Monday, August 8, 2011

MUSIC MONDAY: Dan ex Machina - Beautiful Women, Busy Plot

♪♪ Baby sweet baby in my defense ♪♫♫

♪♫♫ You've plain lost the will to open your heart again ♪♫♪

♫♫ I can do it all faster now ♫♪♫

Here's one cool track from Ask A Guy Who Likes Fat Chicks. Yep, he maintains an amazingly honest and empowering website...and makes music! Where can I get one?

Follow him on Twitter here.


  1. extra sexy talaga hah! hehehe. e-monitize mo na blogelya mo teh! sayang. gaganda ng posts mo.

  2. Hi, Rome! Extra seksi talaga! Wow, thanks! Maybe you should teach me how to do so. :)