Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Spirulina Milk!

It's always not enough to attend workshops like this. Awareness is great; but the real self-gift is action. And that's what I did even if my growing space in my parents' kitchen do not boast of the ingredients for my next mission: spirulina hemp milk. Based on the how-to in Chef Asha Peri's hand-out, this smoothie is comprised of all the superfoods that you can think of. I remember my best friend Fristine's testimonial stating one glass of this drink will keep you hyper for 12 hours.

For today's trial, I prepared the following:

Raw almonds, soaked overnight


Coconut meat


Peppermint oil

Coconut sugar

Boyz II Men's music (to arouse the loving self in me. Chos!)

Lots of luuuuuurve!

Raw almonds from Healthy Options

The star of the night! I bought this half-kilo stash of spirulina from Dahon Kusina

Coconut meat

Available in your suking tindahan!

Peppermint oil, P105 in Cooks Exchange

Coconut sugar

Using almond milk as base

Green as it should! Yay!

One blender-ful of this concoction should be good for the next 3 days! The larger pitcher at the back will be for future use.

NOTE: I don't really place my lunchbox in the fridge. Just for posterity purposes! =P

And so I asked my Hell's Kitchen-obsessed brother how he finds my creation. He found it bland, save for the mint! Then he took another sip and, in attempt to reverse my sad face, possibly quoted someone from the mentioned show and said "It's like orgasm in my mouth!". Yeah, right!

Tonight's outfit

Getting a goodbye kiss from my favorite stress ball


Altered t-shirt from Team Manila (I'm hoping the peso signs design will attract moolah)

Dark grey miniskirt from ukay ukay shop

Denim sandals from Celine

Lunch break! That's past midnight for you.

When it was turn to experience my spirulina milk, I automatically disagree with my brother's comments. My taste buds recognized the almonds, coconut and everything else! At the same time, it's far from being considered orgasmic either. [EDIT: I asked Fristine, Ingrid and Andrea to try my concoction during the raw food potluck the following day and they said it's actually good. Fristine thinks cacao nibs would make it more flavorful, though. Must complete the ingredients!] I therefore conclude that it all depends on people's taste buds. My brother could use more superfood in his diet, that's all.



  1. I'd like to try your concoction of Spirulina milk! Especially the almonds--hahaha! Thanks for sharing mars! :)

  2. Yvie, I need more practice. You're not in a rush naman, right? Hahaha!