Monday, April 30, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Asymmetrical Black + Snakeskin Swimsuit

I just broke my record this weekend. After this world premiere comes another. I wasn't expecting it either; this swimwear purchase was just a last-minute decision. When I stumbled on this blog entry, I got saddened that this cool launch slipped under my radar in spite of the fact that I'm just in Eastwood all working hours every week. Curiosity and excitement consumed me after hearing that The Plump Pinay twins designed a handful of curve-friendly swimsuits for I Love Koi. So I dragged my office pals to the Complex Lifestyle Store to check them out. While doing so, I recalled how one of my wave mates who'll be joining us in this quick summer getaway was jokingly regarded as a fashion police ("Bawal mag-ulit ng swimsuit!!!"). Plus, it's my first out-of-town traipse with Waldo so I wanted to look extra extra seksi in his eyes. And the rest is an impulsive buying history.

Although some friends call it a splurge, I consider it cheaper (P2,280) compared to my prior take-homes from Speedo (ranging from P3,000-4,000+). It is indeed a kikay swimwear, but I wished it had maximum support for my twins Suzy and Geno. Based on this photo, I got the impression it was entirely asymmetrical. The strap was a welcome surprise until it made disappearing acts when I paddled away from the shore. I felt sexier when I unhooked the strap, but I noticed that the boyfriend went protective. The design promised full coverage so I was clueless where was his irrational fear of nip slip was coming from. Yes, it is a good buy!

Now here's the part where I saturate you with my uninspired poses. Yeah, I wanted to treat you to varied poses like the ones in Camiguin, but I had to plunge to the waters right away. Having your monthly period at the beach sucks big-time. Sighs.

Seksi back sana...until the strap got tangled!
Too dressy to get wet? Watch me!

Upon seeing The Plump Pinay's swimwear designs online, my officemates (men and women alike) expressed that this particular design I fancy and this one were too dressy to be worn and get soaked in the beach. One guy said I can wear either of the two and just slip on my denim jeans and show up in the office. Well, I did get this swimsuit drenched. And I have this photo to prove it! Haha!

Today's Outfit:

Swimwear from I Love Koi
Sunglasses from Forever 21

Photos by Waldo Pan and Abby Mayuga.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Purple Romper + That Purple Flats

I've been obsessing about rompers for the past months now and I finally found an eye-catching number when I least expected it - when escorting the birthday girl scour for a present for herself in Forever 21. I know I've told myself a thousand times to veer away from purple stuff as I would probably emerge as a winner in a 30-Purple-Outfits-For-30-Days challenge against Grimace. But tell me how to turn down something lovely like this dominantly-purple-with-tiny-splashes-of-pink-and-blue romper. It's beyond kikay!

Aaaaand since I failed the marshmallow test twice in this lifetime so far, I decided to debut this recent find during the bum-flattening road trip to Laiya, Batangas and uneventful stopover in the grocery this weekend. I actually imagined to pose with the Laiya shore in the background but, thanks to the onset of my period, I had to scratch out that pictorial idea. Oooops...sorry for too much info.

Loving this romper in XL!

Because one full body shot is NEVER enough!

Me and my backne tan lines from Camiguin (October 2011)


Purple flats from Sassy Girl

Weeks before this world premiere, I really wanted my footwear to be anything BUT purple. The last thing I need to hear en route to the beach is to be called Grimace. My screaming pink flats is out. I imagined my t-strapped teal flats would be the much-needed refreshing break to the purple parade, but, to my horror, it doesn't complement my romper when I gave it a try yesterday morning. Off you go, purple flats!

At  the risk of sounding like a shameless plug, I bought this pair from my friend Valerie. She's selling these comfy flats and espadrilles for just P400 and P470, respectively. There are so many colors and designs to choose from and it truly deserves a separate blog entry so you'll understand why I had a hard time choosing which pair to take home with me. do you find this purple par-tey? Overkill or okay na okay? Let me hear it!

Today's Outfit:
Sunglasses from Forever 21
Romper from Forever 21
Recycled leather band from Clinton Aniversario
Flats from Sassy Girl

Photos by Millie Ramos.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SALE ALERT! Fancy Flats' 50% Off Tag Sale Tuesdays!

Sometimes it pays to be insomniac. Me and my overworked fingers had a serendipitous sole search without the usual hassle that takes form in heavy traffic, loooong queue and/or the recent unbearable, scorching heat. I know I wasn't supposed to spend for flats again after this episode, but, heck, how can I possibly resist an alluring offer like 50% off for patent leather moccasins without leaving my cozy bedroom one midnight?

INTRODUCING: Fancy Flats' online Tag Sale Tuesdays!

