Sunday, April 29, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Purple Romper + That Purple Flats

I've been obsessing about rompers for the past months now and I finally found an eye-catching number when I least expected it - when escorting the birthday girl scour for a present for herself in Forever 21. I know I've told myself a thousand times to veer away from purple stuff as I would probably emerge as a winner in a 30-Purple-Outfits-For-30-Days challenge against Grimace. But tell me how to turn down something lovely like this dominantly-purple-with-tiny-splashes-of-pink-and-blue romper. It's beyond kikay!

Aaaaand since I failed the marshmallow test twice in this lifetime so far, I decided to debut this recent find during the bum-flattening road trip to Laiya, Batangas and uneventful stopover in the grocery this weekend. I actually imagined to pose with the Laiya shore in the background but, thanks to the onset of my period, I had to scratch out that pictorial idea. Oooops...sorry for too much info.

Loving this romper in XL!

Because one full body shot is NEVER enough!

Me and my backne tan lines from Camiguin (October 2011)


Purple flats from Sassy Girl

Weeks before this world premiere, I really wanted my footwear to be anything BUT purple. The last thing I need to hear en route to the beach is to be called Grimace. My screaming pink flats is out. I imagined my t-strapped teal flats would be the much-needed refreshing break to the purple parade, but, to my horror, it doesn't complement my romper when I gave it a try yesterday morning. Off you go, purple flats!

At  the risk of sounding like a shameless plug, I bought this pair from my friend Valerie. She's selling these comfy flats and espadrilles for just P400 and P470, respectively. There are so many colors and designs to choose from and it truly deserves a separate blog entry so you'll understand why I had a hard time choosing which pair to take home with me. do you find this purple par-tey? Overkill or okay na okay? Let me hear it!

Today's Outfit:
Sunglasses from Forever 21
Romper from Forever 21
Recycled leather band from Clinton Aniversario
Flats from Sassy Girl

Photos by Millie Ramos.


  1. This is sooooo cute!! How long ago did you buy this Romper!! I am lovin the purple!!

    1. Hi there! I bought this around April. Some of my friends say it's an overkill, but thanks for saying it's okay. :)