Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lipstick of the Day: MAC's Pink Nouveau

The last time I met up with Carl, my high school BFF and constant accomplice in kikay quests, I remember being mesmerized with her playful pink lipstick. It was MAC's Pink Nouveau. When we agreed to meet up last Sunday to attend the Glam Camp, I asked if I may try it on and see how it looks against my sun-kissed skin.

Up close and...blurry!

Is it just me or it truly looks fab on creamy-skinned Carl and morena moi?

That mandatory solo photo

Carl and her fixation with girl-in-the-mirror photo opp

Exploring the bazaar involved marveling at funky accessories, high fashion clothes and shoes, endless palettes of make-up and meeting warm souls in the venue. Sorry, we missed to take photos of the entire area.

Look at how my lips matched the ring!

And... the fan!

And... this pretty platform!

Our favorite part? It happened the very moment we stepped in! We found the Lucky Doll's booth and started fitting corsets (and daydreaming we'd get to attend the upcoming Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash in our fantasy sweetheart-cut corsets and...fulfill my boudoir pictorial fantasy). Too bad there were no fitting rooms that we ended up trying the corsets on top of our clothes that day.

Me and my first attempt to fit in a red corset

Piece of advice: Awat muna sa pag-pout lalo na kung tabingi pa ang corset.

The second one won't fit either. My twins kasi eh!

This may look like another shopping sob story. But imagine my unparalleled excitement when Ella, the owner, informed me that this beautiful black corset below will be available next my cup size! It was surreal until she repeated her declaration and sealed it with a pinkie swear.

Carl and the back view of ze black corset

Front view

Imagine my surprise when I heard somebody call my name while I was inspecting a rack of cool clothes. It turned out to be my former officemate and ka-birthday Arianne Juanillo who happens to be the owner of Vanity Without Apology. As always, she looked radiant and fresh. Sorry, no photo opp until my Real-Life Goddess feature on her. =P

Actually, we just completely forgot to ask for that Almost Famous moment with her. Forgive me, will you?

Pretty pick from Vanity Without Apology. Design by Dimple Lim.

Another drool-worthy piece from Dimple Lim. My twins like them!

The final stop served as the low point of the trip. The Plump Pinay probably left before the time we arrived at 18:30. I was looking forward to finally meet them and check out their merchandise such as the I ♥ My Body shirts and PLUMP necklaces.

The Plump Pinay booth

But, hey, I must cheer up! Read the good news here.


  1. nice entry lorna! i heard MAC's Way to Love looks pretty too :) next time you go sa mga ganitong event, take more pictures please hehe.

  2. Lorns, pink nouveau suits you perfectly! I had that one before and my gosh para akong bangkay na trying hard. It was so bad sa akin! and I like that pink fan, parang maganda ilagay sa wall =) and yeah more photos!

    *Cheryl B.

  3. Kar! I'm so honored to see you in this virtual niche of mine! My friend Carl took many photos, actually. I'll tag you in the album so you can see the rest. Are you looking for make-up photos? I don't think she took any. =P

    You promised to bring Russian Red on Friday ha! Pictorial ito! ;)

    Hi, Che! Why bangkay? Photos or it didn't happen! =P

    Thanks for the visit! I'm so kilig. :D

  4. Bagay! Ang ganda ng pink color bagay sa moreno ang feminine ng dating. :) Glam Camp must be fun and those corsets, aww sexy!

  5. Lorn's di bagay sa skin tone ko to, it kind of drained all the color from my face thus the bangkay term. Parang naging lifeless mukha ko, have you experienced that from other lip colors? I get that from nude lippies, shell pink, beige lippies...


  6. Hi, Mitch! I used to think pinks and even reds won't work on morena skin. Ang saya-saya pala to try other shades! It all started with NYX's Milan for me. I better get another one!

    Che, I don't like nude lipsticks that much, too. Maybe I should give them a try and blog about them. Can you name such lippies?

  7. Hmmm.. that shade of MAC is interesting. I will definitely try MAC soon. Btw, I like your lips ring. So cute! Thanks for the visit.

    1. Yeah, it's really Barbie-ish. It can get dry, though. Give it a try! I can't wait for your next pink lipstick post. ;)

      Oh, that's a barbell or tongue ring. I don't wear it anymore. Now you got me thinking about Monroe piercing...