Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Old Clothes

I know, I should've worn something spanking new for the New Year, but the lazy and slightly superstitious self wanted to comply to the Chinese beliefs and wear polka dots for good luck this year. Remember my birthday attire? Wore it again in New Year's eve for my celebration with my cousins in Malate.

Can't stand the noise?

L-R: Minnie, Yumi and myself

Moment with my cousins and their friend

Who did my make-up? Minnie!

Let's get loud with Kay!


New Year? New flavor from Tanduay Ice!

Red wine for me!

Get the New Year party started!

For the actual first day of 2012, I wore my dominantly brown psychedelic dress in my back-to-back celebration in the Christian service and last-minute Catholic mass with high school friends Carl and DJ. That means I got reminded TWICE that we must walk in faith with the Lord instead of chasing luck by wearing polka dotted clothes and lucky charms and the likes. Anyway, we actually took many photos of myself wearing this dress, but, Carl unfortunately lost her digicam containing those pictures to a buglar. I'll post a photo of this dress soon.

Friends since high school: DJ, myself and Carl


Have I told you that I wore the same dress during my so-called New Year Eve's party shift in the office last year? Just like what an old friend quipped when she noticed I wear the same blouse once a week way back in 2004, "Yan na ba ang bago mong uniform?!" May this serve as a mental note NOT to wear this dress again next year. Something older, maybe. =P

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