Sunday, March 25, 2012

#MarchPhotoADay Challenge! Day 25: Breakfast

My colds just turned 8-day-old today. And it's not something to celebrate about. Typically, I just suffer from colds for 2-3 days and then move on to coughs and/or fever. When this occurs, I let things happen as I refuse to be dependent on prescribed drugs. Since earlier this week, I've been contradicting myself and started popping the green pills in hopes to prevent what's yet to come.

Yesterday, my grandmother bought guyabano (otherwise known as soursop) from a vendor outside our home. We shared this between the two of us and, in between mouthfuls, I promised to buy her more guyabano and, another common favorite, avocado. Before lunchtime, I went to the grocery to fulfill this promise. Upon my arrival, we both prepared the ripe fruits and I decided to have more guyabano and I'll have my share of avocado for breakfast. When I woke up this morning, I noticed there were guyabano leftovers in the fridge (proving we're the only herbivores in the household) so I decided to have both fruits for breakfast.

Day 25: Breakfast

I know, guyabano (possibly sub-acid) and avocado (starch) is an odd combination. But guyabano is an excellent source of Vitamin C, very fitting for my current need. I even had real calamansi juice (acid) to go with them. Did I just hear you gasp? I admit, this is a very bad example of food combining.

Have I told you how my stomach proved to be highly trained in surviving bad combination of food? It had a track record of no complaints for Indian mango-and-soda combo, spoiled menudo, among others. I'm grateful for this gift as it allows me to stuff myself anything all the time, but I must remember that it's not a good way of treating my body. Proper food combining paves the way for good digestion; the easy-to-digest (light, water-based food) had to wait for the hard-to-digest ones (heavy proteins) before making an exit in our system. The longer it stays in our stomach, the bigger the possibility of fermentation which sadly leads to high acidity.

Since the onset of this journey to wellness, I learned facts that debunked food-related guides that were passed on from generations to generations. For instance, my guyabano-and-avocado-loving grandmother coached me NEVER consume fruits in an empty stomach and it's best eaten as dessert. In reality, fruits are our best bet in breaking fasts and it should be eaten first, salad second, finally the main course. Fruits play a key role in absorption of nutrients and they are the easiest to digest and, naturally, should be eaten 45 minutes before any meal.

Sorry if this entry sounds too rigid and heavy. But it's something we really need to know so our bodies would feel better. On the lighter side, the #MarchPhotoADay challenge is still ongoing! Here's the mechanics:

[Camera Phone] Photo A Day Challenge! Created by Fat Mum Slim.

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