Friday, March 9, 2012

#MarchPhotoADay Challenge! Day 9: [Puta] Red

I've been worried sick what to blog about since the start of the month. I've got a tall pile of backlog to work on plus I haven't really thought of anything cool to write about aside from the [tooooooooot]. Wait, something's creeping up.

I heard about this camera phone photo challenge on Facebook 2 days ago and, as you can expect from a camwhore like myself, I'm so thrilled to start right away. I was momentarily hesitant to join; I'd like to begin on the first day of the month. But, hey, who says I can't start posting photos today? If you're interested, check out the mechanics below.

[Camera Phone] Photo A Day Challenge! Lifted from Fat Mum Slim

Today's assignment is so close to my heart. As you can tell in my prior entries, I am such a big fan of screaming reds. Red lipstick makes me want to go panic buying even if most people think it looks best in fair-skinned women yada yada. I think I look sexier in red, too. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

So...I brought out an old blouse with argyle design, my trusty puta red lipstick (thanks, Revlon!), my souvenir hat that I am yet to world premiere (thanks, Ina!) and my red pumps from Solemate (not seen in this photo). Enjoy!

Day # 9: RED


  1. ayyy! gusto ko ng ganyang pose tas nakaputang lipstick ahahaha