Friday, September 30, 2011

We've Got Male - Reynan Co

Reynan Co's "I Like Her Super Curvy"

Have you read the April issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines and leafed through page 82? It's probably the most uplifting psalm for Pinays gifted with curves and confidence to date. And I deem it necessary to make a tribute for the appreciative soul behind the article above before this month ends, just like how the mentioned magazine lauds scantily-clad men around this time of the year. Remember this?

Inasmuch as I would like to present my own Q&A with the author, I'm afraid the scanned version of this article would have to do for now. Per research with insider friends, Reynan Co proved to be a pseudonym and the publication heads can not divulge his identity to yours truly or to anyone else for that matter for the contributor's protection. How sad.

Reynan Co, mabuhay ka!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Bangkok Curry Noodle Soup + Cadbury Topdeck

Oh, Pedring. Look at what you've done! The heavy downpour resulted to another episode of difficult commute to the office and back. But, knowing how this typhoon might trigger flooding and landslides elsewhere, I really have nothing to complain about. I'll just shut my mouth with piping hot soup during lunch break (that's past midnight for you) to feel warm and better.

Remember the noodle bowl?

Coming from a frustratingly quick elementary/high school/college reunion with my Sydney-based best friend named Cheryl the past weekend, I felt there's no better time to share and consume her sweet treats. Spread the chocolatey love in such a toxic time called quarter end!

Chocolates, noodles (inside the noodle bowl), spirulina (in the container) and...ehem.

Something sweet and phallic from Down Under. Thanks, Mars!

Cadbury Top Deck! Yummeh!

MUSIC MONDAY: Billy Joel - "Just The Way You Are"

♫♪ I said I love you and that's forever ♪♫♫

♫♫ And this I promise from the heart ♪♫♪

♫♪♫ I could not love you any better ♪♫♫

♪♫♫ I love you just the way you are ♪♪♫

Attending What's Your DNA? Discover and Nurture Your Abilities this weekend once again made me dialogue with the suddenly short-haired woman in the mirror and re-examine our mission in this short stay on earth. It was the much-needed checkpoint to investigate on how I make use of my gifts and other potentially unexplored strengths that could further enhance the goddess in me. It was a great reminder of my flaws and weaknesses, too...and they don't make me an inferior or less lovable person. Not at all!

According to Coach Ella, Bily Joel initially felt everything would have been perfect if he were just a bit taller like everyone else. But his mother smothered him with appreciation and encouragement, saying he loves him just the way he is. This aided him in his self-acceptance journey and eventual realization of his musical inclination. Aren't you glad and grateful he came up with such an inspiring song?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's In My Lunch Box Today? Korean Sweet Chilli!

It's been raining hard the past few days. With the cold weather comes this great craving for warm soups (the spicier, the better) and, as ironic as this may sound, ice cream for desserts. Good thing I reached out for instant noodle soups when I went to Healthy Options last weekend.

I first found the enticing Thai Kitchen noodle soups at the top of the rack. Then, I realized this need for a microwaveable container that I can bring along with it. Lo and behold, I found Annie Chun's noodle bowls on the lower rack. It's not just functional, it also tickled my occasional need for aesthetic finds.

It was a difficult task to choose only one among the wide array of options! How typical vata of me to pick something sweet and spicy!

Check out the bowl design!

There's my noodle bowl and the lemonade my grandmother prepared for me.


Spicy, it is! Here's a happy customer.

Monday, September 19, 2011


So somebody finally found the time to waltz in at Soiree Salon in White Plains to let go of her long, sexy curls. If they weren't screaming signs of dryness and damage, they would have been cheerfully donated to cancer patients for better use. As a walking endorser of digital perm for the past 4 years, I found it necessary to treat myself to a refreshing, chemical-free look. Now save your gasps and don't give me those wide eyes as if you were NOT informed here.

As soon as Ken, the hairstylist, heard my desired look, he went to great lengths to dissuade me from going pixie. My natural curls would demand extra time before I can head out ready for the public every single day. Aaaaaand, just like what everybody says, it won't work for my round face. Ok, fine.

When he was finally done, I was delighted with how the new hairdo provided a breather for my ever-hidden nape and how it made me look younger and wholesome. However, it poses a great challenge for someone who hardly knows how to use a hair dryer. It's me, not Ken.

