Monday, November 21, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Floral Tube Dress

As part of their 25th anniversary celebration, Coco Beach tapped Sesa and Kali for a fashion show. It was my first time to attend in one, so you could just imagine my excitement. If there were any dress code for guests, I have no idea. I've decided to go for something flowy and casual. After all, I'm staying in the resort. In fact, it struck me as the perfect opportunity to wear my latest ukay ukay purchase.

An hour before the fashion show, I was already garbed in my colorful tube dress. I was down to my towering footwear - the only tiis ganda accessory for the night. To my horror, the strap of my wedges slowly turn into white ashes while I tried to put it on. What's going on? I realized this pair had been hidden in my shoe rack for so long (the first and last time I wore it was during my goddaughter's baptism in 2008) and it probably lost the vigor to live. Ha! 

Of course, I panicked. There's no way I can borrow my girlfriends' sandals (my feet are too big at size 10) and there's no way the world would see me wearing my beautiful dress with my slippers. Or so I thought. I know they hardly match but I really have no choice. I can't miss this fashion show! Off I went, wearing my dress and indoor Waraji slippers

If you were in my shoes...?
White wedge image obtained here.
Waraji slippers photo by Duane Pascua

After the show, my friends egged one another to unleash our inner ramp models. I had too much red wine and margarita that evening so it was rather easy to say yes, yes, yes! My little drunken catwalk moment was actually documented, but I have no idea how to embed it here (it's not uploaded on YouTube) and I'm not sure if you'll take me seriously anymore after you've viewed it. Aaaaand I did my amateur moves in barefoot, so it was all fun until I felt a thumb tack pierce my sole. Another epic fail moment. Haha! 

Outfit of the Day:
Mullet floral dress from ukay ukay
Recycled leather band from Clinton Aniversario
Seashell anklet
Waraji slippers from Mike Hosoya


Needless to say, this post won't be complete without photos of the collection and the models. 

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