Sunday, September 4, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: Denim Dress and Denim Sandals

The long wait is over! This afternoon, I got to witness a Dumaguete-based production do a run of Hinilawod on stage and got reminded of our ancestors' sophisticated culture and beliefs. Hinilawod: Tales from the Halawod River happens to be one of the longest epic this world has ever known. Up to now, anthropologist F. Jocano is translating the latter part of this adventure. According to the book seller I spoke with earlier, he's down to Paubari's and Alunsina's last-born, Dumalapdap's tale. The first two sons, Labaw Donggon's and Humadapnon's adventures will be out commercially in approximately 6 months.

For this wonderful occasion, I decided to world premiere a recent purchase from SM Department Store. I didn't take it home the first time I tried it on due to the low neckline which flabbergasted my kikay friends. "Anong bago?!", I remember them say. So I made a comeback the following weekend, tried it again and convinced myself that all we need is lots of safety pins. And love!

Try ko kaya mag-maong?

Inspired by this play's Austronesian setting (and to conceal the valley between Mt. Suzy and Mt. Geno), I decided to throw in my ethnic necklace. Bought this from a Mangyan beadmaker when Dutch missionary/anthropologist/linguist, Antoon Postma, had a lecture in Filipinas Heritage Library in 2005.

Imagine my joy when I found this pair in Celine after buying this denim dress. It was calling my name!

Again, those are NOT French tips. And those bruises? Must be karma for not yet returning my Tita's cuuuute sandals.

The experience began with the usual I'm-running-laaaate race and the uncommon that's-my-seat hassle. What really abated me was hearing Amomboyaw chant the verse in its original form on stage. I ended up grabbing the first vacant seat near me.

Photo opp with the last living Hinilawod chanter, Mr. Romulo Caballero aka Amomboyaw, and Teacher Elsie

This Kodak moment with the lead cast members was brought to you by BlackBlurry™!

Long-haired, "inked" men! They know how to do Filipino Martial Arts, too! Ooooh! Be still, my heart!

Saw the play with my favorite couple, Alvin and Fristine.

Before I call it another eventful and enriching weekend, I'll leave you with this video. The choir performed this heartwarming song twice in the service today. In spite of the pastor's reminder that it pays to be a global citizen at this time, I still feel that we Filipinos have a lot of self-identity to work on before we try to explain ourselves and get our country represented in the global arena. May this song touch your heart and mobilize you to do our part for our own country's rise.

P.S. I donned a grey jacket on top of this dress during the service. Naman!

Aming Diyos

Titik at Musika: Florence Virtudazo

Lahing kayumanggi,

Tayo'y namumukod tangi

May likha ay maykapal

Mahalaga at may dangal

Ngunit sa mundong ito,

Tayo'y litong-lito

At ang lahi mo'y nilimot

Sunud-sunura't puno ng takot

Nagdaan ang panahon

Ibang bansa'y nagtatanong

"Sigla ng iyong nakaraan

Muli kayang makakamtan?"

Natutong magpakumbaba,

Hinanap ang iyong mukha

Kami iyong pinakinggan

Pag-asa ang nasilayan

Dumating ang panahon

Binigyan ng pagkakataon

Aming buhay aming lahi'y ibangon

Sa'ming pagluhod ikaw ang tugon

Pagsamba at papuri

Ika'y tapat at napakabuti

Sa'ming buhay at aming lahi

Ika'y nanatili, aming Diyos


  1. Cute dress.. :) The necklace to "hide the cleavage"- gawain ko din yan.. Lalo na dito sa Middle East na bawal makakita ng kahit konting boobs. Lol.

  2. excellent! kakatuwa no mare? Yesterday couldn't get any better.

  3. Love the dress Lorns and how you make terno with the sandals. You look gorgeous!

    Si Antonio ba yung isa sa mga Inked Men?

  4. Honey, glad to know I'm not the only one who does that. Mine would really look malaswa eh. :))

    Fris, I agree! Good times!

    Mitch, I just checked the cast members' real names. Walang Antonio. Antonio Banderas ba ito? Ahihihi! I'd kill to meet him in person!

    Thanks, ladies! ;)