Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Juice Feast: Day 2 of 3

You'd know it when you fell to a sweet slumber if you forgot to set your alarm clock the previous evening. The funny thing is, my eyes slowly pushed open shortly after someone placed a huge bowl of instant noodles in front of me in my dream. Then I discovered it's already 05:30AM, my new wake-up time, and I didn't feel any heaviness in spite of the fact that I yielded to Morpheus around midnight. I didn't feel starving or thirsty either.

The recollection of yesterday's success instantly brought a smile in my lips, hindering any negative thoughts about potential craving attacks today. Surviving the first day felt like earning a badge; I felt more convinced that Day 2 will be a breeze. With this realization, I said a thankful prayer.

And I skin-brushed again. For the first time since Sunday, I took pleasure in the slow strokes and felt as if there's no rush. Does it really mean I'm already stimulating my lymph nodes or is this a by-product of the juice feast?


My usual breakfast buddies, Carmela, Van and their teammates, were nowhere to be found when I arrived. My batchmates Ian and Lady were craving for pan de sal for breakfast and they seemed unwilling to make a long walk. Ian had an urgent pricing task. So I went on a solitary walk along Eastwood Citywalk en route to the banchetto. It's fruit smoothie again for breakfast. It's just a question of what combination this time.

This somehow reminded me that I'm alone in this path. But I don't feel lonely or lost; I know this is a must-do preparation for my set-apart time with Him. He went on fasting for 40 days before, there's no way I can't rise above a 5-day fast. Do I feel weak? Hardly. I feel lighter and more attentive to my body's needs. And that's good news.

Second day in a row in Eastwood banchetto!

Decisions, decisions!

22-oz banana-mango smoothie, meds and water for breakfast

I was occupied with my deal when my teammate She surprised me with her quite overdue yet unncessary reward for me. She probably deferred this, considering how I've been a poster kid of respiratory discomfort for the past 2 weeks. My heart was touched with the thought, but I doubt my gratitude didn't reflect much in my face. I explained I'm on juice feast and I'll probably consume it until Easter Sunday.

She rewards me with Magnum for handling her deals when she was on leave weeks ago. Does it really have to be TODAY?

The only Magnum variant that I am yet to try! Sadly, not today.

My anacondas started to perform this cacophony of grumbles and growls before lunchtime. I actually brought a 15-fruit juice for lunch, but I wanted an energy boost for today. I bought buko juice downstairs and added spirulina powder.

Kuya Aljur, can I have fresh coconut juice please?

22-oz coconut juice + spirulina

Lunch break!

Lunch dates: Ian and his tuna and Lady and her pan-fried cream dory and pesto pasta

As expected, Ian made me feel that I'm missing out on a lot and he even commented he finds my diet pitiful. Watching them made me miss the gestures involved in eating, but I didn't recognize any desire for solid food itself. Again, I was the last to finish my "meal" even if it felt I was guzzling my juice at the beginning. I was told 60% of digestion happens inside the mouth and we must chew our food for 20 seconds before swallowing. This juice feast is an excellent reminder about this lesson.

The workday was supposed to be concluded in the nearby badminton court. One of my colleagues suggested this earlier this week and I was quick to turn down the invitation. I've gone absent to this smash-out parties since I've had sinusitis mid-March and, considering this juice fast, I'm not confident I can handle it. Sweat is welcome, but my mind wasn't curious enough if my body will survive it.

Instead, I finally met up with Waldo for super early dinner. I crave for his support at this adjustment period and I'm aware I owe him apologies for being a monster girlfriend since the onset of my monthly period followed up by sinusitis and, now, the juice feast. My peace offering? Some sort of "royal treatment".

Somebody stole and...uhm...drank my Magnum!

Dinner: Banapple's banapple smoothie

My dinner date at 17:00. He just had lunch at 15:00, hence the empty hand.

I asked him if he noticed any difference since I underwent this feast, like pallor, drastic energy loss or poor posture. He denied any signs of bad changes, but he realized how my right forearm slimmed down when he held it. I didn't weigh in before getting into juice feast, so I can't confirm this. Again, he told me I can do it and I completely believe him. This date unromantically concluded in the laundry shop and grocery. But, hey, I'm proud of how I remained collected in spite of the typically stifling atmosphere there.

When I got in the apartment, I busied myself with the laundry and pack-up for Prayer Mountain. Decisions, decisions! The soothing dry skin brushing earlier inspired me to do a repeat before I went for a poop (YAY!) and shower. Applying what I've learned from this source, I started from my feet and worked my way up in vigorous and counter-clockwise motion. I preferred this morning's brush.

It was already around 22:00 but I don't feel washed out or drowsy yet. I spent this time to draft this mushy blog entry until the body finally asked for repose by close to midnight. It was unbelievable that this juice feast allowed me to pen down my thoughts in great lengths for the past 2 days! Amazing!

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