Fancy Flats EMMA was 50% off for 24 hours ONLY!
Original Price: PHP 895.00; Tag Sale Tuesdays Price (Less 50%): PHP 447.50

And my pick! Mint, please! (NOT my feet)

If I may just impart a very important tip when shoe-shopping or shopping for anything for that matter, it is vital to remain calm. Why so? I allowed the impulsive buyer in me to take over and immediately e-mailed Fancy Flats to reserve me their biggest pair for the abovementioned color even if I know for a fact that size 8/39 (their biggest size for mint) would potentially lead to blisters and discomfort. Hey, never underestimate the power of lighters! If you just tuned in, my first purchase from Fancy Flats was a 9/40. Considering how generous they are of their size chart reminders on their Facebook page AND email (upon confirmation of my e-mail order), I really have nobody else to blame but my overly optimistic self.

Now here's the part where I present my poorly-taken photos.

What's in the mail? My new pair of flats! Wee!

New arrival! Literally!

Emma in mint, size 8/39, without flash

L-R: Ciara brogues, Emma patent leather moccasins and... the space for my next pair from Fancy Flats! Would it be for Hailey neon espadrilles or Peony floral print espadrille brogues? Hmmm...

Yes, their virtual midnight madness really happens every Tuesdays. In fact, they offered 3 lovely pairs 50% off the previous night! Check out the designs below.


Fancy Flats JULIA is 50% off for 24 hours ONLY!
Original Price: PHP 795.00; Tag Sale Tuesdays Price (Less 50%): PHP 397.50

Fancy Flats CANDACE is 50% off for 24 hours ONLY!
Original Price: PHP 895.00; Tag Sale Tuesdays Price (Less 50%): PHP 447.50

Fancy Flats KATYA is 50% off for 24 hours ONLY!
Original Price: PHP 995.00; Tag Sale Tuesdays Price (Less 50%): PHP 497.50

I'm sure you're already placing bets if I contradicted myself again and availed of this. I wanna hear what you'll have to say.
Pretty photos lifted from Fancy Flats' Facebook fanpage.
BlackBlurry™ photos by yours truly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking The 4-Day All-Liquid Fast

Surviving the 3-day juice feast was no guaranty about the success of the succeeding 1.5-day water fast. I feel I can take the deluge of juices that would enter my mouth, but I'm fearful of water. How strange for someone who subjected herself to water indulgence during the height of her sinusitis, right? Compared to juices, water feels so...plain.


When I woke up that morning, I was alarmed to see how the color of my urine spoke of dehydration. I immediately resolved to drink at least 10 glasses of water within the day. Before reaching Prayer Mountain, I've already come to the decision NOT to take my antibiotics and antihistamine until it's time to break the fast and found no reason to bring fruits either. Doing so would just result to solid food consumption, defeating the purpose why I agreed to go on all-liquid fast for this Holy Week.

What's for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Water and more water inside the blueberry white tea glass!

The morning worship + preaching was set to begin at 09:00, but our group made sure to be inside a few hours prior to that. We wanted to secure a vacant prayer cell for ourselves to be in deep dialogue with God. Besides, our hotel room stood NEXT to the kitchen, giving us an unsolicided invitation of what's to be served for breakfast.

Prayer cells

Mooooore prayer cells!

My niche for the next hour

I heard my stomach churn violently for the unwanted deprivation around past 10:00, but my mind remained focused and grateful for the pastor's reassuring reminders. I found strength from the conviction that I have begun to celebrate dependence on Him and, soon enough, obtain clarity of mind.

By noon, our group dashed back to the neighboring hotel outside the Prayer Mountain for some much-needed repose. Our airconditioned room was indeed our instant igloo against the punishing humidity that afternoon. I was the last to fall asleep in our party of three. I was having visions of delectable food again, but I have no recollection which food. When I woke up from the alarm, I wished I had longer slumber. How typical. Back to the Prayer Mountain we went.

Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain

Quiet time

The painful grumbles made a comeback around 17:00 while I was on my solitary moment, taking in all the soothing silence that surrounded me. I "chewed" on lukewarm water and found solace in supportive messages from friends and Waldo. That was probably the longest instance of protest that day, to be repeated later that evening around past 20:00.

Before the evening service commenced at 19:00, I was puzzled to see the staff assemble tables outside the main building. Aren't we supposed to break the fast until Saturday noon? What kind of mental challenge is this? Worse, the waft of fried tuyo made our animated conversation come into a screeching halt. We unanimously decided to escape and proceeded inside the building. That was delicious! Seriously, I was beginning to think I can't make it until the following day.

