Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Basil Smoothie!

Remember this entry? It's my second time to replicate Gourmet's basil smoothie today. Last week, I had a back-to-back pre-shift itineraries that left me drowsy and down within the shift. So I resolved to slow down and sleep away this workweek. However, my body got accustomed to this incessant cycle of sleep deprivation that my eyes just automatically popped open after 5 hours of interrupted snooze. How pathetic, huh?

For the nth time this week, I can't seem to seduce Morpheus back in my bed after minutes of toss-and-turn poses. So I decided to get up by 16:00, listen to more Incubus tracks and prepare my own food for tonight's shift. Might as well put my lack of deep sleep into good use.

All we need is basil and lemons. And lots of love!

Toss them all in my pogi blender.


Uh-oh. It doesn't fit!

Hmmm...somebody needs a bigger lunchbox, eh?

By the time I'm already rummaging for what else to use as lunchbox, my alarm clock goes nagging at me. How fun, no?

About to leave for graveyard shift with my baon...and that sweet smile!

Uhm, never mind that my lunch box is kinda disfigured. Idaan na lang sa smile!


Minidress (or maternity dress, according to my colleague) from ukay ukay

Mum's leggings

Tita Minda's cuuuute sandals

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Accidental] WORLD PREMIERE: That Red T-Shirt

After yesterday's ABS-CBN - World Trade Center - Nolboo Korean Restaurant - NAIA itinerary, I decided to crash and spend the rest of the wee hours in my aunt's place in Malate. Sounds like a wise move as Manila is nearer to today's destination called ISIS International in Quezon City compared to my residence in Bacoor, Cavite. Besides, I left there a backpack-ful of used clothes, toiletries and still-drenched sneakers.

Speaking of stuff, I was grateful for packing an extra capri pants. Otherwise, I would have done a fruitless search in my cousins' closet. Isn't it nice when being indecisive turned out to be the best decision for the day?

But this relief was short-lived. I have no extra t-shirt nor blouse to wear for the Beyond Romance commune! It will also be my first time to meet the facilitator who I first met in the happiest place on the Internet called GratitudeLog in 2009. I should look sweet and fresh today!

Luckily, Tita Minda just made a business trip in Divisoria to buy new ready-to-wear clothes to sell. Among the rack of leftovers, I picked two red tops (how typical!) and pondered hard which one to purchase.

Option # 1: Red t-shirt

How can you say no to this cottony feel and light fabric? I'm NOT into heart designs, but I find the twist quite irresistible.

Front view of the red tee. Check out Irma from The Incredibles!

Back view: the wings

Option # 2: Red tank top

Back view of the tank top

Don't you just love the flashy "bib" and the flirty back design? However, I felt uncomfortable with my exposed bra straps and I had a feeling it will be freezing cold during the workshop. But it was hard to put it down. It would be a great beachwear!

The best decision of the day, you ask? I bought both of them! Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!

Tita's sandals

And my sneakers remained wet, wet, wet! After borrowing Tita's black sandals yesterday, I wanted something more flattering. She lent me this cute pair that concealed my flat, wide feet also dubbed as pinikpikang luya by my own mother. Uhm, those are NOT French tips.


My learnings from the commune probably deserves a separate blog entry. But I can't contain to share how refreshing to be told to feel the past hurts and other negative feelings as they are, no need to rationalize why we experience them. I felt angst and revengeful thoughts swell up from my chest and, in the succeeding meditations, re-realize how useful those anger-inducing scenarios that changed me for how accepting and enlightened I am right now. And I am grateful again.

Energy exchange with the fellow students of life

The mandatory class picture. Wee!

My "grand" EB with Claire! Finally!

Have I told you Claire is probably the most active Pinay member on GratitudeLog? Her posts had inspired me to take time and be more expressive of my gratitude. After all, good vibes always, always begin with being thankful for our blessings big or small.

Also, Claire introduced me to the existence of the raw food community here in the Philippines. I vividly remember her GratitudeLog post involving raw ice cream that made use of avocado. Like they say, the rest is history.


I shall leave you with this uplifting video that our class saw during the commune. It was my first time to see it and I'm sure you, too, would nod away upon seeing it.

You ARE beautiful, fellow plumpies. Don't be the last to know!

Workshop photos were lifted from Beyond Romance.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lipstick Of The Day: Maybelline's Wet Shine Peach Nectar

It's another manic Saturday. Right after the previous night's shift, I went straight to my cousins' place in Malate for snooze. As usual, I have a long day ahead of me. Inasmuch as I would like to fall into deep, looong slumber, I found myself awake and eager for this year's Dutdutan after roughly 3 hours of rest. I just went downstairs and joined my cousins in the long overdue sushi par-tey I promised them August celebrants.

Part of my agenda is to persuade them to accompany me in the mentioned tattoo convention. Going solo is always okay, but it'd be better if I can gush about our discoveries real-time (vs. posting them on social networking sites). Minnie wants to attend, too, but she had some preparations to do for their taping the following day. Yumi, on the other hand, had a scheduled trip to GMA, Cavite for a sort-of vacation with other cousins. Plus, her fellow August birthday girl is expecting her share of sushi that rainy day.

Luckily, the dark clouds opened up and Minnie realized she can tag me along while she does her errands in the office then we can head to World Trade Center for Dutdutan. When it's about 7pm, she can go back to accomplish more to-dos and I can leave for my next engagement. Brilliant!

