Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Jumper Shorts and That Polka Dotted Midriff Top

In an attempt to look younger during my sweet 29th [advance] birthday bash with the cousinhood, close friends Atong and Chad and potentially significant Waldo, I decided to world premiere the jumper shorts and polka dotted midriff top from my recent ukay ukay shopping. As if I truly look my age! Thanks to my daily dose of internal jogging called laughter, vegetarian diet and my sunny disposition, I don't really have to spend much on anti-ageing products.

Them cousins find it customary to spend birthday celebrations - or any gathering for that matter - in Central. I realized it would be a good venue to introduce new people with old ones and an excellent start to get very tipsy before we all head off to this week's Irie Sunday in B-Side.

Love this jumper shorts and polka dotted top combo!

High-cut Chucks gave my attire that old school vibe, betraying my real age!

Another debut: my rasta hoops! Old pasalubong from Danna during her trip to Mindoro last year.

My birthday challenge from the Central waiters!


Birthday cake!

I feel so loved! Awwww.

Birthday kiss!

The cousinhood and my friends: off to The Collective!

By the time we're all walking slowly to the next party place, my heart was pounding wildly. The cousinhood, save for my brother Lec, are no hardcore reggae fans let alone enthusiasts. Will they have fun, too? Besides, I'm not wearing anything rasta, except for my earrings that my hair tend to cover. Why didn't my midriff top have anything red on it? Not that I'm having buyer's remorse. Maybe the better question is: how could this birthday girl NOT wear anything red?

One love! Jah love!

This is it! Live music, kindred spirits!

And we join the par-tey!

To my surprise, my beloved cousins were already making plans to come back as soon as we started swaying to the third track. Their sweaty faces were indeed portrait of merriment and everything beyond my expectation. Plus, they hit it off with my other friends. That really made my night extra special.

I can tell Atong is very happy!

Where's Waldo?

Central photos by Chad Barreyro.
Irie Sunday photos lifted here.