Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[SUPPOSEDLY] WORLD PREMIERE: Those Comfy Flats from Sassy Girl

Before I get to world premiere my violet flats here, my kikay officemates had expressed their interest to get their own pair. And so did this machunurin guy for his real-life boss. (Congrats again, Weenee! Best wishes, Aberdeen!) I can still recall how almost everyone clamored for the red pair, got discouraged with the possibility that we'll report to work donning the same footwear and quickly realized it's not really a big deal if we do. At least we know one another and we could agree not to be seen wearing the same pair during lunch outs and post-shift adventures (yeah, right!) AND it's hardly as humiliating like it did when I sat next to a fellow passenger or crossed the street with a fellow corporate slave wearing the same purchase from Solemate. Seriously, I have an average of 1 encounter per week!

Luckily, my friend Valerie Dy put up her own shoe business and started producing these comfy flats and espadrilles for P400 and P470, respectively. They don't have any boutiques and online presence as of presstime, so what are the odds that I line up in queue next to a woman in the same flats in a coffee shop or in the cinemas?

Anyway, we gals agreed to world premiere our chosen pair when all our orders arrived. However, EQ is not so common after all. We all wore it to the office as soon as we received them (they came in batches) so they were slightly untidy when we finally got to do a pictorial outside business hours. Keber na! We'll try again for our second pair!

Sassy Girl flats also come in printed designs! If you're interested to see the swatches, shoot me an email to Lornadahl.Campilan@gmail.com and I'll be happy to send you the photos.

Let's vault in!
L-R: Chi in lemon, Mommy Jo in light blue, Elaine in red and moi in violet
Chi and her lemon flats
Elaine and her red flats
Yours truly in oversized blouse + bandage skirt + violet flats


  1. Thanks, mare! More shoe posts coming up! Ahihi! Miss you, Dannah!

  2. i want those! cute flats! plus they're inexpensive ;)

  3. Right on! I can send you the swatches if you like. What's your email address? :D

  4. These are gorgeous flats sweetie! :)

    Followed you through GFC
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  5. Thank for your visit. That sounds like a cool giveaway. Too bad it's not my size haha.