who happened to be a make-up artist and pole dancer. She was encouraging me to take my daydreams to the next level. Aaaaaand there's Mitch whom I initially met through blog-hopping. I felt this rush of pride when other plus size women approached her to gush about her curls and dub her as Gabi Fresh. We were each other's "fans" and, after that night, we became supporters.

Chikahan with Berna and Mitch

L-R: Moi, blogger Monica, Berna and Mitch

With Aries de Guzman

Photo opp with Christine from Krave Minerals and sisters Maddy and Manelle of Butter’s Closet

Seksi backs!

Concluding the night with Mitch

My outfit? Oh, you've seen that before. Remember how I donned this as a kaftan in Zamboanga? I just added a wide belt to create curves, black wedges and red tote bag to complete the look. Yay or nay?

Black dress from ukay ukay
Big black belt from Forever 21
Black wedges from VNC
Dangling earrings from a bazaar
Red tote bag (gift)

* - Photos from Loren
The rest were photos by Mitch Leus. Check out her album here and her blog entry about this event here.
Additional effects by Winifred Layug

Monday, September 10, 2012

MOVIE MONDAY: God's Chisel

I can't contain my excitement to share this clip. I first saw this during Angat Dalangin in Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain the past Holy Week. And I'm grateful to have finally found the source during yesterday's service. It caused me great frustration to look for all "Masterpiece" entries on YouTube, you know.

Just like you, I'm no stranger to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy and all that. We all wished to look better, to get rid of those excess pounds, those stretch marks, to feel more accepted in a group we belong to, among others. Oftentimes, we tend to forget that we are special. That our Creator is never known for producing junk. That we ARE an original masterpiece.

After watching this the first time, I remember feeling immensely loved, accepted and stunning. Its ability to touch my heart and get reminded of my beauty and uniqueness never failed when I saw it again earlier today. I hope you'll feel the same way.