Saturday, February 18, 2012

Erzullie's First Look: Resort 2012 Collection + WORLD PREMIERE: That Loose Blouse

The long wait is finally over. Tonight happens to be the unveiling of Erzullie's First Look of the Resort 2012 collection [and 50% sale for previously released items]! For someone who tends to wear summer outifts all year round, I consider this a major event I can not afford to miss. Besides, how often will this humble blogger obtain VIP access to a fashion show/secret sale from one of the popular local brands for plus size fashion? Sorry for keeping mum about this as the designers Aries de Guzman and Berna Cuevas sent the invite via our BBM group and they wish to keep the show exclusive for the plus size sisterhood.

Aside from the collection itself, I'm thrilled to finally meet the designers. We've been exchanging tweets and advice via BBM (yes, it was Aries who encouraged me to go for a big belt and flats for this outfit) and it's about time we exchange besos and show my support for their own way of body acceptance campaign. They're so bursting with pride for their work; they showed up donning their own designs!

Aries de Guzman wears the maxi pants

Berna Cuevas wears the Resort 2012 maxi skirt

Erzullie began the evening with a audio-visual presentation of the Erzullie Icons garbed in their freshest designs and makeup from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and Ravish Couture Lashes. I have to admit the latter were too flashy that it sort of distracted me from the actual collection. Yeah, blame it on my short attention span.

One of the items from the Resort 2012 Collection

The beautiful belles behind the fashion show/bazaar

What we did after the presentation? Imagine a handful of ladies who grabbed one outfit after another and barraged the designers with questions about availability of sizes and colors.

That's me in the middle of the shopping frenzy. Photo grabbed from Photo Escape.

Erzullie's past and new collection. Yep, discounted!

I instantly fell in love with the black maxi pants, but I wish they had it in loud colors like custard (my current obsession) or neon pink. Looking back, black seems like a sensible choice for such a layered design. I also fancied the blue, bohemian dress. It feels light, comfy and ideal for romantic walks along the shore. Yeah, I'm blushing right here.

Me and my BlackBlurry™'s poor attempt to capture how flowy the maxi pants were

Trying on this bohemian dress

Lovin' the cut and the details!

It was inspiring to see both designers welcome inquiries with warmth and helpful tips. After all, this gathering is also about connection. Inasmuch as I would like to stay longer and make new friends, I had to dash elsewhere for my fourth and last itinerary that day. There'll always be next time, right?

Most photos grabbed from Erzullie.
Shopping frenzy photo from Photo Escape.
BlackBlurry™ photos from yours truly. =P


After the fashion show, I dashed to Ortigas to reunite with old friends and make new ones. To be more accurate, one of my old friends wanted to introduce our new friend who made us all gather around and recall about the good times. He's no ordinary newfound friend as he came all the way from Greece! Aaaaand he's not flying back until he meets this bubbly, extra seksi woman! Tourist attraction na ako?

Anyway, I decided to world premiere my new green-and-purple loose blouse for the back-to-back occasions, along with this bandage skirt and gliterry brogues. I know it's too loose, but I can't resist the fresh print and how I find it fitting to my tight skirt.

That loose blouse: aye or nay?

Guys, meet Axilleas. Or Aki for short.

THIS is Aki's idea!

The long overdue reunion with old colleagues namely, (atti-)Chud, Ivy, Doña Melin, Randy and moi.

Sa uulitin?

Photos from Randy Bularin and Axilleas Karaliopoulos.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Waldo's Anti-Man Boobs and Anti-Flabs Undershirt

Upon hearing about this undershirt's ability to hide man-boobs and flabs, I was immediately reminded of how my boyfriend's tummy swelled after the recently concluded vegetarian cookout. Seriously, he looked as if he were about to explode and give birth to his next boxing protégé. Although I consider such sight as a visual flattery to our laborious effort that evening, I got concerned that it might discourage his students from coming back to him and refer him to new ones. After all, our society has this expectation from fitness instructors, right? And, well, I got really intrigued if whatever technology that promises to act like bulge buster truly work.

Needless to say, I bought him this undershirt in black (it's also available in white, but I notice Waldo's preference for black shirts) and hinted he might want to wear it during the next pigout session with our friends. To my surprise, he decided to world premiere this top during our very quick cross-country (Cubao to Cavite and back) meet-up with the tailor to get our costumes for an upcoming event done. And I can't help but melt to see that he was a portrait of gratitude and happiness that morning.

Wow, where did your flabs go?

He really liked the shirt, but he noticed it's tighter than his usual shirts. Anthony from Manila Clothing Company told me buyers should really choose the size with little extra room for its anti-flabs and anti-man boobs magic to work. I chose medium for him and,as you can see above, it looked fitting. It's not as if he were trying to be like Joe Rogan or make you run towards him and check out his pulse. Knowing Waldo, he'll tell me if it were really uncomfortable.

Closer look!

Also, I really like how this small purchase was packaged. How convenient for shoppers who can't wrap gifts to save their lives like myself!

Gold and funky!

And before I end this entry, I would like to remind you all that they didn't call it love handles if it weren't lovely. [insert awwwws here]

P.S. We're expecting a brown baby boy! We'll probably call him Jerbs for short.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Grecian Inspired Top and Big, Black Belt

The theatre play I unconsciously spent a quarter of my childhood preparing for has come to Manila. Seeing half of the film made me fantasize about Greece all over again, serving as my inspiration for my outfit for last night's run of Mamma Mia!

