Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's In My Lunchbox Today? Cucumber Mint Chia Smoothie!

In an attempt to appease my recurring craving for Tempura Japanese Grill's cucumber mint smoothie, I decided to concoct one myself. So I brought out cucumbers, peppermint oil and the remaining chia seeds in the kitchen.

However, it got problematic when Papa poured too many for a single drop of peppermint oil. It tasted like your typical minty mouthwash vs smoothie! We tried to salvage it by adding stevia, but it proved to be futile. We should have increased the base to distribute the peppermint oil. Baby oh, well.

The rawk stars!

Soak and stir the chia seeds for 15 minutes. Make it gelatinous!

What's brewing?

What's in my lunchbox today? Cucumber mint chia smoothie!

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