Saturday, November 5, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE: That Argyle Blouse

It's Friday...and I wanna fall in love! Good thing my BFF and I were blessed to liberate that long-denied kilig feeling during tonight's run of The Sound of Music in Resorts World. Aside from getting smitten from our seats, part of tonight's thrill were reuniting with our friend Hazel and hearing our Batanes soundtrack being belted out in a world class fashion. Not that we sounded horribly unconvincing when we crooned ♫♫ The hills are aliiiive with the sound of music...♪♫♪ when we made it to Racuh-A-Payaman (otherwise known as Marlboro Country)... I suppose.

I was feeling pretty-in-preppy today, making me proudly bring out the latest addition to my list of my favorite things: an argyle blouse from my recent visit to my suking ukay ukay shop. I was easily lured to its red print (how predictable!) and how it made my twins appear smaller. Unknown to many, my idea of delightful prints is hardly limited to tie dye, psychedelic and ethnic ones. Remember this vest?

As my shopping friend MJ advised, I paired this blouse with my dark grey pedal pants as grey compliments the design better than black [slacks]. I snatched my mum's black-and-silver bag and, forgive me for my obsession with reds, mum's doll shoes to comply with the black-grey-and-red theme. Aaaaand it ain't extra seksi enough without my puta red lipstick (not that apparent in the photos below, though) and geeky enough without my Wayfarer glasses!

Moment with Joanna Ampil as Maria Rainer and Audie Gemora as Captain George von Trapp

Obvious bang first time ko sa Resorts World?

Bad Teacher?

Feeling revengeful nerd!

With BFF Djoanna

On my lap

My red earrings

♫♪ So long, farewell! ♫♫♪

Argyle blouse from ukay ukay

Dark grey pedal pants with ruffled laylayan from ukay ukay

Mum's black-and-silver bag

Mum's red doll shoes

Red moon earrings from Divisoria

Wayfarer glasses from Forever 21

Love is in the air!

18 out of the 35 remaining shows are sold out. Hurry!

Speaking of hurry, I ended up slightly ruining this lovely experience with this I'm-late-for-work type of heartbeat. Looking back, it was rather pointless as Act II commenced the minute the clock struck during my supposed log-in time. Would you agree?

I felt my cheeks burn when I earned compliments for my argyle blouse and when the big boys suggested they can play chess out of it and addressed me as Charice for my eyewear.

Before I go welcome my pre-birthday weekend and ♪♫ follow every rainbow till I find my [wet] dreams ♪♫♪♪, I shall leave you with my favorite rendition of "My Favorite Things". What's not to love about The Late Isabel? Enjoy!


  1. Nice! the print suits you. Btw, we need to set that ukay ukay date soon. I need new clothes!

  2. Thanks, mare! Tara! Super busy mo naman kasi! =P

  3. Love your argyle and glasses very chic, Kabog si Cameron D. I've read about the musical at BPI's website sana maabutan pa namin by Dec.