I've coached myself to cease and desist adding more purple purchases typically from ukay ukay shops but I can't say no when my friend Atong asked me to adapt this long-kept flowy sleeveless blouse in her closet. The design is too flashy and the low cut at the back is too flirtatious to turn down! It's from Debenhams in Dubai, if I'm not mistaken.

Check out the design. Lovely, isn't it?

However, it's too flowy and I can't just pair it with leggings alone. I need to create curves that won't clash with the busy design on my chest.

Curves! Coming up!

Wide and glittery that won't clash with the chest design

Big belt, big watch!

My diamond studs and Wade wristwatch

Enough with the details. Time for the big picture!

Sexy back!

The Catholic school girls...

...and the Citibank cardholder!

♫♪ I have a dream...♪♫♪

Today's Outfit:

Sleeveless top from Debenhams

Big, black belt from Forever 21

Big wristwatch from Wade

Ladies Circle leggings

Silver brogues from Fancy Flats

Monday, February 6, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: Atong's New Muay Thai Shorts

My best friend Atong will be one of the amateur fighters to join the biannual inter-Elorde gyms competition dubbed as Elorde Boxing Gym's Ultimate Knockout Challenge (UKC) happening this May. In spite of her long-time relationship with Muay Thai since March last year and her own kru's (teacher in Thai) encouragement, she still finds herself unworthy of donning Muay Thai shorts. Weird.

Recently, she finally defeated this inexplicable avoidance of the ultimate gear and had plotted to go shopping for Muay Thai stuff. The day she walked into the gym wearing her first Muay Thai shorts, she kept me updated with nothing but raves via BBM. The approving reactions from trainers and fellow students alike truly boosted her ego, making me wish I was there myself to make this important training day documented. I remember her say how she refused to let go of the shorts even if the strenous workout is already over! This high didn't die right away for she went shopping again for more gears. On her next world premiere, I feel that lending my ears to her ceaseless gush is not enough. This round girl (literally) has some job to do.

The nak muay ying prepares for the big day!

Ang siga ng A. Luna Street!


Roundhouse kick!

The new Muay Thai shorts!

Atong and her kru (for today) named Toto takes care of her hand wrap

In the blue corner, we have Atong! In the red corner, we have Toto!

Ready? Fight!

Left push kick from a leftie! That should hurt!

Left low kick!

Right kick this time!

The nth right kick!

First round of mitts over!

Knee strike naman!

Breaktime? Bawal 'yan!

Speed ball for hand and eye coordination

Go, Atong, go!

Wow, flying elbow!

Second round of mitts over!

Slashing elbow


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: That Puta Red Pumps

What to do after a fab find like this? Break in right away! Join me in another busy Sunday and let's all see if my newest puta red pumps were cheap, comfy AND made for walking! I know pumps are supposed to be high-heeled and deadly, but that's how its own brand calls 'em so...

Taking a short walk from Paseo to Greenbelt 1.

Taking the escalator that would lead me to my destination. Church time!

Right after worship, I headed down north to search for my new nest. Remember the job application I mentioned here? Well, I was "drafted" to be one of the new team members in our Eastwood office and, inasmuch as I grab any travel opportunities, I can't just imagine myself commuting from Bacoor to Quezon City on a daily basis. Especially if I will finally be on a day shift! No to violence inside MRT, no to sweaty underarms, no to 6 hours of travel time every lovely day. And no means no!

I only had less than 2 weeks to find a place. Foolish as it may seem, but I crossed out Eastwood condo units in my list. Sure, it is a living dream to be in close proximity to your office, to malls, grocery stores, restaurants and all that, but I choose to veer away from anything that will make my wallet disgorge more bills. As recommended by my best friend Atong, I went for a long walk along the streets of Project 4. I would like to be somewhere peaceful and homey. That way, I would be inspired to explore more recipes than find comfort in ready-made yet pricey treats in restaurants, among others.

Waiting for the caretaker to give me a tour of the vacant loft

The view from the second floor

It's not my car but, hey, looks like a great photo opp, you know.

Are you looking for me? Or am I looking for you?

And then darkness came and I had to temporarily conclude my hunt. Atong and I went to the nearby mall to meet my boyfriend for dinner and, thanks to my prior entry, appease her curiosity if there were an ongoing 2-pair sale there as well, in any order. But, we know us girls don't usually go STRAIGHT to our main destination. Right?

Sole searching for rasta flip flops in Saizen!

Looks familiar! Nope, they're not on sale!

Shoe shopping again?!

Looking for another red pair too soon?

Atong looks for discounted items

It wasn't Atong's lucky day. There were no 2-pair sale on Solemate items in SM Cubao and she can't find her desired designs in her shoe size. So we just went window shopping for her basketball and/or running shoes. That somehow brought the smile back in her eyes.

When we finally called it a day, I felt grateful that my red pumps still felt soft and comfortable. I could see the evidence of my feet's sweat and its messy encounters with unknown objects in the fabric, but I know it's something that can be remedied by a good wash. Definitely a good buy!