Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vegetarian Cookout with Atong and Brady

Naks naman. I just re-read the blog title and it sure sounded like a high-budgeted celebrity cooking show. I'd say there's some truth to it, considering Atong's long stint in California Pizza Kitchen and Brady's long-time relationship with kitchen. We'd work on the celebrity bit. Give us 10 years, ok?

Anyway, it all started when we individually posted photos of what we're about to hungrily consume in New Year's Eve via our BBM group. The succeeding days seemed like a repeat of that food frenzy; we continued to update one another with what we'll sink our teeth into soon. The next thing we knew, we all agreed to prepare platefuls of gorgeous greens and invite our beautiful boxers with bottomless bellies for fun and, well, feedback. Our idea of Saturday night had just evolved.

The bratinella is now a kusinera?

Growing up in a household of cooks with effortless talent and motor skills [that they didn't pass on to me], I felt immense pressure to prepare equally delicious treat for our special guests. Unlike my two friends, I decided to prepare something raw and fruitty. I had a dry run of Lakapati's hot bananas in tamarind basil sauce earlier this week which, in my estimation, proved to be unsuccessful as it wasn't as spicy as it's supposed to be, but I was hopeful Atong and Brady would help me if the need arises.

While they busied themselves with their own preps, they managed to squeeze in time to watch me undress the tamarind and help me out in my other tasks such as working on the lime juice and chopping basil leaves. They find raw food preparation too laborious and I rebutted cooking is too difficult and time-consuming. What do I know about cooking, huh? Before you get inspired to prolong this debate, here's what we filled ourselves that evening:

Brady's pork laing. He made fish laing for me! Sweeeeeet!

Brady's fat fries!

Atong's eggplant-mushrooms-bok choy in oyster sauce!

My hot bananas in tamarind basil sauce

Imagine my happy tears when Brady, Cliff and Atong gave me a thumbs up sign when they tried the tamarind paste. When Brady described it as "tangy", I immediately made a mental note to update the hierarchy of the most heartwarming compliments in my lifetime so far. Sir Nic Tiongson's praise for my first attempt as a cinematographer for my best friend's personal thesis now falls into second place. Man, it felt sooooo good!

The party-cipants: Tata, Atong, myself, Waldo, Cliff and Brady!

The Before Photo!

The After Photo: That's the third serving of Atong's dish. Check out the bowl of fruit medley from SM Grocery (or what's left of it) in the upper right.

Needless to say, it was a huge suceess! Up to now, I'm still high from extreme delight and gratitude that everyone had nothing but appreciation for the meals we served and excitement for the next cookout. So...what to prepare next? Ideas are welcome!

BlackBlurry™ photos from Brady and myself. Class picture from Atong's digicam.


  1. We should this more often. And I was also on a high for several days for reasons I cannot fathom. All I know is that it was REALLY FUN!!! You busying yourself in the kitchen is already a feat, whipping up the hot bananas in tamarind and basil sauce was magic ♥ Can't wait till the next cook out.

  2. Hindi ka naman ba super late going there Lorna? :) Hehehe.. Anyway, everything looks yummy!!! Dapat pakainin ko si Jules ng ilayo sa patis! :D

    And oh, I AM LOVING the new header! Who did the caricature? :)

  3. Atong, thanks for believing! When next? May sponsor na tayo ng gulay! Woohoo!

    Tin, I made it on time. Atong fell asleep again so late na sya nakapag-gym. Groggy lang when I arrived in her place. True, you've got to advise your hubby to drink patis moderately! Hahaha! You should hold buko juice par-tey more often para preventive. It's my friend Yvie who did the new header. Thanks!

    Mitch, just click on the link for the hot bananas recipe. For Atong's dish, she got the recipe online din lang. I'll ask her to provide the link. Thanks!