This self-doubt aggravated when I recognized guilt for being distracted to the pleasant smell of arroz caldo even before the preaching could officially end. To my surprise, the pastor invited us to come out and join the small feast that awaits us outside. It was really time to break the fast. I was momentarily convinced that I can still stretch this act of self-control further. When my friends averred they will join the meal outside, I felt my insides sing gleefully. It could use some warm soup!

Breaking the all-liquid fast with 2 servings of arroz caldo, orange and lumpiang togue with camote

The look of happiness and relief for surviving the fast

Looking back, I'm relieved that I managed to fulfill this difficult mission, considering how indulgent I am. I know I lacked preparation, but it just goes to show how mental readiness plays a key role in this effort. Actually, 4 days of all-liquid fast is too short and I really have no right to feel like a superwoman after surviving it. Will I do it again? I'll give you a resouding yes. Anything for an opportunity to find Christ again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Juice Feast: Day 3 of 3

Woke up about 2 hours before my alarm clock rings. Is that a sign of excitement for what lies ahead of me or what? Unlike Day 2, I woke up craving for more rest, but it didn't feel like dragging myself out of bed. One sight of my packed bag and I'm again reminded of my important meet-up with Him later.


For the third time this week, I had smoothie from the nearby banchetto. This time, I ordered carrot smoothie. As usual, no sugar and no milk.

Fruit Shakers again for breakfast!

Ate had difficulty with my carrot smoothie

When Ate clarified if I were sure I don't want any sugar and milk with my smoothie and motioned the blender with difficulty, I suddenly realized that there are some things that juicers can achieve easily than blenders. It's too late to change my order.

Sipping my carrot smoothie and Carmela's sugar-loaded buko juice

Van and Carmela's rib eye steak with potato balls

My carrot smoothie and the supposedly tempting revel bar

While my breakfast buddies hungrily consumed their meals, I sipped my smoothie, "juiced" the carrot as if it would melt inside my mouth and spat out the tidbits. My throat didn't seem to welcome the tiny grains that made it inside. We wasted no time when they're done; we headed back to the office. They saw me make hurried stops to throw out the carrot tidbits inside my mouth.

What's left of my 16-oz carrot smoothie. To the thrash can!

The first half of today's shift was my busiest this workweek. Put a great amount of brain activity and unaligned amount of breakfast together and that would spell noisy tummy. Worse, I could feel last night's banapple smoothie wants to make a quick exit while I was here in the office. My mind thinks there's a better time and venue for it.

Lunch dates: Ian and his veggie sandwich, Lady and her pan-fried chicken and mushroom with tortilla

Ian tries to turn me green with envy. Hmmm...

Prepping my lunch

Yesterday's supposed lunch: 15-fruit juice!

Yes, I was very hungry that I was starting to become envious of Ian's succulent lettuce and Lady's mouthwatering mushrooms. As a result, I didn't take my sweet time in drinking my 15-fruits juice. But I soon recovered and started "chewing" my juice. However, I had a pending task waiting for my return. Can't linger in the office pantry.

Inasmuch as I'd like to defer my sausage-making moment, I had to listen to my body. It was in great unease. I made a quick break in the office loo and did what I should had done earlier in the morning. You have no idea how quick it was. Not because I was scared that somebody else would enter and find out the stench, it's just that it didn't require much time compared to the usual quality-time I spend in the tiolet.

I have to conclude this entry right now even if it's not officially end of the day yet. I'm minutes away from doing my much-awaited trek to Antipolo and commence my water fasting. The past 2 days had been successful and this hunger I'm currently nursing is slightly making me anxious about the next 2 days. Please pray for me. Thank you. Bless your heart.

POSTSCRIPT: 10.04.2012

My brekky buddy, Van, happened to bring his car and offered to take me to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. After all, he's from Antipolo himself and it's hardly a bother to make a slight detour for me. I noticed I wasn't as energetic compared to my office pals Carmela, Donna and Tatat during the road trip. We made a stopover as Tatat needs to purchase some pasalubong for her family and I found myself drooling for sugar. Lots of it!

Fought the great urge to grab a roll of Brazo de Mercedes!

Roadtrip drink: buko juice!

Luckily, I survived this test and found a buko vendor outside the bakery. The buko juice was placed in a plastic labo and, as Tatat advised, I should consume it right away. Coconut water tends to be corrosive and I might end up drinking the plastic as well if I don't hurry up. But try saying that to someone who's been used to slow drinking for the past 3 days. It was a struggle to guzzle it down, especially that it's far from being chilled. Thankfully, I managed to finish it. I'm just not sure if I drank plastic, too.