Historically, my new hairdo looks impeccably fine on the first day. It's always a different story the following day. It happens to be a Monday and it's just right to kick off the work week healthy and right. Before I made an entrance in Quantum Cafe to try their vegan happy hour (every Mondays and Tuesdays only), I had to make a quick side trip in a nearby salon for blow dry.

Vegan Happy Hour in Quantum Cafe

Here's my plateful of organic goodies!

Back view of the new hairdo

Cookie monster mode!

Checking out the paintings


Kiss me, kiss me!

* * *

How about you? When are you getting your haircut done? You know you want to!

♫♪ I almost cut my hair, it was happened just the other day ♪♪♫

♫♫ It was gettin' kinda long, I could've said it was in my way ♪♫♫

♪♫♪ But I didn't and I wonder why, I feel like letting my freak flag fly ♪♫♫♪

♫♪♪ And I feel like I owe it to someone ♪♫♪♪

Saturday, September 17, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Mustard Green Dress

It's the time of the year again...when I get violently dragged to attend Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. To be accurate, I get smothered with repeated reminders to plot my leave ahead and plan my outfit as early as July. By first week of the following month, I already have my own ticket without lifting a finger.

It's quite funny how my best friend Carl started manifesting frenzy for this annual event when I've lost interest. I find it elitist that the readership is reduced to mere voyeurs while celebrities and media practitioners bask in front row and water gun access and, in spite of the thrilling kinky games and the smorgasbord of scantily-clad come-hither gods, I end up asking "That's it?!" each time the program comes to a close before midnight. Yep, I've swallowed a lot of ampalaya supplements in the past.

Most importantly, my masochistic craving for unattainable men eventually subsided, giving birth to the realization that, hey, love handles are sexy, too. Being with someone soft and cuddly is actually heaven on earth. But then again, try imposing that to Carl and her hormones and you'll find yourself in the receiving end of her piercing glare.

In spite of my indifference, I agreed to join her and busied myself in locating an outfit to take with me. That's what best friends are for, right? I'm sure she tolerated my rather incessant "Who's that?" when most models appeared on stage. Talk about being a showstopper. Besides, it doesn't hurt to ogle at attractive men and hang out with a cool gal at the same time.


Mustard green dress from an office seller

Tita Minda's sandals

Mum's Hello Kitty handbag


And the parade of hot men begins!

Jake Cuenca

Crushie alert! It's Aljur Abrenica!

Crushie alert! It's Anton del Rosario of the Azkals!

Can you find me in the dark?

Unhappy feet! We endured 2 hours in the queue alone!


Aaaah long-haired guy!


Who wants a trip down the memory lane? Here are some snapshots with Carl during the past Cosmo Bachelor Bash events. Thanks to my participation in this benefit event in Vigan, I was in absentia last year.

Standing next to a first-timer attendee in 2008.

Come hell or knee injury, count us in!

Twogether again in 2009.

All photos by Carl Tendenilla.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And The Top 20 Finalists Are...

The results are out! And I'm not talking about the recently concluded Miss Universe 2011 here. It's the much-awaited SM Department Store Women's Plus Model Search I blogged about a month ago. Remember how delighted I was that the world seemed to be fast becoming open and accepting to extra seksi women?

Let's give the top 20 finalists a big hand!

This photo is lifted from Style Watch's fanpage on Facebook.

What's next, you ask? Them Top 20 will be interviewed by the judges, namely Mercedes Prieto, Christine Cang Sapnu and Alyanna Martinez. From 20, it will be trimmed down to 8 pleasing, confident, articulate and outgoing candidates. These 8 lucky winners will find themselves busy campaigning for your "likes" on Style Watch's gallery of beautiful hopefuls. Per SM's criteria, registered Facebook users of any age and gender can vote AND can vote up to 3 times per day per Facebook Username/Email Address. Make sure to support your favorite candidate!


So this is the part where I burst into tears for being unable to make it, eh? Hardly! It may be effortlessly easy for most people to be disappointed and bitter about circumstances that do not favor them, but how can I sulk in one corner when I know there are about 500 plus size women who joined this invitation to showcase their inner and outer beauties? This is an astounding proof that more Pinays are getting into the self-love and body acceptance revolution. Also, that's like an assurance that I will never run out of real-life goddesses to feature in my humble virtual abode. That's a reason to celebrate!

