Thursday, August 18, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: My Lunch Box and Leggings

Inspired by yesterday's post, I feel this urge to overshare again and give you a peek of my today's lunch box new leggings from Ladies Circle in SM Department Store.

What's in my lunch box today?

Check out the lunch box and the new pair of leggings. Much to mum's relief.

I admit I haven't done diligent research on rawkin' recipes and haven't been able to afford raw stash for my spoiled belly for the past few months. As a result, this aspiring raw foodist had been reduced to a pollo-vegetarian. For someone's who's got too much on her plate since birth, I decided to get into this diet to become more energetic, accomplish all of my commitments and share more of my crazy self to this world. Of course, I am also hopeful to address the health concerns I elaborated here by stuffing myself with healthier options. Prevention is way better and cheaper than cure, right?

What's inside Pandora's box?

Ta-da! Raw almonds and raisins for snack, pineapple juice and chia seeds

I had a long day and I need all the energy that I can get to remain awake during my pre-graveyard shift itineraries (which include me-time in the swimming pool and long overdue meeting with a friend) and the shift itself. My action plan? Buko juice par-tey! I learned from Pi Villaraza during my first inner dance class that nothing else comes close to coconuts. It can give up to 300 horsepower (or is it hertz?) while its close contender, palm oil, is at 150! And...would you believe that coffee is only at -12? To my disappointment, buko juice vendors also observe office hours. But I consoled myself with the thought that I still have chia seeds that I unwittingly left in my workstation the other day. All I need to do is mix it with warm water until it turns gelatinous. Cheers!

Chia seeds! My substitute for coffee!

My mix of raw almonds and raisins

For reasons I'd rather not divulge, my raw almonds are better off as snack instead of almond milk. They've been attracting ants! I decided to throw in some raisins for more fun. Apparently, this trail mix is hardly enough to keep me alive, satiated and inspired all night long. As soon as I realized the tall pile of tasks that await me after a day of absence, I went downstairs and found solace in a nearby coffee shop.

What's for breakfast? Seattle's Best Coffee's pasta arrabiata!

And I forgot to ask them to remove the parmesan cheese. I'm a cheese lover until I heard that this particular kind of cheese is at -34 pH on the charts. How acidic can that get?!

What's for lunch? Corn muffins and milk

By the time lunch time rolls around, I still felt quite full. I joined my teammates for another episode of ab workout disguised as incessant laugh trip in a convenience store. Again, I wished they'd offer more greens and fruits.

Before I go so I can give the Incubus live from Red Rocks, CO on livestream my undivided attention, I'm leaving you with this photo. Kar thinks this pair looks like jennings and I should get more leggings. Hmmm...

Hot legs!


  1. Hi lovely!

    Thanks for your comment! I've enjoyed taking a peek into your bag as well:))

    Mmmm, such a yammi post! It makes me hungry:))haha!

    Love you flats!!



  2. lovin' the leggings, hot legs talaga!
    would agree on alexandra's comment, nakakagutom nga.. :(

  3. Oh, my overused flats, you mean? It's begging for early retirement, you see. Hahaha!

    Thanks for the love! More what's-in-your-lunchbox posts coming up! ;)