Thursday, April 5, 2012

Juice Feast: Day 3 of 3

Woke up about 2 hours before my alarm clock rings. Is that a sign of excitement for what lies ahead of me or what? Unlike Day 2, I woke up craving for more rest, but it didn't feel like dragging myself out of bed. One sight of my packed bag and I'm again reminded of my important meet-up with Him later.


For the third time this week, I had smoothie from the nearby banchetto. This time, I ordered carrot smoothie. As usual, no sugar and no milk.

Fruit Shakers again for breakfast!

Ate had difficulty with my carrot smoothie

When Ate clarified if I were sure I don't want any sugar and milk with my smoothie and motioned the blender with difficulty, I suddenly realized that there are some things that juicers can achieve easily than blenders. It's too late to change my order.

Sipping my carrot smoothie and Carmela's sugar-loaded buko juice

Van and Carmela's rib eye steak with potato balls

My carrot smoothie and the supposedly tempting revel bar

While my breakfast buddies hungrily consumed their meals, I sipped my smoothie, "juiced" the carrot as if it would melt inside my mouth and spat out the tidbits. My throat didn't seem to welcome the tiny grains that made it inside. We wasted no time when they're done; we headed back to the office. They saw me make hurried stops to throw out the carrot tidbits inside my mouth.

What's left of my 16-oz carrot smoothie. To the thrash can!

The first half of today's shift was my busiest this workweek. Put a great amount of brain activity and unaligned amount of breakfast together and that would spell noisy tummy. Worse, I could feel last night's banapple smoothie wants to make a quick exit while I was here in the office. My mind thinks there's a better time and venue for it.

Lunch dates: Ian and his veggie sandwich, Lady and her pan-fried chicken and mushroom with tortilla

Ian tries to turn me green with envy. Hmmm...

Prepping my lunch

Yesterday's supposed lunch: 15-fruit juice!

Yes, I was very hungry that I was starting to become envious of Ian's succulent lettuce and Lady's mouthwatering mushrooms. As a result, I didn't take my sweet time in drinking my 15-fruits juice. But I soon recovered and started "chewing" my juice. However, I had a pending task waiting for my return. Can't linger in the office pantry.

Inasmuch as I'd like to defer my sausage-making moment, I had to listen to my body. It was in great unease. I made a quick break in the office loo and did what I should had done earlier in the morning. You have no idea how quick it was. Not because I was scared that somebody else would enter and find out the stench, it's just that it didn't require much time compared to the usual quality-time I spend in the tiolet.

I have to conclude this entry right now even if it's not officially end of the day yet. I'm minutes away from doing my much-awaited trek to Antipolo and commence my water fasting. The past 2 days had been successful and this hunger I'm currently nursing is slightly making me anxious about the next 2 days. Please pray for me. Thank you. Bless your heart.

POSTSCRIPT: 10.04.2012

My brekky buddy, Van, happened to bring his car and offered to take me to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. After all, he's from Antipolo himself and it's hardly a bother to make a slight detour for me. I noticed I wasn't as energetic compared to my office pals Carmela, Donna and Tatat during the road trip. We made a stopover as Tatat needs to purchase some pasalubong for her family and I found myself drooling for sugar. Lots of it!

Fought the great urge to grab a roll of Brazo de Mercedes!

Roadtrip drink: buko juice!

Luckily, I survived this test and found a buko vendor outside the bakery. The buko juice was placed in a plastic labo and, as Tatat advised, I should consume it right away. Coconut water tends to be corrosive and I might end up drinking the plastic as well if I don't hurry up. But try saying that to someone who's been used to slow drinking for the past 3 days. It was a struggle to guzzle it down, especially that it's far from being chilled. Thankfully, I managed to finish it. I'm just not sure if I drank plastic, too.

How did my 2-day water fasting go? To be continued...


  1. galing Lorns! goojab! ...waiting for the continuation..hihi! :) onga pala, nasabi ko na bang gandang-ganda ako sa new layout ng blog mo? :) lagi ko nalilimutan sabihin hehe!

  2. Thanks for the support, Ingrid. It's my friend Yvie who gave my banner a new look. Bongga, no? ;)