How did my 2-day water fasting go? To be continued...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Juice Feast: Day 2 of 3

You'd know it when you fell to a sweet slumber if you forgot to set your alarm clock the previous evening. The funny thing is, my eyes slowly pushed open shortly after someone placed a huge bowl of instant noodles in front of me in my dream. Then I discovered it's already 05:30AM, my new wake-up time, and I didn't feel any heaviness in spite of the fact that I yielded to Morpheus around midnight. I didn't feel starving or thirsty either.

The recollection of yesterday's success instantly brought a smile in my lips, hindering any negative thoughts about potential craving attacks today. Surviving the first day felt like earning a badge; I felt more convinced that Day 2 will be a breeze. With this realization, I said a thankful prayer.

And I skin-brushed again. For the first time since Sunday, I took pleasure in the slow strokes and felt as if there's no rush. Does it really mean I'm already stimulating my lymph nodes or is this a by-product of the juice feast?


My usual breakfast buddies, Carmela, Van and their teammates, were nowhere to be found when I arrived. My batchmates Ian and Lady were craving for pan de sal for breakfast and they seemed unwilling to make a long walk. Ian had an urgent pricing task. So I went on a solitary walk along Eastwood Citywalk en route to the banchetto. It's fruit smoothie again for breakfast. It's just a question of what combination this time.

This somehow reminded me that I'm alone in this path. But I don't feel lonely or lost; I know this is a must-do preparation for my set-apart time with Him. He went on fasting for 40 days before, there's no way I can't rise above a 5-day fast. Do I feel weak? Hardly. I feel lighter and more attentive to my body's needs. And that's good news.

Second day in a row in Eastwood banchetto!

Decisions, decisions!

22-oz banana-mango smoothie, meds and water for breakfast

I was occupied with my deal when my teammate She surprised me with her quite overdue yet unncessary reward for me. She probably deferred this, considering how I've been a poster kid of respiratory discomfort for the past 2 weeks. My heart was touched with the thought, but I doubt my gratitude didn't reflect much in my face. I explained I'm on juice feast and I'll probably consume it until Easter Sunday.

She rewards me with Magnum for handling her deals when she was on leave weeks ago. Does it really have to be TODAY?

The only Magnum variant that I am yet to try! Sadly, not today.

My anacondas started to perform this cacophony of grumbles and growls before lunchtime. I actually brought a 15-fruit juice for lunch, but I wanted an energy boost for today. I bought buko juice downstairs and added spirulina powder.

Kuya Aljur, can I have fresh coconut juice please?

22-oz coconut juice + spirulina

Lunch break!

Lunch dates: Ian and his tuna and Lady and her pan-fried cream dory and pesto pasta

As expected, Ian made me feel that I'm missing out on a lot and he even commented he finds my diet pitiful. Watching them made me miss the gestures involved in eating, but I didn't recognize any desire for solid food itself. Again, I was the last to finish my "meal" even if it felt I was guzzling my juice at the beginning. I was told 60% of digestion happens inside the mouth and we must chew our food for 20 seconds before swallowing. This juice feast is an excellent reminder about this lesson.

The workday was supposed to be concluded in the nearby badminton court. One of my colleagues suggested this earlier this week and I was quick to turn down the invitation. I've gone absent to this smash-out parties since I've had sinusitis mid-March and, considering this juice fast, I'm not confident I can handle it. Sweat is welcome, but my mind wasn't curious enough if my body will survive it.

Instead, I finally met up with Waldo for super early dinner. I crave for his support at this adjustment period and I'm aware I owe him apologies for being a monster girlfriend since the onset of my monthly period followed up by sinusitis and, now, the juice feast. My peace offering? Some sort of "royal treatment".

Somebody stole and...uhm...drank my Magnum!

Dinner: Banapple's banapple smoothie

My dinner date at 17:00. He just had lunch at 15:00, hence the empty hand.

I asked him if he noticed any difference since I underwent this feast, like pallor, drastic energy loss or poor posture. He denied any signs of bad changes, but he realized how my right forearm slimmed down when he held it. I didn't weigh in before getting into juice feast, so I can't confirm this. Again, he told me I can do it and I completely believe him. This date unromantically concluded in the laundry shop and grocery. But, hey, I'm proud of how I remained collected in spite of the typically stifling atmosphere there.

When I got in the apartment, I busied myself with the laundry and pack-up for Prayer Mountain. Decisions, decisions! The soothing dry skin brushing earlier inspired me to do a repeat before I went for a poop (YAY!) and shower. Applying what I've learned from this source, I started from my feet and worked my way up in vigorous and counter-clockwise motion. I preferred this morning's brush.

It was already around 22:00 but I don't feel washed out or drowsy yet. I spent this time to draft this mushy blog entry until the body finally asked for repose by close to midnight. It was unbelievable that this juice feast allowed me to pen down my thoughts in great lengths for the past 2 days! Amazing!