The real adventure began after having shower. She can't decide what to wear and I wanted to use something non-red for my lips. I've packed my controversial orange off-shoulder (to be explained later why) and my plaid shorts. The latter needs no introduction as you've seen it here, there and everywhere. Worse, my sneakers got drenched in the rain again! Me and my poor, size-10 feet!

Minnie was just too happy to offer options. She first offered her Sephora lipstick (it looked like lipliner to me) as its red-orangey hue will compliment my top. As you can see below, it looked very red and lived up to its "real red" promise. Red lipstick and bright orange top? Overkill!

Sephora's Real Red lipstick

Maybelline's Wet Shine Peach Nectar

Next? She made me try her Maybelline's Peach Nectar. It looked pretty okay, but I was looking for something matte. She made me try some nude lipsticks from Avon.

Something nude from Avon. We can't see the name of the hue at the bottom, though.

Avon's Extra Lasting Nude Blush X503.

Upon trying on the third lipstick, I hurried to wipe it away. It looked pale and unflattering on my lips. The succeeding lipstick from Avon helped us reach a consensus to go back to the Peach Nectar. Don't get me wrong, it looked fine. But we agreed that the Peach Nectar looks more radiant. We ended up singing ♫♪ Maybe it's Maybelline! ♫♫

On cab en route to ABS-CBN.


While waiting for all the scripts to be photocopied, Minnie worked on my plain make-up. She thought I could use some smoky eyes, black-brown eyebrows and bronzer. Who am I to complain? Right after, I felt ready to meet someone hunky. I heard they never ran out of such in their office.

Meet-up with Derek Ramsay!

Weighing in!

If that photo still hasn't given you an idea why I called this off-shoulder top as controversial, here's a glimpse of what transpired one day in our office.


Security guard (to my team leader)

"Ma'am, may agent po kayong naghuhubad na. Yung naka-orange. Baka pwede niyo pong pagsabihan."

TL Cher

"Talaga?! Sige, pagsasabihan ko. Thanks, Kuya!"


TL Cher was thinking it was one of the boys again, flashing their big bellies a la Carlos Agassi in "My Amnesia Girl" or shoving their nipples to one of the girls in the team. But, noooooo...

TL Cher


LORNA! Ikaw yung pinapasaway ni Erming Guard sa labas! Naghuhubad ka na raw!



Naghuhubad?! Where did that come from?

TL Cher


Sa akin, walang problema 'yang off-elbow top mo. Pero dahil mainit ka sa parak, wag mo na uling susuotin 'yan dito sa office.


Yep, my boss really used the word "off-elbow" to describe my top. Naghuhubad?! I'm actually wearing an orange tube top from Dorothy Perkins underneath that top.'s not as if I'm giving everyone a peep show. Oh, well.

World Trade Center - Dutdutan 2011

The ticket is at P250.

I looked different, no?

After my tongue and cartilage piercings about 3 years ago, I think getting a tattoo is the next challenge. In fact, my inked friends are getting impatient for their turn to give me some moral support when I finally have it done. My maternal cousins and I had long agreed to have our grandfather's last name in Baybayin tattooed in our preferred body part. Newsflash: I am yet to have the design executed. For my second tattoo, I'd prefer a traditional tattoo (think Tattoo Hunter) of kampilan or umalohokan in my nape or inner leg. I was hopeful to find someone who can make this desire come into fruition in this event.

With my cousins Kay and Minnie.

Hot cars and hot babes go together, right?

2 out of 3 people in this photo once said they'll never drink again. Hmmm...

So my favorite frontman at the moment is also a tattoo artist! Wow!

My former colleague Joan joined pala! Astig!

With my former colleagues Chad, Katie and contestant Joan. My cousin Minnie is seated below.

Running into my former officemates Lish and her beau and my soul sister Danna

This year's front and back design winner. He's from Taiwan.

My moment with the front and back design winner!

Will Devaughn

Alex Crizano. Super tall and scary!

Nolboo Korean Restaurant

It seemed that Kenny Rogers scored exclusivity in this event. In spite of Minnie's aching feet, we managed to do a long walk under the rain and found solace in a Korean restaurant.

Look at how the lipstick remained pretty while we're eating! Love it!

Chad, myself and Minnie

Terminal 3, NAIA

And I'm down to my final itinerary of the day. My longtime online-turned-offline friend just arrived from her vacation in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Lovelove landed around 19:00, waiting for her connecting flight back to Davao by 04:00. The first and last time we met and spent quality time together was in Davao during my birthday getaway way back in 2006! How can I say no to her invitation for a gabfest?

"Grand" EB!

Wala lang, I want to show you my Tita's sandals. I ended up using hers as mine got soaked in the heavy rains on my way to their place in Malate.

My apple + celery + parsley drink. Yay!

My pasalubong from Malaysia! As if my dolls Vampy, Raya, Djin Djin and Lunah were not enough. I need a name for my new dahlin'!

My hand-delivered postcard from Singapore. Check out the personalized stamp (and the excuses!).

Little did I know Lovelove can also write verses! Have I told you she's the brilliant mind behind my main blog's design?

We also tried communicating with MindyTV via Facebook. To cut the long story short, the waiter (or is it the cook?) volunteered his iPhone so Lovelove can sign in and check if MindyTV has replied to her PM already. Don't ask why we don't have her mobile number.

In case you're not convinced we really met up in Terminal 3. =p

And yes...the lipstick remained glossy until the wee hours! Bravo!

Poor-quality photos: Mine, mine, mine!
Great photos in WTC and Nolboo: Chad Barreyro
Great photos in NAIA: Lovelove