Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo A Day April - Day 1: Your Reflection

Today's photo-a-day assignment made me reflect and write about my observations for the previous month. See, I was a total portrait of overjoy when I was informed about my successful application for a lateral movement up north. I've been on graveyard shift since graduating from college and even while I pursued graduate studies. I've been on this nocturnal lifestyle from April 2003-June 2009, made a one-year rest then crawled back to this madness in June 2010 until this February 2012. I envisioned being a morning person would complement my gradual switch to raw food diet and other wellness-related explorations.

To my dismay, I stared at the woman in the mirror the past week more often and I don't know how to begin to console her. Her reflection was far from the expected AFTER photo for someone who turned her back on night differential for priceless night sleep and normalcy. Today's portrait is a pale canvass marred with rallying zits, red, tired peepers and suffering nostrils. Blame it on the typically toxic quarter-end in the workplace, the bipolar weather, my rented room's tendency to accumulate dust and possible decline in citrus consumption, I was diagnosed to have sinusitis for the first time in my life. My usual avoidance of drugs when having colds turned to parade of antibiotics, antihistamines and congestant. My targeted 80% raw food diet went down to about 10-20%. My recent idea of exercise involves pushing keypads and jumping into conclusions. Sadly, I've gone absent to the usual Thursday smash-out sessions with colleagues. Also, the kikay in me showed no enthusiasm to debut two ensembles waiting for their turn to see what's outside my closet let alone keep my signature pussy red lipstick. It felt I have no appetite for everything. Worse, it's my boyfriend Waldo who gets all the OMG-you-look-so-blooming! compliments. What's going on?

Day 1: Your Reflection

I tried dry skin brushing before taking a shower this morning to help eliminate the toxins and to boost my immune system. All I did was brush my skin all over towards the direction of my heart. My upper chest turned the reddest and I didn't really linger on the soles of my feet as it made me go giggly. I'm not sure if I did it right or if I spent enough time as I was running late for the Sunday service. I hope I would carry this on and see its benefits. Now this reminds me of my failure to inner dance often and finally give oil pulling a try. Sighs. Somebody needs spanking.

The olive oil-infused bristles for my dry skin brushing. But I think THIS is the recommended type.

By the way, if you're interested to partake in this photo-a-day challenge, check out the day-to-day assignment below. It can get really addicting and, just like what I did above, ponder on some matters. Join us!

Photo A Day April Challenge! Created by Fat Mum Slim.


  1. oooh get well soon, Lorns! I think your body is just adjusting to your new schedule. And try to check your rented place for mold baka eto yung giving you sinusitis/allergies and also get the a/c cleaned and serviced. And if may carpet diyan na di sa yo, better get rid of it. And you know what, I don't dry-brush from neck down to tummy. Ewan ko baka ako lang...Parang feeling ko this area masyadong sensitive. I use loofah naman, not brush. Cheaper! =))


  2. It's been over a month since I changed shifts (Feb 13th ako nag-start mag-day shift). Nung first week, I'd really wake up by 02:30am, regardless kung 12mn or 9pm ako natulog. Wala na akong ganung episode so I guess nakapag-adjust na ako. I heard it takes 28 days to be accustomed to a certain change of habit or to officially take a new habit.

    How long have you been dry-brushing? Do you use a different brush for your face? Parang masakit ang loofah. Di ba? Ok raw ang brushes sa Muji. Maybe I should look for one.