I would like to end this entry with words of love and gratitude for my friends who saw my inner light and pushed me to join this contest. I know I will always be a winner in your eyes. Have I thanked you enough? Tell me how exactly.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Raw Pinoys' First Ever Raw Food Potluck!

Thanks to Facebook, a growing number of raw foodists in the country found a virtual niche to share recipes, photos, helpful links, inquiries, love, light and everything else in between. I can't complain about the incessant email notifications about this group's activity; it just goes to show that there's this burning abundance of knowledge and encouragement in the community. And it's just right that all these energy exchanges online be continued in an actual meet-up which - as predictable as it may sound - include or conclude with a raw food fiesta.

As inexperienced as I am, I didn't attempt to prepare anything elaborate. After all, the RSVPs gave me a hint that everybody's bringing meals and desserts. So why not offer something to drink?

My contribution for the raw food potluck. Ice tubes not seen in this photo.

When I arrived, I noticed everyone was occupied transferring their love and energies to the food they were preparing. I welcomed the mix of excitement and intimidation rush into my insides, eventually converting the latter into an invitation to be as knowledgeable as they are. I know I will advance someday, I better take it one superfood at a time.

Superfoods! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

The frustrated Superwoman with the superfoods! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

This frustrated Superwoman thinks one photo is NOT enough! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

All right, here's the REAL star of the night. The superfoods! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

How else to start a gathering like this? By expressing our gratitude and sharing our energy to the next person. We truly felt the positive vibration at our fingertrips. It's such an amazing gift to be surrounded by generous and loving kindred spirits!

We be-leaf! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo

Have I told you that I'm ever cam-ready? Photo from Dexter Tan NOT scroll down to see photos below if you're starving. You were warned!

Presenting the mango butter! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Here's the close-up photo of the mango butter. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

DIY raw pizza. Photo by Dexter Tan.

Fruit salad! Photo by Dexter Tan.

Energy balls! Prepared by Chef Asha Peri. Photo by Dexter Tan.

Truffle oil fries. Prepared by Fristine. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Tomato boats. Prepared by Ingrid and Andrea. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Fresh spring rolls with miso cheese. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

NOT tuna pate. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Lentil salad. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Hummus. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Green shawarma. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Fruit salad in spirulina gata. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Dragonfruit. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Chocolate cups. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Choco tahini sauce with dragonfruit, bananas and longgan. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Bananas in hot tamarind sauce. Prepared by Fristine. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Salsa! Photo by Dexter Tan.

Do I still need to remind you of my long-time relationship with desserts? Evidently, my demanding tummy coordinated with my feet to bring me to the dessert table right away. Guess what happens when you've had too much chocolates and superfood?

Ampogi ko! I need a new name! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Got spirulina hemp milk? We do! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Who's rawking and roaring? Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

High on chocolates! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan

Naka-move on na ang lahat, may chocolate moustache pa rin ako! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Lovely ladies! Imee, Andrea, Ingrid and moi! Photo by Dexter Tan

Food Beauty Queens. Photo and - ehem - caption by James Tan.

Krizia's first food photo exhibit. And her groupies.

Mawawala ba naman ang games? Blender game! Photo by Dexter Tan.

...And prizes? Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Hilaw Henyo moment. And I guessed it right! Woohoo! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Being seated next to Imee reminds me that I need to go back to yoga! Check out her lotus pose! Photo by James Tan.

I would like to be a percussionist when I grow up.

And we're jamming! [Don't ask why I'm not seen in this photo] Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Unfortunately for some people working in graveyard shift, they have to start dishwashing and preparing for their commute to the office as early as 19:30. They missed out on all the dancing, playtime with a hyper kid and other spectacular things they should not even bother finding out. Sighs.

With the abundance of food, some poor corporate slaves managed to bring a piece of heaven to work. Thanks to Elrik's late arrival, I took something I haven't really tasted during the potluck. Although I am yet to try the real pad thai, I was so intrigued to experience its raw counterpart. It was a mix of raw vegetables and Goji berries for dressing.

What's in my lunchbox? Raw pad thai and truffle oil (read: aphrodisiac) fries!

Close up of Elrik's raw pad thai!

Next raw food potluck, pleeeeeeease?