Friday, July 29, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Betty Boop and Her If-Not-Now,-When?! Gaze

What do you normally wear on your first date? For someone who hardly believes in best-foot-forward theatrics, I make sure to be bubbly and bold. Hence, weeks before the much-anticipated date with my beloved Brandon Boyd, I have decided to bare my heart. Red galore, it is!

The problem is, Juaning took it upon herself to be the band's welcoming committee. Upon hearing they landed safely, my relief was quickly replaced by worry that morning. My plaid shorts and sneakers were still soaking wet in the backyard! So I retrieved them and prayed hard that our electric fan can do wonders before I wake up that afternoon.

I had been very preoccupied the past days that I had no time to sit down and decide what to wear - except for that red tube top. I even wore the plaid shorts Monday morning for a cameo appearance in the mall and went rummaging for it in my messy bed Tuesday morning only to realize it was already being handwashed and, thanks to the heavy rains, might not make it to the concert. When I rose from bed that afternoon, this undomesticated Curacha had to iron the jacket and the shorts myself. Don't you just hate typhoons?

Still, the unpredictable weather was my last-minute major consideration for what I wore for my first date with Incubus. I never favor denim pants during rainy season (even on summer, to be accurate) hence the plaid shorts. The jacket is self-explanatory. Bag? Something waterproof would be wise. After all, it houses the all-important concert tickets and kikay kit. But try saying that to Betty Boop and her piercing if-not-now,-when?! gaze.

It was already 17:20. As the ticket keeper, I knew I had to dash. The commute from Cavite to Cubao always called for cutthroat competition against fellow motorists and other unknown elements in this concrete jungle. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. My rainy season footwear would be either my default flip flops which made a mysterious disappearing act last week or sneakers which were still drenched from the incessant rain. And so were my ballet shoes! Now what? I had to search for a dry pair of shoes that actually complement the red theme AND can withstand the puddle along the way. But I had none! I went back to my room and grabbed the first pair I saw. Ako na ang fashion victim!

More fangirl blabs here.

Where did my makeup go?

Inside the SMART Araneta Coliseum!

Inside the KTV. We girls can't get enough of Incubus. We had to sing their songs ourselves after.

Check out the mismatched shoes!

Red tube from Dorothy Perkins

Plaid shorts from Bench

Mum's grey jacket

Betty Boop bag from Divisoria

Keevee's pre-loved Converse wedges

Photos by Phyll.


  1. Love the red tube!!! Vavavoom lang ang mga poses mo 'te.. Haha!

  2. Hi, Honey! Yeah, red tube lang talaga ang non-negotiable. The rest had to go well with it. Enough na ba ang red tube para di mapansin ang mismatched shoes? Hope so! Hahaha!

  3. Thanks, mare! Bought it in Divi! :)

  4. groupie mode poses!

    I say the shoes were a better choice than the flipflops!


  5. You look amazing! Love the red top, sexy shorts and the hippie head band. :)

  6. Lovelove, I'd agree. Di pa kasi ako nagpapa-pedicure pala (told ya, I'm super busy) kaya my toes were better off hidden. Medyo scared lang ako mag-heels kasi baka matapilok ako at ma-injure uli. I haven't moved on, sorry naman. :)

    Mitch,thank you! Anything but the mismatched wedges, no? Hahaha! Dinaan ko na lang sa project. ;)