Saturday, February 18, 2012

Erzullie's First Look: Resort 2012 Collection + WORLD PREMIERE: That Loose Blouse

The long wait is finally over. Tonight happens to be the unveiling of Erzullie's First Look of the Resort 2012 collection [and 50% sale for previously released items]! For someone who tends to wear summer outifts all year round, I consider this a major event I can not afford to miss. Besides, how often will this humble blogger obtain VIP access to a fashion show/secret sale from one of the popular local brands for plus size fashion? Sorry for keeping mum about this as the designers Aries de Guzman and Berna Cuevas sent the invite via our BBM group and they wish to keep the show exclusive for the plus size sisterhood.

Aside from the collection itself, I'm thrilled to finally meet the designers. We've been exchanging tweets and advice via BBM (yes, it was Aries who encouraged me to go for a big belt and flats for this outfit) and it's about time we exchange besos and show my support for their own way of body acceptance campaign. They're so bursting with pride for their work; they showed up donning their own designs!

Aries de Guzman wears the maxi pants

Berna Cuevas wears the Resort 2012 maxi skirt

Erzullie began the evening with a audio-visual presentation of the Erzullie Icons garbed in their freshest designs and makeup from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and Ravish Couture Lashes. I have to admit the latter were too flashy that it sort of distracted me from the actual collection. Yeah, blame it on my short attention span.

One of the items from the Resort 2012 Collection

The beautiful belles behind the fashion show/bazaar

What we did after the presentation? Imagine a handful of ladies who grabbed one outfit after another and barraged the designers with questions about availability of sizes and colors.

That's me in the middle of the shopping frenzy. Photo grabbed from Photo Escape.

Erzullie's past and new collection. Yep, discounted!

I instantly fell in love with the black maxi pants, but I wish they had it in loud colors like custard (my current obsession) or neon pink. Looking back, black seems like a sensible choice for such a layered design. I also fancied the blue, bohemian dress. It feels light, comfy and ideal for romantic walks along the shore. Yeah, I'm blushing right here.

Me and my BlackBlurry™'s poor attempt to capture how flowy the maxi pants were

Trying on this bohemian dress

Lovin' the cut and the details!

It was inspiring to see both designers welcome inquiries with warmth and helpful tips. After all, this gathering is also about connection. Inasmuch as I would like to stay longer and make new friends, I had to dash elsewhere for my fourth and last itinerary that day. There'll always be next time, right?

Most photos grabbed from Erzullie.
Shopping frenzy photo from Photo Escape.
BlackBlurry™ photos from yours truly. =P


After the fashion show, I dashed to Ortigas to reunite with old friends and make new ones. To be more accurate, one of my old friends wanted to introduce our new friend who made us all gather around and recall about the good times. He's no ordinary newfound friend as he came all the way from Greece! Aaaaand he's not flying back until he meets this bubbly, extra seksi woman! Tourist attraction na ako?

Anyway, I decided to world premiere my new green-and-purple loose blouse for the back-to-back occasions, along with this bandage skirt and gliterry brogues. I know it's too loose, but I can't resist the fresh print and how I find it fitting to my tight skirt.

That loose blouse: aye or nay?

Guys, meet Axilleas. Or Aki for short.

THIS is Aki's idea!

The long overdue reunion with old colleagues namely, (atti-)Chud, Ivy, Doña Melin, Randy and moi.

Sa uulitin?

Photos from Randy Bularin and Axilleas Karaliopoulos.


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  2. Thank you! Following you back. :D

  3. aww sayang, i really wanted to meet the designers too! sana may part 2 pa! Yay on the blouse, loving the prints and how loose it was. Sophisticated and fun, you look ravenous!

  4. Hi Mitch! You seriously think it looked OK? My friend thinks it's too loose kasi. Oh, well. At least I felt comfy when I wore it.

    Yeah, I'm sure Aries and Berna are cooking up something real soon. ;)