Thursday, March 22, 2012

[12 of] 27 Dresses

You've heard of my intent to perform supporting roles in at least 27 weddings here. This year, the parade of romantic rites began at my aunt's exchange of vows with a family friend. I remember how we used to sigh about our seemingly zero lovelives and, in one instance, how I assured her that Mr. Right will definitely come knocking to those who patiently wait. Fast forward that day, she began a deeper romantic journey with Tito Jojo and I, in turn, introduced the new man in my life to our big (paternal) family. A milestone indeed!

The Campilan-Papa Nuptials

18 March 2012

The inspiration behind my gown! Thanks Google images!

As soon as my mother saw this picture, she bombarded me with disapproving spiels, reminding me how my big arms are total eye sores and all that. She even added the other secondary sponsors will don cocktail dresses so why can't I do the same? I countered sponsors are supposed to be in long dresses. If they won't, it's up to them.

The creation of this gown subjected me into series of stressful moments that are still too fresh to recount. Maybe when I can finally look back and laugh away. Then, there's this last-minute realization that my silver clutch bag refuses to unzip and my mum is too occupied running the show to help me find a decent replacement from her own closet. Anyway, this is a festive event so enough blabbing and let's proceed to the photos!

My beautiful bouquet

Wheeeeere's Waldo? Right here beside me!

Waldo is no part of the entourage, but this bratinella prefers that his attire would complement my gown and he looks stunning when we waltz in together. After all, nobody walks in in casual polo during meet-the-big-family moments like this, right? We had our own little adventure shopping for this formal wear and I'm glad that he realized that he, too, can look stylish in such outfit.

This medium close-up shot was brought to you by the unofficial photographer

Here comes the cord sponsors!

Us secondary sponsors: my childhood friend-turned-kumare Leah, Tita Susan, myself and the groom's bunso, Elizabeth

The happiest couple that day, Tita Ines and Tito Jojo

In secondary sponsor duties!

The newlyweds and the secondary sponsors

The newlyweds and our big, big family from Southern Leyte

The newlyweds and the secondary sponsors during the reception

By the time reception rolled around, my gown had started manifesting slight malfunction. It was like Suzi and Geno were fighting for their own airtime, wanting to be freed from their hiding place. But that would be too obscene. So when they asked for the single ladies to come in front for the traditional bouquet throw, I had a valid excuse to remain seated and fidget on my buttons. Phew!

I know I've blogged somewhere that I truly enjoy the competition for the bouquet throws and I can't comprehend why most Pinays prefer to play the killjoy role each time. Now I realize that it's a different story when you're finally dating someone and they expect you to be the next to dash to tie the knot. Harharhar! Chill out, people!

Look for me...if you can!

Going back to the gown, I believe the fit can still be improved. And that Hello Kitty bag is beyond inappropriate for the event. I'll just try to redeem myself next time. When they renew their vows, maybe?

Outfit of the Day:

Long gown with silver belt

Hello Kitty handbag

VNC silver heels

Photos from Leah Luceros-Rubia, the unofficial photographer/s and yours truly.

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