Friday, September 9, 2011

Raw Pinoys' First Ever Raw Food Potluck!

Thanks to Facebook, a growing number of raw foodists in the country found a virtual niche to share recipes, photos, helpful links, inquiries, love, light and everything else in between. I can't complain about the incessant email notifications about this group's activity; it just goes to show that there's this burning abundance of knowledge and encouragement in the community. And it's just right that all these energy exchanges online be continued in an actual meet-up which - as predictable as it may sound - include or conclude with a raw food fiesta.

As inexperienced as I am, I didn't attempt to prepare anything elaborate. After all, the RSVPs gave me a hint that everybody's bringing meals and desserts. So why not offer something to drink?

My contribution for the raw food potluck. Ice tubes not seen in this photo.

When I arrived, I noticed everyone was occupied transferring their love and energies to the food they were preparing. I welcomed the mix of excitement and intimidation rush into my insides, eventually converting the latter into an invitation to be as knowledgeable as they are. I know I will advance someday, I better take it one superfood at a time.

Superfoods! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

The frustrated Superwoman with the superfoods! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

This frustrated Superwoman thinks one photo is NOT enough! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

All right, here's the REAL star of the night. The superfoods! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

How else to start a gathering like this? By expressing our gratitude and sharing our energy to the next person. We truly felt the positive vibration at our fingertrips. It's such an amazing gift to be surrounded by generous and loving kindred spirits!

We be-leaf! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo

Have I told you that I'm ever cam-ready? Photo from Dexter Tan NOT scroll down to see photos below if you're starving. You were warned!

Presenting the mango butter! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Here's the close-up photo of the mango butter. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

DIY raw pizza. Photo by Dexter Tan.

Fruit salad! Photo by Dexter Tan.

Energy balls! Prepared by Chef Asha Peri. Photo by Dexter Tan.

Truffle oil fries. Prepared by Fristine. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Tomato boats. Prepared by Ingrid and Andrea. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Fresh spring rolls with miso cheese. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

NOT tuna pate. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Lentil salad. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Hummus. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Green shawarma. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Fruit salad in spirulina gata. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Dragonfruit. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Chocolate cups. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Choco tahini sauce with dragonfruit, bananas and longgan. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Bananas in hot tamarind sauce. Prepared by Fristine. Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Salsa! Photo by Dexter Tan.

Do I still need to remind you of my long-time relationship with desserts? Evidently, my demanding tummy coordinated with my feet to bring me to the dessert table right away. Guess what happens when you've had too much chocolates and superfood?

Ampogi ko! I need a new name! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Got spirulina hemp milk? We do! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Who's rawking and roaring? Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

High on chocolates! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan

Naka-move on na ang lahat, may chocolate moustache pa rin ako! Photo by Arvy Villamarzo.

Lovely ladies! Imee, Andrea, Ingrid and moi! Photo by Dexter Tan

Food Beauty Queens. Photo and - ehem - caption by James Tan.

Krizia's first food photo exhibit. And her groupies.

Mawawala ba naman ang games? Blender game! Photo by Dexter Tan.

...And prizes? Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Hilaw Henyo moment. And I guessed it right! Woohoo! Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Being seated next to Imee reminds me that I need to go back to yoga! Check out her lotus pose! Photo by James Tan.

I would like to be a percussionist when I grow up.

And we're jamming! [Don't ask why I'm not seen in this photo] Photo by Ingrid Dimaculangan.

Unfortunately for some people working in graveyard shift, they have to start dishwashing and preparing for their commute to the office as early as 19:30. They missed out on all the dancing, playtime with a hyper kid and other spectacular things they should not even bother finding out. Sighs.

With the abundance of food, some poor corporate slaves managed to bring a piece of heaven to work. Thanks to Elrik's late arrival, I took something I haven't really tasted during the potluck. Although I am yet to try the real pad thai, I was so intrigued to experience its raw counterpart. It was a mix of raw vegetables and Goji berries for dressing.

What's in my lunchbox? Raw pad thai and truffle oil (read: aphrodisiac) fries!

Close up of Elrik's raw pad thai!

Next raw food potluck, pleeeeeeease?


  1. While I know I can't give up my usual food cravings (onti-onti muna hehe) I know I want more of those goodies you're gorging on. Love the laid back vibe!

  2. Yay! :) Can't wait for the next one too! Ha-RAW-een ata next e haha! not sure though..

  3. Kat, I still have cravings...and feel guilty of giving in to them. Ice cream, for one, is limited to once a week na lang. It's really hard for me to give up dairy. *sighs*

    Ingrid, thanks for the photos ha. Ha-RAW-een sounds delightful! Trick or treat! Woohoo!

    Wait, I forgot to add photos of the raw pad thai and truffle oil fries as my baon to work that night. Must edit!!!

  4. Surely! :) Cute no? Awwooooo haha! with costumes dapat yon! haha!
    ye, add the photos :)

  5. Seeing those delicious food, made me seriously drool. Want, waannt to try it!

  6. the whole energy sharing thing would have definitely put me off.. like only religious/spiritual people can go to things like this? I love some of the ideas behind raw foodism (note, i said some, not all. some people use psudoscience and start to get kind of cultish) but it's never presented as something for everyone.. it's never welcoming to everyone. I would *love* to find an awesome raw foods group in my area that was truly welcome and open to all types of people, where the focus was on the food and nothing else.

    anyway, all of the food looks absolutely delicious... *drools*

  7. Heather, what are those ideas you don't like about raw food diet? I'm intrigued to know. Hope you'll find your own raw food support group over there. :)

    Mitch, they're seriously delicious! You've got to give 'em a try! :)